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Introducing India

India is a vibrant and diverse country, calling hundreds

Introducing India

India is a vibrant and diverse country, calling hundreds of thousands of travelers every year. This seventh-largest country in the world boasts a wide range of religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and Sikhism. Famous for its incredible food, breathtaking landscape, and diverse culture, India has a lot to offer. The iconic Taj Mahal is not just a landmark India is known for, there are many attractions that lure travelers to this beautiful country. From the Himalayan mountain range to the beaches of Goa, India has something for everyone.

Best time to visit India

Though the ideal seasons are Spring and Autumn, you can explore India any time of the year. It wouldn't be wrong to say that the best time of the year to visit India largely depends on the region you plan to visit. If you plan to visit northern India such as Delhi and Rajasthan, it is highly suggested to travel during spring or winter. If you plan to visit southern India like Tamil Nadu and Kerela, winter and monsoon is the best time of the year. Similarly, if you are planning a visit to the Himalayan region, summer is considered the best time.

Things to do in India

There is so much to do in India. You can experience Varanasi at dawn, explore the iconic Taj Mahal, visit the ancient monasteries of Ladakh, enjoy the beaches, and attend festivals and there's more. You can pay homage to a number of famous religious sites such as Varanasi, Haridwar, and Rishikesh. Additionally, you can explore the most exotic wildlife reserves and national parks. You should always expect more to do. For trekkers and hikers, India has some of the finest trails in the world. You should always expect more to do in India.

How many days are sufficient to visit India?

This totally depends on your travel itinerary, interests, and preferences. You can hike for a day and return to your country. A week would be sufficient to explore cultural sites and historical monuments. If you are planning to trek or hike, it would be best to set at least a week. For a comprehensive tour of India, it requires at least 3-4 weeks. To conclude, it all depends on your choice, and you can plan your trip according to your timeframe and interest.

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Guinness World Record holder Gives Third Rock Adventures a Review!

werner berger

Werner Berger is the Guinness Book of World Records holder for being the oldest person in the World to have climbed the highest mountain on each of the seven (7) continents (incl. Mt. Everest).

I am Werner Berger and my "claim to fame" is probably best defined as being in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest person in the world to have climbed the highest mountain on each of the seven continents, including Mt. Everest.

Little did I know my life was to change forever on my first trek into the Himalaya in 1992 at age 55. It was the beginning and just a matter time before I realized I could combine my leadership and climbing skills to create a program in which people could explore their own possibilities.

So, in 2010, I began leading Transformational Life Experiences, treks to Mt. Everest Base Camp and other high places.

One of the earliest keys to success is to find a company with the right mix of professionalism, support, and, of course, experience. I have used Naba Amgai and his teams on all my Nepal trekking adventures.

Naba's caring and climber support, is second to none. In my estimation, Third Rock Adventures is one of the very best in the business, in or outside of Nepal. They know the mountains. So you can relax, enjoy and transform.

- Werner Berger

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