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Bhutan Tour from Nepal - All you Need to Know (Updated 2024)

Bhutan Tour From Nepal

Bhutan Tour from Nepal offers a chance to visit the two Himalayan Kingdom- Nepal and Bhutan, known for their stunning mountains, diverse landscape, warm hospitality and unique culture and tradition. The Nepal and Bhutan tour is an unforgettable journey that offers close experience with traditions, culture and festivals that have remained pristine over the years. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site and observe the holy temples, monasteries and shrines. These two countries were forbidden to enter by the tourists.

However, Nepal was introduced to the outside world in the late 1960s whereas Bhutan did it in mid 1970s. Bhutan follows a strict tourism policy to protect its environment, culture and the people itself. It only allows a few tourists every year to visit and experience the Land of Dragon, Bhutan. From colorful prayer flags in Nepal to the traditional Bhutanese attire, both the countries do not fail to fascinate tourists each year and bring peace. Every architecture, crafts, designs reflects the culture of Nepal and Bhutan.

Bhutan is a country known for its natural beauty, rich culture and heritage and gross national happiness as well as only carbon negative country in the world. It is an unspoiled place to sightsee the Himalayas and landscape. Bhutan is a place filled with magic where people are happy and simple. It is amazing to see beautiful land that touches your heart and soul.

Why Bhutan Tour From Kathmandu

1. Explore the two Great Himalayan Kingdoms In One Journey

Explore the two Great Himalayan Kingdoms

Nepal and Bhutan offer beauty at its best. The unique features of the countries reward tourists with an incomparable experience. The tour takes you to scenic flights, stunning sightseeing, long drives, and short hikes to Nepal and Bhutan's tourist attractions. In Nepal, you can explore the UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in Kathmandu. You can see the holy Pashupatinath Temple-the oldest Hindu temple where devotees from mainly Nepal and India come to celebrate the festival each year. Spin the prayer wheel in Boudhanath-a Buddhist pilgrimage stupa. Likewise, visit Swayambhunath which is located at the top of the hill, which lets you see the valley's panoramic view. The journey offers a visit to the Royal palaces of Kathmandu valley Patan Durbar Square and Bhaktapur Durbar Square. These heritages reflect the ancient culture, design and values in their architecture.

Not to forget, the famous treks and hikes offered by Nepal that takes you to the different region of the country. You can watch the soaring Himalayas and watch the snowy landscape around you that will take your breath away.

The journey leads you to the beautiful country of Bhutan. As you go from one place to another, you will enjoy the scenic drives to major cities of Bhutan- Paro, Thimphu and Punakha. The cities hold Dzongs which depicts historical importance from the 12th to 16th centuries. You can find numerous religious sites in most parts of the villages. Thus, you can have a good chance to observe the rituals, culture and practices. You can hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery which is a famous spot in Bhutan and observe Paro Dzong (Rinpung Dzong), a 15th-century fort that holds14 shrines and chapels.

2. Bhutan Visa

You can get a visa when you book a tour. The Bhutan tour cost ranges from US$ 350 – US$ 2,000 per night per person, depending on your tour type and services. It includes accommodation, meals, fees, and transport and tour guide fees. Everyone, except Bangladeshi, Indian, Maldivians, needs a visa to get into Bhutan. You can obtain on arrival visa after applying for visa clearance through a tour operator.

Must Read: How To Get Bhutan Visa From Nepal

You must apply for Bhutan visa via an authorized tour operator who will submit your application on your behalf at the Tourism Council of Bhutan. The application process is as follows:

  • Consult a registered tour operator to book your tour package. The Tourism Council of Bhutan already has a list of registered tour operators. You can choose one that is feasible for you. You can also find a tour agency in your country tied to a Bhutanese company and coordinate with you for the application process.
  • Pay the cost of the tour and submit the tour operators the necessary documents and information.
    • Colored scan of your passport, which is valid for at least another six months.
    • If you are a student, you can get a discount. Also, Children can also get discounts.
    • Your contact information, address and itinerary.
  • The tour operators will give the visa application to the Tourism Council of Bhutan on your behalf.
  • The Tourism Council of Bhutan verifies the application and passes on to the Department of Immigration who then issues a Visa Clearance Letter. You need to print this letter and bring it to the airport.
  • Get travel health insurance because it is non- inclusive on the tour operator packages.
  • Travel to Bhutan and show the visa clearance letter to the immigration officers at the airport. They will stamp the actual visa on your passport after reviewing it.

