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How Many Days Do You Need to Visit Everest Base Camp?

  • Author: Naba Raj Amgai
  • Posted on: Tue May 24, 2022
Way to Gorekshep, EBC Trek

Everest Base Camp (EBC), the lap of the highest mountain of the world, would need a total of 12 to 14 days to visit, following the standard trekking itinerary. It would take about 7 days to trek from Lukla to Everest Base Camp covering a distance of about 62km. Returning from EBC to Lukla would then take another 4 days.

Beyond the standard trekking itinerary, there are other alternatives to visiting Everest Base Camp. The number of days to visit EBC would also depend on which route, starting and ending points. You have the option of choosing helicopter flight tours combined with trekking which takes as little as 5 days. Also, there are lengthier routes that combine the trek to different destinations in the Khumbu region with Everest Base Camp. Ultimately there is also an option to pair a visit to EBC with peak climbing.

Planning to visit Everest base Camp? Check out the different options on how to visit EBC. 

Standard Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary


The standard itinerary to visit Everest Base Camp (EBC) needs minimum days and is more straightforward than others. It takes 12 to 14 days to visit Everest Base Camp, with the standard itinerary following a trail and returning the same way. Considering the number of days it saves time. Moreover, following these itineraries to visit EBC is relatively easier. There are about two standard itineraries as mentioned below:

1. Everest Base Camp Trek - 14 days

Everest Base Camp Trek - 14 days itinerary

The 14 days Everest Base Camp trek is a standard itinerary which is best suited for both experienced and inexperienced trekkers. The trek takes the standard route of trekking from Lukla to EBC and back to Lukla. You will reach Everest Base Camp on the 9th day of the trip.

This trek is best suited for reasonably healthy beginners as it includes two days of acclimatization, with one in Namche Bazaar and the other in Dingboche, so the trip gets slightly longer but easier. Considering the acclimatization days, there are also fewer chances of getting altitude sickness making it an ideal trekking itinerary.

2. Everest Base Camp Trek - 12 days

Everest Base Camp Trek short itinerary

This Short Everest Base Camp trek is just a shorter version of the 14 days trek, where acclimatization days are removed. The trek takes the same route; however, the Namche and Dingboche acclimatization days are removed. You would reach EBC on the 7th day of the trip.

This fast-paced trek saves some expenses and is better for experienced trekkers who would not have trouble trekking each day without rest or acclimatization stops.

Classic Route To Reach Everest Base Camp

Classic Routes to reach Everest Base Camp are some longer trails that begin in the surrounding valleys and villages of the Everest region. Unlike the standard itineraries, the classic routes don't usually follow the same trail back and forth in these treks. Also, this trek is mainly suited for those who want to follow the traditionally used routes and who want to have a longer trekking experience. You will need anywhere between 18 to 22 days to visit Everest Base Camp and return.

1. Phaplu to Everest Base Camp Trek - 18 days

Phaplu to Everest Base Camp Trek

The classic Phaplu to Everest Base Camp trek is the best alternative for the standard itineraries if you don't want to fly to Lukla at the start of the trek. It is lengthier than the standard EBC treks because the trekking starts from Phaplu and takes four days to reach Phakding before joining the standard route. You will visit the EBC on the 13th day of this trip.

It is a less crowded trail, so you can experience the serene flora and fauna and the views all to yourself. If you have the budget and time and want the on-foot experience, this is the best alternative.

2. Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek - 21 days

jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek - 21 days

The 21 days Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek is best known for being the famous route taken by the pioneers of climbing Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. Moreover, this popular trek begins from Jiri, often called the 'Switzerland of Nepal' due to its greenery and lush beauty, making this trail so popular.

This trek starts from Jiri, heads to Everest Base Camp on the 16th day, and then returns via Lukla. This trek is suited for those with good physical fitness and prior experience in trekking.

