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Losar - Tibetan New Year

Losar- Celebrating the first day of the year

Tibetan New Year also known as ‘Losar’ is celebrated every year on the first day of the Tibetan calender. Tibetan people start celebrating at least 3 days before the New Year. The celebrations last for about 2 weeks. The two days before the New Year is known as Gutor. On the first day, Tibetans clean their house. The kitchen is specially cleaned because the family meals are prepared here. Religious ceremonies are held on the second day of Gutor. People go to visit monasteries and give gifts to the monks. People get dressed in their finest and gather for family reunions. On this day firecrackers are lit to get rid of evil spirits.

On the third day, which is ‘Losar’ or New Year, Tibetans get up early in the morning and take bath. Offerings are made in front of household shrines. Family members exchange gifts and a huge feast is prepared on this day. Traditionally the housewife gets up before dawn and heads to the nearby well or river to fetch the first bucket of water on the first day of the New Year. The family which brings in the first bucket of water on this day is considered to be blessed with good luck for the entire year

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