Best Winter Treks in Nepal

Trekking and Walking
Sun Mar 22, 2020
Anjali Kansakar

Winter Treks in Nepal - Overview Nepal is a Himalayan country and you might expect the country to get covered in a blanket of snow in winters. December, January, and February are winter months in Nepal. Well, Nepal does get covered in snow; however, winter treks in Nepal is possible and enjoyable. Here in this blog, you will get to know where to trek according to your preference. Despite being the less popular season for trekking, the popularity of w... Read More

Top 10 best Trekking Places In Nepal-Where To See Everest And Other Himalayan Peaks

Trekking and Walking
Wed Jan 16, 2019
Travel Expert- TRA

Nepal is a true gift of Mother Nature to all of us. We have been blessed with such beauty that one really has to be here to believe. If there is heaven anywhere on earth, it is in Nepal. It’s just not the natural beauty that makes this country special but also the warm and friendly hospitality of the Nepalese people, the ancient culture and heritage that has been passed down from one generation to another, the delicious food and of course the way our fast g... Read More

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking and Walking
Sun May 5, 2019
Travel Expert- TRA

Adventure seekers from all over the globe plan months in advance in order to prepare for their next adventure to Nepal. To undertake an adventure trek to Everest Base Camp or any other Nepal Hiking and trekking activity, one really needs to prepare and do extensive research in order to find answers to questions that will simply put them one step ahead of the others. It is during this searching period, various questions gets asked like, ‘How much will the Everest ... Read More

Mardi Himal Trek: In The Shadow Of The Fishtail

Mardi Himal Trek Blog
Trekking and Walking
Mon Jan 13, 2020
Sian and Bob

Introduction to Mardi Himal Look north from almost any vantage point of Pokhara in Nepal and one mountain dominates the skyline. Machhapuchhre soars above green forested ridges at dawn, floats sublimely above wispy afternoon clouds and glows pink and red at sunset. The Mardi Himal Trek route leads up a ridge that is part of the tremendous southwest buttress of the Fishtail Peak, Machhapuchhre, one of the most famous spires of the Nepal Himalaya. Until a few years ... Read More

Everest Base Camp Trek In October

Everest Base Camp Trek in October
Trekking and Walking  |  Travel Tips
Mon Oct 21, 2019
Anjali Kansakar

Everest Base Camp trek in October Autumn season is considered the best trekking season for trekking in Nepal (September October and November). Pleasant weather and the best view of dramatic mountains is what you experience in your Everest Base Camp trek in October. Uninterrupted views of high mountains in warm weather attract thousands of trekking enthusiasts to Everest region each year. October has one of the most stable weather in comparison with other months of... Read More

Panchase Trek Nepal - Into the Wild

Places  |  Trekking and Walking
Wed Jan 8, 2020
Anjali Kansakar

Panchase trek is a short trek in the Annapurna region. It lies close to Pokhara but is less touristy than other treks in the Annapurna region making it more appealing.  If you want the real taste of hiking in the popular treks of Nepal like Annapurna Circuit or Annapurna Base Camp in advance then this trek is for you! Test trek that will help you figure out if trekking is your cup of tea or not, is Panchase trek Nepal.  In merely 3 days you will be walkin... Read More

How To Plan Your Perfect Holiday in the Himalayas?

Trekking and Walking
Fri Jun 28, 2019
Travel Expert- TRA

Planning trip to Nepal We are sure you’ve browsed through many websites of different trekking agencies, spent hours on the internet researching about the destination, reading detailed itineraries and probably searching for a hundred other things to plan and prepare for the trek or the tour. Many people are attracted with the idea of going to Nepal in order to walk the most popular trekking trails in the world. When it comes to choosing a trekking agency, it ... Read More

Top 8 Reason Why You Should Do Manaslu Circuit Trek, Facts Included

Trekking and Walking
Fri Aug 23, 2019
Anjali Kansakar

Manaslu Circuit Trek Overview Done with trekking in popular Annapurna and Everest region of Nepal? Searching for a challenging trek in Nepal? Manaslu trek will be perfect for you! Trekking in Nepal once isn’t enough. Manaslu Circuit Trek is famous as an off-the-beaten trekking route in Nepal. The trek in the wilderness is gaining popularity amongst trekkers seeking challenges. The off-the-beaten-path trek features breathtaking views of mountains, unique anci... Read More

