Curated by local experts our trips offer authentic local experiences. For an enriching travel experience, allow us to whisk you to the destination of your choice!

Third Rock Adventures was founded with the objective to provide unique travel experiences to intrepid travelers across the globe. Travel with us and discover a world filled with wonders. Go on adrenaline-fueled adventures and explore unheard of places. Climb mountains and trek under the shadows of the world’s highest peaks. Stroll around medieval palaces and ancient monuments, repositories of ancient culture and heritage. Visit sacred spaces and spiritual shrines and reconnect with your soul. Take aerial tours and fly like a bird. Explore the tropical jungles and experience nature in all its beauty. Discover more of this world. Allow us to plan an unforgettable trip for you.

Recommended on TripAdvisor

We are highly recommended on TripAdvisor, one of the most trusted travel-review sites in the world. The travel-review site has awarded us their ‘Certificate of Excellence’ for the good reviews we have been receiving consistently. Read our reviews on TripAdvisor.

Highly Experienced Local Guides

All our trek leaders and tour guides are government certified and highly experienced. All our guides have an experience of ten years and more. They are locals from the area, where you will be touring or trekking. You can fully rely on your guide to offer you the most authentic local experience. We work along with local who have absolute knowledge of the regions where you will be visiting.

100% Guaranteed Departure

When you book a trip with us we assure you of a guaranteed departure. You will surely get to go where you to want to go when you plan a trip with us. Our ‘Fixed departures’ are guaranteed to run with a minimum number of only two persons.

24/7 International Support

When you travel with us, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you are only a call away from our customer care staff. Our customer care staff is ready to take your call 24/7 to handle any kind of emergency. We also make it a point to post a prompt response to your emails or voicemails as soon as we receive it.

Lifetime Deposit

When you book a trip with us but are forced to cancel it at the last minute, your deposit will not go to waste. You can retain your initial deposit to book a trip of your choice at a later date. Lifetime Deposit allows you to use the deposit of your cancelled trip for the same trip or another one at your chosen timeframe. You can also transfer (regift) your deposit to someone close to you to book a trip of their choice. *Conditions apply.

Loyalty Bonus

Gain loyalty bonus by choosing to travel with Third Rock Adventures. Earn a point each time you book a trip with us. You can also refer our trips to others and earn Referral Bonus points. The bonus points will be valid only when they your e-mail ID is mentioned on the ‘Referral’ field when they book the trip. You become a Premium User by creating a user profile on our site. You can do this by validating your e-mail ID while booking your trip online. The accumulated bonus points can be used to book a trip of your choice. The Loyalty Bonus will be valid only after your second booking. *Conditions apply.

Referral Bonus

Refer our company or any of our trips to your family and friends get a ‘Referral Bonus’. Good news is one doesn’t have to book a trip to get a referral bonus. Simply become a member and refer our company and trips to others. To become a member you only have to fill up the membership form and get a valid User ID. The Referral Bonus point is transferred to your account when your family or friends provide your user and e-mail ID on the ‘Referral’ field while booking a trip online. Your accumulated bonus points can earn you a free trip with us. *Conditions apply.

Private Departure

We understand some of you treasure your privacy and prefer to travel with family and friends instead of with strangers. Keeping your needs in mind, we have included the ‘Private Departure’ option in all our trips. Selecting this option will allow you to travel with your chosen group or solo. Choose from our existing selection of ‘Fixed Departure’ dates or set your own ‘departure date’.

Customizable Program

We realize that on your dream vacation you wish to do things your way. To make your holiday more personalized we have the ‘Customizable Program’ where you can enhance your itinerary as per your wish. With the help of our expert Travel Consultant, you can add personal touches to your itinerary and make your holiday your own. Add extra days or choose an alternate sightseeing spot or excursion.

Solo Travel

If you feel uncomfortable tagging along with a group of strangers and prefer to travel alone, we can arrange your ‘Solo’ trip for you. We will handle all the arrangements for you. During your trip, you will be guided by our tour or trek leader. If you want to trek alone, we can arrange a guide and porter. You can also join a group of likeminded travelers like you, if you wish, by joining our ‘Fixed Departure’ trip.

Secure Online Payment

Our online payment gateway is safe and secure. Our payment system is fast, easy and secure. Online payments are received through credit cards or bank transfers. Be assured your personal details will not be shared with any third party

Variety of choice

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed. We offer a wide range of activities and destinations for all types of travelers. Take a seaside vacation or head to the Himalayas, explore historical sites or indulge in outdoor adventures, we have an itinerary to suit your individual needs. What're more our itineraries are flexible and can be tailored according to your requirements. If you want to create your own itinerary from scratch, we can do it for you. Just get in touch with one of our expert Travel Consultants and convey your ideas and he/she will do the needful.

Small Group

In order to make your travel experience more personalized and enriching, we make it a point to keep our group size small. Keeping the group size small will give you, our client, a feeling of traveling with friends. Our guides are also able to give individual attention to each and every group member.

Ultimate Value & Quality Service

We offer you the most competitive rates for unique travel experiences and take you places without straining your budget or compromising on the quality of services. We collaborate with our contacts around the world and try to give you the best value for your money without cutting corners. The inclusions in our tours have been incorporated to give you the right balance of adventure and quality. We let you know up-front what is included and excluded in your tour or trek. When you book a tour with us the price you see is what you actually pay. There are no hidden costs.

Your Safety

Your safety is the utmost importance. Whenever we conduct a tour or take you on an outdoor adventure our first priority is to make sure that all the safety and security measures are in place. We use experienced drivers for overland transfers and carry a first aid kit with us on adventures to the mountains. Our knowledgeable guides are the best people you can turn to for guidance and help during emergencies in the mountains. With them by your side, you will be traveling safely and securely.

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