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How to Obtain Island Peak Climbing Permit?

Island Peak Climbing Permit

Island Peak (6,189m/20,306ft), classified as a Group B trekking peak by the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), requires one climbing permit and one trekking permit. The climbing permit cost ranges from USD 70 to USD 250 per person depending upon different seasons and is issued by NMA, while the Local Area Permit for trekking costs USD 20.

Island Peak (Imja Tse) is a moderately easy peak by alpine standards and is one of the most sought climbing destinations. Climbers with little or no alpine experience attempt Island Peak and have the most triumphant and exciting time of their lives.

It is fairly easy to navigate the documents and processes of acquiring the permits if you do your research and have the correct information at hand. For the interest of the many aspiring climbers, we have put together the essential details of obtaining an Island Peak climbing permit below.

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Required documents for Island peak Climbing Permit

You need certain documents while applying for the Island Peak climbing permits. We have mentioned the documents below so that you can be prepared beforehand:

  • Passport-sized photos
  • Photocopy of your passport
  • Nepali currency (NPR) to pay for the permit
  • Application forms
  • Travel insurance (includes helicopter evacuation)

You need to process the NMA issued climbing permit beforehand, so it is best to reach out to a trekking agency in Nepal. They can help you through the process at least a month before planning your trip. The other two trekking permits can be collected at Lukla trailhead during the trek itself.


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Island Peak Climbing Permit Cost

There are two different permits that would be required for going on the Island peak climbing adventure. We have mentioned the permits as well as the permit cost below:

NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association) Permit

Island Peak Climbing Permit Cost

The NMA separates climbing permits to be acquired for different peaks in Nepal. It has declared Island peak as a group B trekking peak. Due to the weather change and conditions, the permits are issued for different processes during different seasons. Following are the prices for the Island peak permit per person based on different seasons:

  • Spring (March to May) - USD 250 per person
  • Autumn(September to November) – USD 125 per person
  • Winter (December to February)- USD 70 per person
  • Summer (June to August) - USD 70 per person

Spring is the best season for Island Peak climbing due to the pleasant weather and clear skies; hence the cost during this season is the highest, and so on for the second-best Autumn season. The cost is remarkably low during Winter and Summer because they are the off-seasons and don’t see many tourists.

As per the government mandate, the NMA permit cannot be issued to individual climbers, so it can be collected only by the government-registered local trekking agency. from the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). You can hire the agency to collect the permit and plan and organize your Island Peak climbing.

Garbage Deposit Cost

In addition to the above, paying a Garbage Deposit of USD 500 to NMA while obtaining the climbing permit is required. This cost shall be fully refunded upon completing the trip as per the NMA’s provision. The reason for collecting the deposit is to ensure that the climbers bring back the garbage and ensure its proper disposal during the trip.

Generally, the travel agencies collect this amount from their clients upfront and refund it after the trip. However, companies like Third Rock Adventures make sure to pay this amount on their own for the ease of their clients.

Local Area Permit

The Local area permit for Island Peak, specifically known as the Khumbu Rural Municipality Entrance permit, should also be acquired. The trekking route falls on the local path, and you would have to enter the premises of different municipalities. The fee for this permit is USD 20 per person.

This permit can only be acquired once you get in the Sagarmatha region as you land at Lukla. It can not be obtained in Kathmandu.

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Best 3 Island Peak Climbing Itineraries

There are three distinct Island Peak climbing itineraries that you can choose from.

1. Island Peak Climbing - 14 Days

Island Peak Climbing 14 Days

The 14 days Island Peak Climbing is focused mainly on summiting Island Peak. It follows the straightforward route from Lukla to Chhukhung and Island Peak and returns from the same route.

2. Island Peak Expedition from Chhukung - 4 Days

Island Peak Climbing 4 Days

The second alternative is the four days of Island Peak climbing, starting from Chhukhung to Island Peak and back. This is best for those who want to trek freely as per their own itinerary until Chhukung takes the agency’s service only for climbing purposes.

3. Island Peak Climbing with EBC Trek - 19 Days

Island Peak Climbing 19 Days and EBC Trek

The third alternative is the 19 days long Island Peak Climbing with EBC Trek. This trek is best for those looking for a perfect combination of a high-altitude trek to the amazing Everest Base Camp (EBC) and also to experience peak climbing.


Island Peak Climbing is an adventurous and interesting journey, particularly for novice climbers. Before embarking on this adventure, collecting all the required permits is important. There are two permits required, among which one is a trekking permit and one is a climbing permit. Trekkers can obtain trekking permits; however, the climbing permit can only be obtained by a government-registered trekking agency. Hence, it is easier to reach out to a trusted trekking agency like Third Rock Adventures, which will help you obtain the permit easily and quickly.

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