Make your journey worthwhile by choosing to travel with a local company. Expert travel advice, unique itineraries and happy trips that are a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Choosing Local Expertise over International Brands

A win-win deal for you!

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When you book a trip with a local company like ours, you will be dealing directly with the real tour operators and guides who will guide you on your trip. Most international companies use the services of local travel agents to organize their tours and treks in the Himalayas. They may charge a huge fee in the name of an international brand, but the real people on the ground taking care of the logistics will be local vendors and agents.

Booking directly with a local company will have you paying a lot less than what you will pay when you book with an international company. Firstly you will be cutting out the middle-man’s cost and secondly, you will be removing any additional charges that the international company may add to the basic trip cost, thereby saving your hard-earned money.

Before committing to book, you can expect to get a precise reply for your queries from a local agent because they live there and they know the destination like nobody else. You will get the best tips and advice from local experts like us rather than from those who sit in Europe and America and have zero or just a sketchy idea of the place you are about to visit. When faced with an emergency situation, it will be easier to contact a local operator like our company than a foreign company with an overseas office.

We firmly believe that the success of our trips and clients’ satisfaction is all due to our local knowledge and expertise. There are plenty of local travel agencies out there but travelers and vacationers choose us because we deliver top-notch service. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy local tour operator to organize your trip, then you are in the right place. Third Rock Adventures will turn your holiday into a beautiful memory to be cherished forever!


Get your trip planned by Travel Experts - Professionals behind Third Rock Adventures

You get 'Quality Service' when your trip is planned using ‘Local Knowledge and Expertise’ ….

Founders – Experts from Tourism Field

Third Rock Adventures was created with the joint effort of experts from the tourism field. The company is spearheaded by Mr. Naba Raj Amgai, an adventure expert who has spent more than 23 years as Operations Director at a reputed  adventure travel company. Among its founders are former trekking guides, experts from the hospitality sector and people who have spent decades in the tourism industry. This company has been founded by locals and much of its workforce consists of locals. The company, with its head office in Kathmandu, Nepal, is a government registered agency. Third Rock Adventures has its regional offices in Bhutan, Tibet, India and USA.

Experienced Local Guides and Authentic Experiences

You will be guided around by local guides who have first-hand knowledge of the area you are visiting and give you personalized tips and advice about the local ‘must-sees’ and ‘must-visit’ that are not listed in guide books. All our local guides have an experience of about a decade and work full time for us .They have the requisite license and can communicate fluently in English. Our mountain guides have received training on wilderness first aid and crisis management. They have the best contacts in the mountains and know how best to respond during emergencies. If an unfortunate incident occurs during your trek or climbing expedition, our guides can organize a rapid medical evacuation.   

Expert Trip Planners and 24/7 Support

Our Travel Consultants are destination experts and have first-hand knowledge about the place you want to visit. They have more than a decade long experience working in this field. They will offer their service on a personal level to ensure that you have a great trip. Our customer care staff is oriented towards building an excellent relationship with our clients. They are ready to assist you and take your call 24/7 to handle any kind of emergency. They also make it a point to post a prompt response to your emails or voicemails as soon as they receive it.


Extra bonuses for choosing to travel with us!

Some special ‘Rewards' for travelling with us!

Lifetime Deposit

Our Lifetime Deposit guarantees that you don’t lose your deposit when you have to cancel your booking. While there will be no refund, we will keep your deposit safe till you are able to take a trip with us. You can retain your initial deposit to book a trip of your choice at a later date. Lifetime Deposit allows you to use the deposit of your cancelled trip for the same trip or another one at your chosen timeframe. You can also transfer your deposit to a friend or family.

Loyalty Bonus

Gain loyalty bonus by choosing to travel with Third Rock Adventures. Earn a point each time you book a trip with us. When you book a tour, you can create your profile on our site and become a Premium User. You can do this by validating your e-mail ID while booking your trip online. Each time you book a trip with us you gain a loyalty bonus point. The accumulated bonus points can be used to book a trip of your choice anytime you like. The Loyalty Bonus will be valid only after your second booking.