The cost of the Bhutan visa is US$40 per person, which is a non-refundable fee. The Tourism Council of Bhutan has a fixed Minimum Daily Package for all the tours:

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How To Book With Trusted Travel Agency

Traveling to Bhutan requires a registered tour operator. Thus, ensure the company you are booking with is certified before making any payment. The tour operators will give the visa application to the Tourism Council of Bhutan on your behalf. The Tourism Council of Bhutan verifies the application and then passes on to the Department of Immigration to issue a Visa Clearance Letter. Travel to Bhutan and show the visa clearance letter to the immigration officers at the airport. They will stamp the actual visa on your passport after reviewing it.

Check on the location of hotels, flights, facilities, transfers and anything else that may be added match up to what you are searching for. This is the single-best way to know a tour operator. You can also check on their website and analyze their tour packages, government association and see the reviews from previous clients. You can directly call or text the operator and see how well is their response time and are responsible for the customer. There are other third party reviews portals such as trip advisor, lonely planet that can give authentic information.

When To Visit Bhutan From Kathmandu

Bhutan is one of the magical countries with seasonal variations. It is perfect for traveling all-round the year. The best season to visit Bhutan is in the spring months of March to May and autumn months of September to November.


Summer season

The summer season starts from June to August. It is a good season to visit Bhutan if you want to get an up-close view of snowy capped mountain and green landscape. The temperature goes to 25 degrees Celsius. The weather is clear with mild humidity. You might get surrounded by rainy clouds of the monsoons. Monsoon in Bhutan is constrained to mild afternoon rain that happens once every two or three days. This summer depicts the starting of the Haa festival celebrated in the high altitude, meadows, alpine forests, and lake. You can explore the places more calmly, talk to the locals, and know more about the culture and traditions. It is the time for perfect views of the Himalayan Mountains, flora and fauna.


winter Season

The winter season in Bhutan starts from December to February. The temperature can vary from 10 degrees to minus 5 degrees Celsius. Most of Bhutan is dry in winter. In the northern regions, you can explore snowy mountains. Enjoy mild snowfall in cities like Thimphu and Paro Valley in late January. Winter is the time of Punakha Dromche and Tshechu - a festival that reflects Bhutan's founding during the 16th century. With such festivities around the regions of Bhutan's old capital – Punakha – this is the time the locals to skip the winters and energetically participate in the festivities. In Bhutan's western and central regions, the weather can get harsh due to heavy snowfall, disturbing roads, and everyday transportation, which makes it difficult to commute.


Spring Season

Spring in Bhutan is from March to May. The temperature goes from 3 degrees and 25 degrees Celsius approximately. Spring is the best season to visit Bhutan, where the weather is dry with less humid. You have perfect conditions to enjoy Bhutan on trekking activities. This is the time the Jacaranda flower blossoms in Bhutan. Apart from the rich flora, this is the best time to visit Bhutan to meet Bhutan's king during the Paro Tshechu. Being the peak time to visit Bhutan, there are crowded trails where many tourists escape from their daily lives.