3. Arun Valley to Everest Base Camp Trek - 22 days

Arun Valley to Everest Base Camp Trek

Arun Valley to Everest Base Camp trek, takes 22 days to complete. People choose to embark on such a long trek to enjoy the beauty of the world's deepest Arun Valley on an off-the-beaten trail. On the 17th day of the trip exploring the Arun Valley, you will finally reach EBC.

This is one of the relatively challenging treks in the classic route as there are three passes to cross and 6 to 7 hours of trek each day. Hence, ample time, budget, good physical fitness, and prior trekking experience are required.

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Helicopter Option To Reach Everest Base Camp

Helicopter Tour

The Helicopter Option has the shortest number of days needed to visit Everest Base Camp, starting from 5 to 12 days. Although expensive, it is a perfect combination of trekking and bird's-eye view helicopter flight in the Everest region. This is suited for those individuals who are short on time but have a significant budget to spare. Also, it is easier as it contains only one-way trekking and returns via helicopter. Some of the helicopter options are mentioned below with the information on days you need to visit Everest Base Camp:

1. Namche Bazaar Trek with EBC Helicopter Tour - 5 days

This five-day Namche Bazaar Trek with EBC Helicopter tour consists of a two-day trek leading from Phakding to Namche Bazaar, then a helicopter flight to EBC on the 4th day and return to Kathmandu without stopping at Lukla. This is indeed one of the most costly tours because of the inflight experiences.

You get to witness the sherpa communities living in the villages, the wildlife, and a bird's eye view of the Everest Base Camp effortlessly.

2. Lukla to Namche Trek and EBC Heli tour - 7 days

Lukla to Namche Trek and EBC Heli Tour is a seven-day escapade that includes two days of the trek, one rest day, and a helicopter flight to EBC and Kala Patthar on the 5th day. This tour consists of a rest day in Namche; it offers a more immersive chance to witness the traditions, culture, and local tourist sites than the five-day tour. Also, there are regular flights back and forth between Kathmandu and Lukla. Comfort is undoubtedly the topmost priority on this tour.

3. Everest Base Camp Luxury trek with Helicopter Return - 11 days

Eleven days will be needed to go on the Everest Base Camp Luxury trek, a perfect blend of the on-land trek and aerial flights in the Everest region. As per the name itself, the main highlight of this option is luxury and comfort; hence it is costlier and easier.

There are nine days of the trek, with two days acclimatization day, where you can explore the villages and national park area while staying at luxury lodges. On the 9th day you will reach Everest Base Camp. The trail for these days is the same as the standard itinerary, after which you get to board a helicopter to return from Gorak Shep to Lukla.

4. Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour - 1 Day

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is a unique opportunity unlike others, to reach EBC in the shortest possible time. This shortest tour takes merely hours to reach from Kathmandu to EBC and back via a helicopter flight.

Combine With Climbing To Reach Everest Base Camp

Combine with Climbing

These treks combine a visit to the Everest Base Camp and a peak climbing experience in the Everest region. Due to Climbing, the entire trip is longer. Moreover, you would have to take different permits making the trip costlier. However, you get to experience a combination of both exciting adventures in a certain timeframe. It is suited best for experienced trekkers with good physical fitness.

1. Island Peak Climbing with EBC Trek - 19 days

The most prominent and interesting combination of Climbing and visit to EBC is certainly the Island Peak Climbing with EBC Trek, which takes 19 days. You would need about ten days to reach Everest Base camp while the rest is utilized in climbing Island Peak.

The first phase of the trek is the same as the standard itinerary, which includes a trek from Lukla to Gorak shep and then a hike to Everest Base Camp. The trek would lead to summiting the Island Peak and returning from thereon.

Alternative Routes To Reach Everest Base Camp

The alternative routes to Everest Base Camp include a combination of visits to the Everest base camp and other significant destinations in the Everest region. The alternative route is preferred for all the destinations covered in a single trip.

These trips are costlier and lengthier than the standard itinerary. Also, the additional number of trekking days in high-altitude destinations can be more challenging. It is best for those who have ample time to spare, budget, and physical fitness.