Everest Base Camp Trek | A Handy Guide to Reach the Top of the World

Trekking and Walking
Wed Oct 3, 2018
Travel Expert- TRA

Traveling fascinates me. Nepal is filled with natural beauty and I have always dreamed of exploring these places whenever possible. During my tenure at eastern Nepal, I went around some spectacular places like Kanyam, Mai Pokhari, Tinjure, Milke and much more. Basantapur area in Tehrathum extends till Milke in Sankhuwasabha which is also known as the ‘rhododendron capital’ of Nepal. It takes around 4 days trek to go around this place and I was lucky to trek thi... Read More

Everest Base Camp Trek 5 Essential Amenities En Route

Everest Base Camp Trek 5 Essential Aminities
Trekking and Walking
Fri Sep 7, 2018
Travel Expert- TRA

If you are planning a trek to Everest Base Camp trek during your holidays and are wondering about the facilities en route, here’s a short write up about the facilities available on the trail. Tea House Accommodation In Everest Most of the trekking trails in Nepal are lined with ‘teahouses’. ‘Teahouses’ are local mountain lodges that offer food and accommodation to weary trekkers. These lodges usually have five or six private bedrooms a... Read More

Fly to Everest Base Camp – An adventure of a lifetime

Trekking and Walking  |  Tours  |  Travel Tips
Sun Aug 5, 2018

Do you want to fly to the top of the world? Do you want to stand next to the tallest mountains in the world without exerting yourself too much?  If you answer is affirmative to both these questions, then Everest Base camp Helicopter Tour is for you. Hop on the helicopter with your friends and family and enjoy a fluid ride on top of the giant Himalayas. Your exciting journey begins from Tribhuvan International Airport. From the safe cabin of the helicopter, witness... Read More

My solo Annapurna base camp escapade -blog

Annapurna Base Camp Escapade
Places  |  Trekking and Walking  |  Culture
Thu Jul 5, 2018

How did it start? This October, I did it! I finally checked off the Annapurna Base Camp trek from my wish list. I had for long been planning to take the ABC trek after one of my close friends, had done this trek almost two years back. I booked a solo Annapurna Base Camp Trek, although the cost was a bit more than joining a group, I chose to do a solo trek as my friend told me that trekking solo was more peaceful. The week before traveling to Nepal, I booked the tr... Read More

Packing List Annapurna Base Camp Trek- 5 Things Should Not Miss

Trekking and Walking
Mon Feb 5, 2018
Travel Expert- TRA

Heading off to the Himalayas for an adventure? Here’s a tip on the Annapurna Base Camp Trek Packing list. Believe me, it’s going to be a big help if you keep forgetting things that are subtle. The Annapurna Base Camp trek is definitely one of the most exciting trekking trips there is. But have you packed right?  Although trekking for long hours might not be the hardest part of this trip, but packing for this trip would sur... Read More

Best value destinations: Planning to trek to the Himalayas for 2019

Trekking in Nepal Best Value Destination
Places  |  Trekking and Walking  |  Travel Tips
Mon Feb 5, 2018
Travel Expert- TRA

There is something for everyone in Nepal Planning a trip to the Himalayas? Not sure about choosing the best Himalayan adventure? You might be wondering where you should be heading off to this season. If you are an adventurer, explorer and a traveller, Nepal could be the perfect destination for you. Take off to the Himalayas. There is something for everyone in Nepal, from soft treks for beginners to adventure treks, there is a wide range of tempting Trekking in Nepa... Read More

Ever Been On The Kathmandu To Lukla Flight?

Places  |  Trekking and Walking
Mon Feb 5, 2018
Travel Expert- TRA

When you decide to visit Nepal, you can expect the unexpected. Picture yourself sitting inside a small twin otter propeller along with twenty others, a bumpy 40 minute flight to one of the most challenging airports in the world. Imagine sitting in a small circular tube where you can see the entire cockpit crew fighting against gravity. Have you ever wondered how ‘James Bond’ feels breaking through the clouds and reappearing on the other side? Fly to Lukla, ... Read More

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