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Is nepal safe for female travellers - Travel Tips

Solo Female Travel Nepal

According to a survey conducted by, 65% of women in the United States are traveling solo. Also, a survey by Visa Highlights shows that 1 in every 5 women have traveled solo among which 53% are 18 to 35 years of age. Don’t let your fear be bigger than your desire to travel. Why suffer from last-minute plan failures when you can be a master of your own itinerary!

The first question that pops up when you are a female traveling solo is related to safety. Well, Is Nepal safe for female travellers? ‘Yes’ Nepal is safe for solo female travelers. On Global Peace Index 2019, Nepal ranks on 76th out of 163 countries and 3rd safest South Asian country to travel after Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

Read more to know the tips on how you can make your solo female trip to Nepal safer while creating memories to cherish for a lifetime.

6 Tips To Make Solo Female Nepal Travel Safer

#1. Be Cautious

Don’t let your guard down since it will make you more prone to troubles. When traveling in Nepal, you need to exercise the same level of alertness that you would do anywhere else, being a woman. Learn to trust your instincts and gut feeling. A safe destination won’t be free of people who will try to take undue advantage. It simply means your experience with good people will overpower those bad experiences if any. 

Share your itinerary and whereabouts with someone you trust back home; it will make you feel in control. Moreover, it will give your loved ones an added sense of security regarding your solo female travel to Nepal.

#2. Research well

Thorough research on your destination in Nepal is very important. Research on your desired place will prepare you better and you will have an idea about the local culture, language, etc. Finding out about the local transportation system, buying a SIM card and internet connectivity, local emergency phone numbers will come handy.

Further, you can talk to the travelers who have already traveled to your destination via platforms like Facebook travel groups and Trip Advisor. Not necessarily everyone would have a great experience. Learn from people’s negative experiences but don’t limit yourself from others' experiences. Have the freedom of choice and make the most of your solo female Nepal travel.

#3. Dress to blend in the crowd not to stand out

Dress appropriately on your solo female Nepal travel and make sure you cover your shoulder and thighs. Not dressing modestly attracts unwanted attention which you would like to avoid. You will stand out in a crowd as a foreigner in Nepal so dress as locals do to garner less attention.

When dressing modestly, you are less likely to hear catcalling and receive snide remarks or whistling in public. Showing less skin and dressing as a Nepali woman to blend in the crowd will help you in not only striking conversations but social acceptance.

However, while going out at night in popular tourist areas you can wear a skimpy outfit without attracting much attention. Girls or women in Kathmandu and Pokhara wear all types of outfits but as you travel to rural areas you would find a woman in modest clothing only.

Trekking alone with a false sense of security in Nepal should be avoided. Trek with a guide from a reliable company regardless of your gender. Trekking trails in the Himalayas of Nepal passes through jungles, suspension bridges, etc. and involves risk. You will be putting yourself in unnecessary risk by walking on an unfamiliar trail all by yourself.

Trekking isn’t immune to falls and injuries. A small sprain could lead to a ligament tear or even fracture when ignored and left unattended. Also, trekking higher in elevation will make you prone to altitude sickness. You can get altitude sickness regardless of your age, gender, physical fitness or others. Early detection of altitude sickness can minimize lots of health risks when trekking under the supervision of a veteran guide.

Trekking with a skilled guide with wilderness first aid training will be advantageous. Solo trekking without anyone to look out for you in the wilderness of Nepal is dangerous, so be wise and trek under the supervision of an experienced guide.

Always book appropriate travel insurance especially if you are trekking in the foothills of mountains in Nepal. Read your insurance policy carefully and make sure you are covered for all the risks your adventure activities possess.

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#5. Book with a trusted company

Always book with a trusted company like Third Rock Adventures and thoroughly study the website. Checking reviews of the company’s service is very important. During the initial exchange of emails or messages, you will know if you want to travel with the company or not.

Book your hotel in advance and if you are confused or unsure ask your travel company to book for you. Ascertain if your hotel can send someone to pick you up from the airport. On your first day/night in Nepal after a long flight, all you would want to do is reach your hotel and relax without hassle.

Traveling solo is mistaken for going alone everyone; it’s not necessarily so! Travel at your convenience. Doing an activity in a group feels more fun than going solo, join a group. Taking a guide or joining a group won’t affect your solo experience instead either will enrich your experience.

#6. Follow your instincts and use common sense

Learn to trust your instincts on your solo female travel to Nepal. If a situation doesn’t feel right or safe go with your gut feeling and act accordingly. For instance, if you don’t feel safe in a place or neighborhood leave it. Having said that, if you stay away from everything that feels uncomfortable; you might miss an incredible experience!

Many travelers have mentioned about the helpful nature of Nepalese. In many cases, locals have helped stranded tourists and shown way too.

Smile often! A smile can start a good conversation and help you resolve a doubt that every local wants to take advantage of a tourist in a foreign land.