1. Everest Base Camp Trek with Gokyo Lakes - 18 days

The 18 days Everest Base Camp Trek with Gokyo Lakes is a combination of a visit to the EBC and then the pristine Gokyo lakes via Cho La Pass. You will reach the Everest Base Camp by the 9th day, then progress to Gokyo Lakes and return to Lukla.

Graded as moderate to difficult, it consists of a 14 days trek with 6 to 7 hours on average for walking.

2. Gokyo Ri and Everest Base Camp Trek -15 days

The 15 days Gokyo Ri and Everest Base Camp is a shorter version of the combination trek with the significant difference in the trail reaching Gokyo initially than Everest Base Camp. The trek that begins from Lukla takes you initially to Gokyo on the 7th day, then crossing the Cho La Pass, you will reach Everest Base Camp on the 10th day.

It is suited for those looking for a shorter Gokyo and EBC combination trek. As it is fast-paced and only one acclimatization day, the trek is strenuous.

3. The Three Passes Trek - 20 Days

The 20 days Three Passes Trek is one of the most strenuous treks that include the combination of a visit to the Everest Base Camp and the high passes of Cho La, Kongma La, and Renjo La. The clock-wise Three Pass trek first reaches Gokyo Ri via Renjo La pass, then Everest Base Camp on the 12th day via Cho La pass before finally crossing Kongma La Pass to reach Lukla.

There are a total of 16 days of trekking with one acclimatization day. This is one of the most immersive treks in the Everest region that requires enough budget and time and is challenging due to the high altitude trek.

4. Everest Three High Passes trek - Anticlockwise Route - 20 Days

The Everest Three High Pass trek is similar to the Three High Passes Trek, with the major difference in the routes. This trek takes the Anticlockwise route starting with a visit to the Everest Base Camp on the 11th day via Kongma La pass, then towards Gokyo via Cho La pass before heading to Namche via Renjo La pass.

If you are seeking for the ultimate adventure in the Everest region, this is the best trip. It would also require prior high-altitude trekking experience and good physical fitness.

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Everest Base Camp Trek Difficolty Level

Mount Ama Dablam

The standard itinerary for the Everest Base Camp trek is graded as a moderate to difficult trek. The trek difficulty of visiting Everest Base Camp depends on multiple things, including the length of the trek, maximum altitude, experience of the trekker, and more.

The Everest Base Camp sits at an altitude of 5364m/17,598 ft, and on average, you will have to trek at an altitude of over 3500m throughout the trek. As it is possible to get altitude sickness over 3500m, the chances are high. However, following the proper itinerary and taking precautions can prevent this. Also, on average, for a 14-day EBC trek, you would have to walk 6 to 7 hours daily for about ten days covering 130 km of trail.

Anyone with decent physical fitness, even a novice, can do the standard trek. However, if you are up for a good challenge and have experience, you can opt for the longer combination treks. And if you are looking for a mixture of luxury, you can take the helicopter flight option, which is easier. 

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Trekking Cost

The Everest Base Camp trekking cost can range anywhere from US$ 1100 to US$ 4500 for a standard itinerary. However, it is dependent on the length of the trek, means of travel, route taken, a combination of destinations covered, and more.

Looking through the alternative routes, the standard itinerary is relatively shorter and can be less expensive than the classic treks, which are longer and costlier. On the other hand, the helicopter options are perhaps the most costly due to the luxury element of taking a private aerial tour. The Island peak climbing and EBC visit will also cost more as climbing permit fees, renting gear, and the itinerary is longer. The alternative routes with combinations of different destinations are the most extended tours, so it is costlier than the standard and classic routes.


There are multiple alternatives to visiting the Everest Base camp trek. In conclusion, it would take anywhere from 5 to 22 days to visit the Everest Base Camp, depending on your preference. There are numerous alternative ways to visit Everest, via trek, helicopter flight or a combination trek.

Now that you have decided to visit the Everest Base Camp, feel free to reach out to us to plan the perfect adventure-filled EBC trek for you.

  • Author: Naba Raj Amgai
  • Posted on: Tuesday May 24, 2022

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