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Third Rock Adventures offers a wide range of activities to choose from. Our activities are planned carefully by an experienced group of professionals keeping in mind all people from different age group. As a travel company we want to provide a little something special for everyone. Here is a list of activities that we have on offer: Trekking and Hiking, City tours, Culture and Heritage tours, Helicopter Tour, Wildlife Safari, Multiple activities, Spiritual and Pilgrimage Tours, Photography tours etc.

Trekking and Hiking

Nepal is an adventure lover’s paradise. The country has eight of the fourteen highest peaks in the world, including the tallest – Mount Everest. Trekking in Nepal is a unique experience. Every trekking season, trekkers from all over the world flock to Nepal to walk on the mountainous trails. In most of the trekking routes, one can avail food and accommodation facilities at teahouses or mountain lodges. The trekking trails range from easy to difficult ...

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Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing in Nepal is one adventure that mountaineers from all over the globe don’t want to miss out on. Nepal is a country of mountains. Though a tiny nation, the country has more than a thousand peaks rising above 6000 metres and innumerable 5000 and 4000 metre hills stretching from east to west. From novice climbers to seasoned mountaineers, Nepal has a peak for all level of climbers. Anything below 6000 metres is regarded as a ‘hill’ or in local parlance a ‘dan...

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Culture and City Tours

Culture and heritage of any city are sure to leave you spellbound because the heritage is what shapes our present and future. Culture and heritage tour allows one to visit sites of historical importance. It showcases UNESCO world heritage sites which have rich architecture, it takes you to places of religious significance and it highlights the rich history of the country. Culture and heritage tour is not only about visiting cities, its also about meeting people from different ethnicities, rel...

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Heli Tours

Helicopter tours are for those people who have limited time and don’t like to walk upward and downward on the difficult Himalayan trails. You could charter a helicopter and go to any place without any difficulty. Helicopter tours in the recent times have become very popular for sightseeing as the helicopter takes a very small space to land. Do you want to enjoy the mountains despite health issues and time constraints? Helicopter tours make it possible to do so in a day. Fly parallel...

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Nature and Wildlife

Wildlife safari allows you to witness the unique and many rare species of flora and fauna. When it comes to exploring wildlife, Third Rock Adventures allows you to experience wildlife in style. Hop on the back of an elephant or ride on a jeep while you go on a safari through the thick jungles of Asia. Asia is home to many rare species of wild animals, plants and birds. Some of the endangered species that you could witness along the way are the royal Bengal tiger, one-horned rhinoceros, the Hi...

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Multiple Activities

There is no boundary when it comes to activities that you could do in Asia. Be it adventure lovers, nature lovers, history, art or simply meeting new people- our multiple activities will allow you to choose from a wide variety of activities. You could be walking among the giant mountains in the Himalayas or fly like a bird among the mountains (paraglide). If you are a nature lover, take a wildlife safari in thick tropical jungles and witness the various flora and fauna or simply relax on a ri...

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Spiritual & Pilgrimage Tour

Spiritual and pilgrimage tours will take you to places that are religiously significant all over Asia. Asian countries like Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan all have places that are very religiously significant. If you are a Buddhist or a Hindu then there is no other place in the world better than Asia. Even if you are not and are only trying to follow the path of peace then you should definitely try spiritual retreat in nepal. Nepal is birth place of Buddha and the Himlayan nation offers a lot...

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Photography and Art Tour

Asia has a lot to offer. From Mountains to jungles, historical cities, religious sites, rich culture and heritage and many more. Our photography and art tour will allow you to visit places of your interest and capture these beautiful destinations, people, wildlife, plants and many more in your camera forever. Our art tour will take you to places which are rich in art and history. Places with magnificent hand made architecture, palaces and temples, courtyards and streets- we will cover them al...

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Family Tour

Asia is a wonderland whether you want to travel alone, with friends or family. If you want to travel with family, Third Rock Adventures allows you to choose packages that are very family friendly. Carefully planned family itineraries allow families to trek in the high Himalayas or you could enjoy a relaxing time with your family in the jungle in a resort. Families could also explore the culture and heritage of different cities. Our well designed family tours allow you to introduce new places ...

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Day Tours

Day tours and excursions involves visiting different cities in Asia with cultural, heritage, religious significance. Day tours and excursions can be done according to your interest. Some may want to visit various UNESCO world heritage sites, some may like to devote time to religious sites or you could simply go to places with natural beauty. Everything can be arranged according to what you want to see or do in a day. ...

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