In Nepal, There Is Something For Everyone

Outdoor activities in Nepal

Nepal offers something for everyone; whether you want to go sightseeing, trekking, jungle safari, explore the cultural heritages or indulge in thrilling adventure activities.

Trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal is the major tourist attraction of Nepal. Everest Base Camp trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Langtang Trek are the most popular treks among many other trekking regions of Nepal. Taking a helicopter tour is getting popular by those who want to enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas but trekking isn’t an option. Nepal also offers different shot hikes for novice trekkers.

After a multi-day hike or trek, you will crave for recreational time. The laid back city of Pokhara is perfect to relax. You can go boating in the calm lakes of Pokhara with a backdrop of the snow-capped mountain range.  Also, you can chill in café and bars or enjoy spa sessions to rejuvenate yourself. Spoil yourself with various recreational activities of your liking.

Feel your adrenaline rush with adventure activities in Nepal. Jump off a helicopter in a sky drive or fly like a bird with paragliding. Ziplining will give you a similar experience of flying but for a shorter time period. You will experience your heartbeat like never before as you jump off a suspension bridge while doing bungee jump or swing. Fast-flowing rivers of Nepal are perfect for rafting and Nepal is considered one of the best destinations for white water rafting. Different grades of rivers cater from beginner to experienced rafters.

UNESCO listed cultural heritages are the pride of Nepal. Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, and Kathmandu Durbar Square represent the fine craftsmanship of the ancient time. Visit a Buddhist temple of Swayambhunath residing on a hilltop also famous as a monkey temple. Boudhanath is one of the biggest stupas in the world and is an important pilgrimage site for Tibetan Buddhists of Nepal.

Nepal’s cultural heritage speaks volumes about its rich culture and tradition. Don’t get surprised if you see a Hindu temple and a Buddhist shrine in close proximity! Experiencing cultural diversity and religious tolerance in Nepal will be one of a kind.

Get closer to nature by taking a jungle safari in UNESCO listed Chitwan National Park. The national park is home to an endangered Gharial a species of fish-eating crocodiles, one-horned rhinoceros, endangered Royal Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, and other wildlife.

The natural beauty of Himalayan country Nepal attracts tourists initially. But the rich culture and warm and welcoming nature of the locals create a lasting impact.

Before heading to an unknown country do travel solo to a different city or place in your own country. Traveling alone in your own country will prepare you better for your solo travel in a foreign land.

Solo traveling is very appealing and here are a few reasons which make solo traveling so fascinating.

Reasons Which Make Solo Travelling Fascinating

Solo female traveller in Nepal

#1. Broadens your horizon

Travelling gives you a new perspective and broadens your horizons. You will be traveling to a new place which has a unique culture and tradition, different from yours. Make a habit of interacting with the locals while respecting the sentiments of locals. One of the perks of traveling solo is that it’s easy to strike a conversation with locals than when traveling with a group. Your curiosity and open-mindedness will enrich your experience.

#2. Boosts your confidence

Break your self-imposed walls and expand your boundaries to see that you are more capable than you assume. You will be out of your comfort zone and nervous even, but the way you handle a situation shows you your strengths and weaknesses. Indeed, a learning experience of solo travel will boost your confidence level!

#3. Improves your decision making power

On a solo trip, you will be the sole in-charge of your own itinerary. You can do any activity you want as per your wish without the worry of messing up with others' plans. Decisions, be it small or big you will be making which will teach you to own up to your decisions more than ever before. Solo travel aids personal growth unlike any other.

#4. Making new friends/Meet other travelers

Nepal is popular for solo female travel destinations so expect to meet other solo travelers. It’s a good opportunity to create new friendships with people from different corners of the world. Sometimes you end up doing something that you never thought you would do in your life like bungee jumping or cooking local food and others.

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#5. Enjoy your own company

When going on a solo trip at times you tend to miss your loved ones. Eating, exploring and shopping alone might make you uneasy but slowly you will start to enjoy your own company. A solo trip will make you realize that being alone necessarily not mean being lonely. Self-discovery is one of the most beautiful aspects of traveling alone and will get to know your likes and dislikes better.  

Safety concerns are the biggest hurdle of the solo female travel. But when you are aware and cautious you can manage safety issues. Interact with people from different walks of life and if you feel like you can join in groups and do group activities together. Who knows? You might end up making lifelong friends. Moreover, the open-mindedness of Nepalese towards other cultures makes foreigners feel welcomed. Get an insight into the lifestyle of locals and create interesting memories for a lifetime.

Solo Travel might sound like an alien concept at first but you will not get enough of it once you get the hang of it!

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Bella Davis | Tue Jan 4, 2022
Absolutely safe. I did the solo trek to Everest Base Camp. But you have to be prepared as a solo trekker.
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Richard | Sat Nov 16, 2019
Nice article. Thanks for sharing this beautiful blog with us.
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This is a comprehensive blog. So engaging and so details. I loved it. Thanks and hoping for another similar blog.
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