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Best time to Travel Tibet

Visit One of the highest destinations on earth ‘Roof of the World'

Best time to visit tibet
Tibet is the highest region on earth with an average elevation of 4900 meters (16,000 ft). Although one can visit Tibet any time of the year, a certain time of the year is always better and rewarding. January and February are cold months and snow are expected to make the air even colder. The skies, however, remain clear. It is the cold that causes the obstruction for many who plan to visit Tibet this time of the year.
April through early June is the best time to travel to Tibet. The snow starts melting and the sun is much warmer and pleasant. This is also the time for excellent mountain views. The shoulder period as many calls it does not see a lot of tourists so it is not as crowded as the summer months.
The summer months from late June through early September usually bring in the rain and the views may be obstructed due to clouds and mist. The best part of visiting Tibet at this time of the year is the sunrise and sunset.

The autumn months from mid-September to early November usually sees clear skies and the views are unobstructed and clear. However, this does not last very long as winter comes early to Tibet considering its location on the globe.

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