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Buying and Renting Trekking Gear in Kathmandu

  • Author: Naba Raj Amgai
  • Posted on: Wed Sep 1, 2021
Trekking Gear in Kathmandu

Every trekker has a dream of trekking in Nepal, and almost every one of them has come across the thought of buying or renting trekking equipment in Kathmandu. Just before they head to the mountain from Kathmandu, there is less chance that they haven't visited or stayed in Thamel. Thamel is the backpacker's paradise and boasts shops selling equipment and gear for trekking and mountaineering. Luckily, many of them rent everything from down sleeping bags to trekking poles, thermal sets, and water bottles. 

If you are one of them who wants to buy or rent equipment for your next trek or mountaineering expedition, head to Thamel, the trekker's hub, lined with shops selling everything. Most of us hate to squeeze up the bag with stuff until it is crammed before flying to Nepal. The weight feels like a burden! And the best option is to rent missing gear or equipment in Thamel just before you leave Kathmandu for your adventure. You can definitely buy or rent equipment in Thamel and not miss anything. 

Buying Trekking Gear In Kathmandu

Thamel is a one-stop hub for trekkers who wants to buy anything for mountain adventures. Thamel boasts small shops and branded stores selling everything for trekkers and climbers. While buying trekking equipment in Kathmandu or Thamel, you are left with two options; either buy quality products at a high price or go with average quality, or counterfeit products but at a reasonable price. It's your call! 

Quality and Brand

When buying trekking or mountaineering equipment in Kathmandu, ensure that you double-check the quality and the brand. The solid reason for this is that some of the outlets sell counterfeits items under the guise of brands. Those products are made from the lowest quality materials, possibly with fake logos. But the good part is it is cheaper, a lot cheaper. We also call them knock-off products. And for most trekkers, it is perfectly reasonable to buy those products; it will save them a lot of money.

However, there are legitimate shops in Thamel and Durbarmarg that sell branded gear, equipment, and clothes. Buying quality gear and equipment-that last longer- is always better for those who often go trekking. Imagine the frustration and anxiety you have to face due to low-quality products you bought in an attempt to save some penny; imagine that the boots wore out in the middle of nowhere in the trekking trail; imagine the impediment to your trekking success. That is why it is always better to buy quality products that last a lifetime. 

Where to Shop

The next question that ring is where to shop. And the obvious answer is Thamel. Thamel is a backpacker's paradise, where you can buy everything you need for your adventure, whether you trek to the base camp or climb the mighty Everest. The streets are lined with small shops selling everything imaginable. You want boots, check. You want bags, check; a sleeping bag, check; headlight, check. Like we said earlier, there are legitimate shops that sell quality clothes, gear, and equipment. The North Face Kathmandu Store and Mountain Hardware Shop Kathmandu are among the internationally recognized brand store in Thamel. The North Face Kathmandu Store-near Garden of Dreams is the official North Face Shop in Kathmandu that sells authentic North Face products.

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Renting Trekking Gear In Kathmandu

Like we said earlier, renting trekking equipment is a great deal for budget travelers. It saves you a lot of money; you can rent stuff for as low as 1 dollar per day. You can rent sleeping bags, hiking boots, a down jacket, and many more in lieu of buying it. If you don't want to pack more, rent it. If you miss something, rent it. And if you want to save some money, rent it. 

Quality and Brand

Renting gear and equipment is good for two reasons: one, it saves money, and second, you need not fret about packing all the stuff. This has been a great deal for many trekkers, especially those who are budget travelers. You can rent trekking gear in Thamel for as low as 1 dollar per day. We can guess your jaw dropped in astonishment. For someone who hates to buy expensive trekking gear but loves the idea of hiring, the small shops in Thamel welcome you.

So the basic idea of renting trekking equipment in the heart of Thamel is that you will be renting for as low as a dollar per day and return them when you are back to Kathmandu after completion of the trek. It could surprise you, but everything you need for your trek is readily available for hire in the small shops lining the streets of Thamel.

Gear Rental shop in Kathmandu

Some trekkers do not wish to purchase a lot of trekking stuff. We can assume that the best deal for them would be to hire those stuff in Kathmandu. Maybe you want to hire a sleeping bag, duvet/down jacket, or trekking poles for some days. Although you will be renting equipment in Thamel, it is wise to bring your own hiking boot and basic clothes. That said, it is recommended that you buy boots, thick hiking socks, light fleece, and all the basic comfortable things at home. And in Kathmandu, you can go for sleeping bags, down jackets, and maybe trekking poles. Out of 10 trekkers, 5 trekkers admit that they did a mistake buying all the stuff in their countries. 

Therefore it is admittedly a good idea to hire/rent trekking equipment in Kathmandu. We have listed some equipment rental shops in Kathmandu.

