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Archery (Dha)

Bhutan’s National Sport and a popular outdoor activity
Thimpu Tshechu Bhutan

Archery is the national sport of Bhutan. Known as ‘dha’ it is also a popular pastime most Bhutanese men engage in. If you are in Bhutan you will find an archery range in every locality where local competitions are held. While the men, armed with their bows and arrows, try to hit the bull’s eye, women gather around and cheer for the team they are supporting. A hit on the target is followed by loud whoops and singing and dancing by the winning team. Shooters stand at a distance of about 140 metres and hit the target. While the traditional bamboo bows and arrows are still used, the younger generation of archers can be seen wielding the modern carbonite bows. Khuru or game of darts is equally popular among Bhutanese men. If you are in Bhutan you can join the locals for a round of  ‘khuru’.

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