Autumn Season

Autumn is another best time to visit Bhutan which starts from September to November. The average temperature goes from 10 degrees to 23 degrees. The weather is warm and sunny making it the second peak season to visit Bhutan. There is no rainfall and nature is gorgeous and gratifying at this time. During this time, you can enjoy festivals like the Black-Necked Crane Festival around the gorgeous Phobjikha Valley and the Thimphu Tshechu around Thimphu. The landscape becomes beautiful with green turn gold colors, with farmers reaping rice crops during this season! This season offers a lot of festivals so that the visitor can explore something unique

How To Get Bhutan From Nepal

Traveling by overland

Traveling from Nepal to Bhutan gives you similar experiences in sceneries, cultures, and people. If you want an exhilarating adventure, then the overland trip from Nepal to Bhutan via India is the best option.  If you are traveling overland, start the trip by getting on a local bus from Kathmandu to India's border. Bhutan's nearest border is Kakarbhitta which is situated in eastern Nepal, opposite the town of Panitanki. Cross the Raniganj Immigration checkpoint over the Mechi River bridge, take a local bus to Siliguri, the nearest railway station to Panitanki. From Siliguri, get a train from New Jalpaiguri to Hasimara, the adjacent train station to the Bhutan border of Phuentsholing. After four hours of the trip, get on the local bus to Jaigaon, pass the border and start your journey.

Flight from Kathmandu to Bhutan (Paro)

Flight from/to Paro Airport

You can take a direct flight from Kathmandu to Bhutan, Paro International Airport and enjoy flying amidst the beautiful white peaks and landing on a short runway. The total duration of the flight is 1 hour 15 minutes, which covers 404km.

You can travel via Druk Air (the government airline) and Bhutan Airlines (the private airline). For detail information, you can check the flight schedule 

How Much Does It Cost?

A trip to Bhutan can cost anywhere from US$ 350 – US$ 2,000 per night per person, depending on your tour type and services. A traveler is obliged to pay US$ 200 per night as Sustainable Development Fee to the Bhutan government. The good news is that travelers can choose and craft their own itinerary. This also means that they have to pay separately for their travel expenses on accommodation, food, entrance fees, and other expenses. 

The new Sustainable Development Fee is arguably expensive compared to the previous fee of $65 per night per person. Please be informed that 30% to 40% of the sustainable Development Fee is reserved to support the health sector, education, environmental protection, and preservation of the culture. Bhutan government stated that they want to focus on the quality of the service and welcome a limited number of tourists into the country. Bhutan prides on its sustainable approach: High Volume, Low Impact. 

The Tourism Council of Bhutan has approved all accommodation in Bhutan for tourists. Also, depending on your service and facilities, the rate varies among travel agencies. You can choose from 3-star hotels to 5-star hotels and the price varies accordingly. Obviously, 3-star hotels are more inexpensive than a 5-star hotels. If you're a budget traveler, you can opt for 3-star hotels.

The Bhutan trip cost can be divided into three tour types: 

  • Standard Tour Packages 
  • Deluxe tour Packages 
  • Luxury tour Packages

The standard tour packages are the least-expensive tour, with a price tag ranging from US$ 350 to US$ 400 per person per night with SDF. This package includes a 3-star hotel and all-inclusive services with three meals daily. Similarly, luxury tour package price range from US$ 800 - US$ 2,000 per night per person. A 5-star hotel is included in this tour package. This tour package is ideal for those seeking luxury options. And lastly, we have deluxe tour packages, and the price for this tour package is US$ 400 - US$ 800 per night per person. This package includes a 4-star category hotel with all-inclusive service. 

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Different Options On Bhutan Tour Packages From Nepal

Different tour operators provide various options on Nepal Bhutan Tour packages. However, we have divided these packages into three in terms of days and your choice of facilities. The number of days can be from one to two weeks and above 15 days. Likewise, the choice of facilities can be either normal accommodation or luxury accommodation with add-on benefits. Each tour packages have their flexibility and attraction that goes with your budget and schedule.

And it is no surprise that Bhutan has a blend of a local and international chain of high-end luxury hotels, resorts and boutique lodges. There are only about 10 or less 5-star hotels in Bhutan but these offer the best services to the luxury traveler. The well-preserved traditional architectures have influenced a mix of the traditional with modern art. The results are majestic luxurious hotels and a local chain of international hotels and resorts. Bhutanese people's warm hospitality and smiling faces along with luxury services in peaceful natural surroundings make Bhutan the ultimate luxury holiday place.