Referral Bonus

Refer our company or any of our trips to your family and friends get a ‘Referral Bonus’. You don’t have to book a trip with us to get a referral bonus. Just become a TRA member by creating a profile and recommend our trips to others. To become a member you only have to fill up the membership form and get a valid User ID. The Referral Bonus point is transferred to your account when your family or friends book a trip with us on your recommendation. *Conditions Apply


Cost-Effective Trips - Adding Great Value to your Holiday!

 Unique and flexible itineraries, quality service and no hidden costs…

No Hidden Cost and Secure Online Payment

The price that you see on our website is the price that you will pay. There will be no hidden fees or extra charges. We are one of the few travel companies who don’t charge you extra when you make a payment via credit card. If there’s a request for additional services, you will be informed about the extra cost in advance. Our online payment gateway is PCI (Payment Card Industry security standards) compliant. We have a strong and secure network plus firewall to protect the cardholder’s data.

Personalized Service and Quality Accommodation

Your enquiry gets personalized care and attention from us. You can get in touch with us through multiple ways; via Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, phone call or email. We are at your service 24/7, throughout the year! Not only do we respond to your calls before the start of your trip, we make it a point to be available to you even when you are travelling. The hotels that we use have been hand-picked by our travel experts and these establishments are known to offer quality service to their clients. For our Nepal Treks, we use the best available teahouses or mountain lodges.

Unique and Customized Itineraries

We offer a wide range of activities and destinations for all types of travelers. What’s more our itineraries are flexible and can be tailored according to your requirements. If you want to create your own itinerary from scratch, we can do it for you. Our Travel Experts will help you create a customized itinerary and lend your personal touch to your holiday.

Happiness Guaranteed -  Emphasis on Safe and Happy Trips

  Reliability and Safety, Positive Reviews and Variety of Travel Styles

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Your Safety is our Top Priority

 For treks in the high mountains, we have set aside the requisite number of rest days for acclimatization.  Our trekking itineraries have been created after consulting expert mountain guides.  Our mountain guides always carry a first aid box and pulse oximeter (to measure the level of oxygen in your blood).  They have recieved training in first aid and crisis management. While in the mountains they are constantly in touch with our staff at the head office and are updated about the latest developments that might affect your trip(strikes, bad weather etc.). Our knowledgeable guides are the best people you can turn to for guidance and help during emergencies. With them by your side, you will be traveling safely and securely.


Everest Base Camp Trek difficulty

Satisfied Clients and Positive Reviews

For consistently delivering a high level of service, we have been receiving positive reviews from our valued clients. We have been establishing a good reputation through word-of-mouth endorsements by our clients. Till date none of our clients have expressed their dissatisfaction with our services. We are proud to declare that all the trips and treks we have organized have been successful. You can read the positive feedback that we received from our clients on our website, TripAdvisor and TrustPilot


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Choose your own Travel Style

We understand some of you treasure your privacy and prefer to travel with family and friends. Keeping your needs in mind, we have included the ‘Private Departure’ option in all our trips. Selecting this option will allow you to travel with your chosen group or solo. If you prefer to travel alone, we can arrange a ‘Solo’ trip for you, or if group travel is more your thing, you can join a group of likeminded travelers like you by choosing our ‘Fixed Departure’ trip.


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Focus on Environment Friendly Practices

We support ‘sustainable tourism’. We use hotels that are serious about reducing their impact on the environment. While trekking, we urge our clients to minimize the use of plastic or polythene bags and to be careful about disposing their waste. We also dissuade our clients from using soaps or detergents while washing in the river. The mountains are beautiful and we should do our best to preserve their pristine beauty. We make it a point to patronize local businesses that are environmentally friendly.

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