Shona's Alpine

Shona's Alpine in Thamel is an equipment rental shop run by a western guy. It is a one-stop outdoor gear shop in Thamel that sells and rents out everything for trekkers. They manufacture their own sleeping bags and rent them for as low as a dollar per day. You can also rent puffer jackets, down jackets, and more. Besides, you can buy everything here. They offer quality gloves, pants, gaiters, buffs, undershirts, socks, and poles. Based on the endless positive online reviews, we can say that this shop is a reliable rental and gear shop in Thamel. (Note: you have to deposit around Rs. 8000 to rent anything)

Contact: Amrit Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu | +977 984-1273446

Sports Wear International

Sports Wear International is another cozy shop in Thamel that sells and rents trekking equipment for trekkers. They offer quality trekking equipment on hire. You can rent or buy sleeping bags, tents, trekking poles, and down jackets at a reasonable price. If you are looking for quality cold weather sleeping bags rated to minus 20 or 30, rent from Sports Wear International.

Contact: Samjhana Street, Thamel, Kathmandu | +977 1-4544085

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Gear Rent Cost

You may hire the following items for $1 per item per day from any of the rental shops in Thamel (except for tents). The majority of trekkers rent sleeping bags and down jackets. Shona’s and Sports Wear International are two recommended gear shops. (Shona's Alpine and Sports Wear are only a 5-minute walk apart.)

  • Sleeping bag= 1 USD per day
  • Down Jacket= 1 USD per day
  • Hiking boots= 1 USD per day
  • Tent= 5 USD per day

Gear Buy Cost

The following items listed below can be bought in Thamel. We advise you to double-check them and leave the shop only when you are happy with the products. If you are heading to the Everest region, you can also buy in Namche Bazaar, but the choice is limited there. And if you are trekking in Annapurna region, Pokhara is the place where you can buy or rent trekking equipment. Do not hesitate to bargain unless you are at fixed-price shops. Stuff like trekking poles, hats, and gloves are cheap enough to buy. Fleece set, hiking shirt, headlight, water bottle, and others are readily available at reasonable prices.

  • Fleece set= 12-15 USD
  • Hiking shirt= 4-5 USD
  • Trekking socks = 1-2 USD
  • Windproof gloves= 12-13 USD
  • Sleeping bag= 59-62 USD
  • Headlight= 21-23 USD
  • Water bottle= 4-5 USD
  • Sunglass= 15-17 USD
  • Backpack 55L= 33-35 USD
  • Daypack 25L to 35L= 21-26 USD

Gear Renting And Buying Tips And Advice

  • If you don't trek offen and use trekking equipment for rare occasions, it is better to rent.
  • We highly recommend you to buy good hiking boots and comfortable clothes from home.
  • Don't opt for knock-off products every time; sometimes, it hurts to buy cheap ones. 
  • If you have decided to rent trekking equipment, make sure you are ready to deposit a hefty amount (Rs 8000 approximately.) The rental shop shall return you the money after you return the rented stuff.
  • Before you buy or rent, make sure to look for positive reviews. Some shops may disappoint you!
  • Always be ready to bargain unless you see the FIXED-PRICE tag.
  • Shona’s Alpine and Sports Wear International are two highly recommended gear shops in Thamel for renting trekking stuff.


By now, you are clear about renting and buying trekking equipment and gear in Thamel. Most trekkers would suggest bringing hiking boots and basic clothes from home. And the rest of the stuff-whatever you need for your trek- can be bought in Thamel at a reasonable price. There are many shops concentrated in Thamel where you can buy and rent gear and equipment at a reasonable price.

  • Author: Naba Raj Amgai
  • Posted on: Wednesday Sep 1, 2021

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Olivier Ball | Thu May 19, 2022
Go to Kala Patthar, they offer everything at good price.
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Sajan Tamang | Thu Dec 23, 2021
The tips are absolutely useful. I don't know about other, but you have to buy quality trekking boots or you will regret
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Binod Bhandari | Thu Dec 23, 2021
Kala Patthar in Thamel also sells at affordable prices. I regularly buy trekking stuff from there.
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Morgan White | Fri Jan 14, 2022
Yes, I have been there twice, for my adventures to the Himalayas. They sell good stuff there!
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Farley Stray | Sun Dec 12, 2021
It would be wise to use those second hand equipment available for renting while seeing from the ecological viewpoint. As a climate and greenhouse effect researcher I would recommend the use of any resources till its optimum functionality.
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Waco Golon | Thu Nov 25, 2021
Can we bring the equipment on our own from the home country?
Write a Comment
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Travel Expert | Thu Nov 25, 2021
Yes, it is advisable to bring the personal trekking and climbing equipment from your own country. We recommend doing this because the brand you trust and the equipment you are used to with plays a vital role in mountain trips. This would be wise enough to carry the equipment from your home country and rent or buy those which are not feasible to bring from your country.
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Landrada Jacome | Sun Sep 12, 2021
Very nice collection of equipment list and their available option to use. This article can be useful for those who are planning trip to Nepal. I prefer renting over buying because I am not a serious trekker or climber.
Write a Comment
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Harrison Patel | Tue Sep 7, 2021
Oh, I loved the info here. I did visit Shona's Alpine and bought the sleeping bag and down jacket at an affordable price. So thank you for this blog.
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