Important Tips

The following data are a guide when you are on the Bhutan tour from Nepal. These might offer useful information for you to make it easier for you to travel.

Travel / Medical Insurance

The Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan has introduced travel and medical plan mainly for tourists. Travel insurance can be issued through your authorized Bhutanese tour operator.


Bhutan's currency is the Ngultrum (Nu.) ATM and bank services are available everywhere. You can easily access payment by credit card at most places.


Bhutan offers good accessibility to electricity. All major cities have electricity that runs on 220/240 volts with round hole two-pin and three-pin power. It is advisable to bring flat-to-round pin converters for charging your gadgets. Bhutan is a carbon-neutral place where the priority is given to energy generated by hydropower.


Bhutan rewards a huge chance for photography in outdoor sightseeing trips.

Enjoy the sceneries before you capture temples, monasteries Dzongs, and religious places as in some area photograph/filming is not permitted.

You can capture the beautiful landscape, the panoramic views of the mountain ranges, flora and fauna, rural life, unique Bhutanese architecture and the exterior of Dzongs and Chortens.


Many tourists are fond of the handicraft items such as woven baskets of cane and bamboo, hand-woven textiles of raw silk or silk, carved masks of various animals, handmade paper products, wooden bowls known as Dapas, finely crafted gods of silver. You can find the beautiful Buddhist Thangkha paintings, colorful postage stamps and so on. You can buy these handicrafts in any shops in and around Thimphu and in other major cities.


Tipping is a purely personal choice. You can tip your guides, drivers, or helpers. However, if doing so, it is suggested that you give it in an envelope.


The country has a wide network of telecommunication. Most hotels, stores and cafes offer Wi-Fi. Bhutan has an inclusive mobile (cell) phone network with global roaming.

Clothes & Other Equipment

Bhutan has altitudinal variations with unforeseeable weather conditions. It is advisable to dress respectfully if you visit monasteries, temples, or any religious places. Be kind enough to remove caps, hats, and socks as you go to the religious places or places where national flags are being raised.

Health Immunizations

Before visiting Bhutan, please do the necessary precautions and immunization from your doctor. Please be safe with typhoid, tetanus, and hepatitis A immunizations.


Bhutan is the safest countries but taking safety precautions is a great idea. Please ensure that your stuff such as cameras, wallets, passports, and purses are properly held. Avoid drinking tap water or unboiled waters; you can carry a liquid purifier for safety. Bhutan is against drugs and tobacco products, so please do not carry tobacco goods over the set limit. For more, please see the following link. Tobacco Control Act


Bhutan, the Thunder Dragon Land, is a Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan filled with a rich historic culture and majestic landscape. Rich in warm hospitality, culture, and tradition, one can see the unique way of living at this majestic Bhutan's Kingdom. The Bhutan tour from Nepal is an exclusive package that offers a blend of everything nice of both the countries (Nepal and Bhutan).

Bhutan's country is known as 'The Land of Happiness' as a survey revealed that the locals of Bhutan are the happy people living on earth! This appealing country holds its own specific and sole being on the earth. The tradition, values and culture is the most important feature for the people of this country and the blend of it with landscape and the majestic Himalayas is something that can free mind and soul from any problems and stress.

Make sure you travel to Bhutan on your next adventure. If you have any queries relating to the travel plans, make sure you give us a call or contact us for the answers you were looking for.

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Dhruba Bhatta | Fri Mar 10, 2023
Bhutanese came to Nepal like Indians, they stay and do shopping and go to their country. And Nepalese have to pay atleast $350 per night, its ridiculous. Entry fee in heritage sites and sanctuary sites are low for SAARC countries in Nepal. Atleast all SAARC countries should charge a minimal cost to visitors.
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Ryder Campbell | Mon May 24, 2021
Great deal here!!!! I couldn't find much info that I found here at one sight. Everything from cost to best time is included, including tips. Loved the work. Keep it coming. Expected more blogs like this.
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