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Normal Vs Luxury Lodge Trek Explained

You might be wondering how do normal Vs luxury lodge trek differ and how do you choose and for what reasons. This blog might quench your thirst.

  • Author: TRA
  • Posted on: Sun Sep 22, 2019

What's With Normal & Luxury Lodge Trek, Here's The Answer

Nepal, the trekker's paradise is home to 8 of 14 eight-thousanders mountains in the world: Mount Everest (1st), Kanchenjunga (3rd highest), Lhotse (4th highest), Makalu (5th highest), Cho Oyu (6th highest), Dhaulagiri I (7th highest), Manaslu (8th highest) and Annapurna I (10th highest). Nepal rewards travelers and adventure seekers with oodles of opportunities from simple escapade to nail-biting experience. Every year thousands of travelers come to Nepal in a quest to explore the trekking trails adorned with constant backdrops of some of the highest mountains in the world. The mainstream of trekking is no longer confined to days/weeks of walking- one can shift to luxury trekking as well. Having said that, you can opt for luxury trekking for two prime reasons: one, if you don't have time to trek for weeks, and two, for obvious reason, luxury escapade.

When you think of trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal, you are left with two options: Normal Trek and Luxury Lodge Trek. This blog is wholly on two models of the trek in the Himalayas of Nepal. We can assume that you have had read lots of blogs related to trekking in Nepal and unquestionably you have pretty good knowledge of trekking and hiking in the Himalayas. We bet you're familiar with Everest Base Camp Trek as well. But you are probably unaware of Luxury lodge trek to Everest Base Camp, aren't you? Sounds Interesting?! Now you might be wondering how do they differ and how do you choose and for what reasons. This blog might quench your thirst. Without further ado, let's kick-off to Normal Trek Vs Luxury Lodge Trek right away.

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Everest Base Camp Comfort Trek

USD 2280
 | 15 days
 Based on 11 reviews

Everest Luxury Lodge Trek Fly Back by Helicopter

USD 3380
USD 3042
 | 12 days
 Based on 4 reviews


The prime factor that distinguishes normal trek from luxury trek is the price. Normal trek has a normal price and luxury trek are quoted high-price but worthy. Take it this way, you want to hike for 5-6 hours every day for weeks, you got normal trek. Else go for luxury lodge trek to skip the strenuous and continuous walk for days or weeks and relish the luxurious adventure.

Nature of Trek:

The apparent difference between normal trek and luxury lodge trek is their nature- the normal trek is normal and luxury lodge trek entails luxury style. As simple as it may sound, normal trek incorporates sleeping and eating at tea houses. While Luxury lodge trek (as the name suggest) incorporates luxury lodge for accommodation and meals. Generally, the normal trek can also be called as "teahouse trek."

Time Frame:

Normal treks are comparatively longer than luxury lodge trek. The standard itinerary of the normal trek implies weeks of trekking. But luxury lodge trek generally implies a time frame of less than a week. For instance, Everest Base Camp Trek is completed in (at least) 14 days. It takes you 9 days to reach the base camp of Everest and another 5 days to return back to Kathmandu. But you can reach Everest Base Camp in just 1 Day with Everest Helicopter Tour. You will hop onto helicopter enjoying the unparalleled views of the Himalayas. In your normal trek, you will hike all day long (for an average of 5-6 hours) resting at tea houses en route. In your luxury trek, you merely walk/hike/trek. All you do is relish the opulence of the trek- no strenuous and tiresome days. 

Meals and Accommodations:

You might have guessed it by now and you are right. For the normal trek, you will rest and eat at teahouses owned by local people. Those teahouses serve local food menus. On the other hand, the luxury lodge trek goes with luxury lodges that serve local food menus with international/ continental menus- the meals and accommodations in luxury lodge offers multifarious menu. Talking about accommodation, a teahouse generally offers a bedroom with beds (twin-sharing or single) and a table (simple furnishing) and as far as luxury lodges are concerned, you can enjoy beautiful decors and quality furnishing. 


You can actually imagine: how do they differ in terms of amenities or facilities. Normal Trek (or teahouse trek) facilitates basic amenities, unlike luxury lodges. But not to worry, the room in the teahouse is clean and basic. Teahouses are basically two-story with a thatched roof, the room is primarily filled with a wooden bed, a thick blanket, and a pillow, and if you are lucky, your room will have attached bathroom. Luxury lodge facilitates luxury style accommodations with western amenities. You might not find hot water shower in most of the teahouses or probably pay extra for it. But in luxury lodge, you need not worry about anything. Rooms are quite small in teahouses while luxury lodges offer a room with larger space. In a nutshell, the normal trek offers basic amenities and luxury lodge trek luxury amenities.

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Hike to Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar

USD 1549
USD 1394
 | 14 days
 Based on 3 reviews

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

USD 2695
 | 1 day
 Based on 4 reviews

Differences Between Normal and Luxury Lodge Trek In Nepal

Normal Trek


Luxury Lodge Trek

Normal Trek are comparatively affordable.


Luxury Lodge Trek are expensive.

Teahouse Trek

Nature of Trek

Luxury Lodge Trek

Normal Trek has standard itinerary of weeks.

Time Frame

Luxury Lodge Trek itinerary can vary from just1 day to 12 days.

Eating and sleeping at tea houses; serves local food menus

Meals and Accommodations

Eating and sleeping at luxury lodges: serves international  food menus

Basic Amenities


Luxurious amenities

Everest Base Camp Trek -14 Day


Everest Luxury Lodge Trek Fly Back By Helicopter - 12 Days

*this artcile is cited from puskar rai's medium profile, puskar rai is inhouse writer @thirdrockadventures

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