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Getting From Kathmandu to Lukla

Lukla Airport

Lukla, situated at an altitude of 2,860 meters, is the main gateway to trekking in the Everest region of Nepal. The most popular and convenient way to reach Lukla is by taking a domestic flight from Kathmandu. The flight is short, taking only around 35 minutes, and offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

However, if you want to travel in luxury, you can opt for a helicopter ride from Kathmandu to Lukla.

Alternatively, you can also drive from Kathmandu to the lower Everest region and trek for a few days to reach Lukla. Keep in mind that this option requires more time and effort. Whichever option you choose, make sure to plan ahead and book your tickets in advance to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Another option to reach Lukla is by driving from Kathmandu to Ramechhap, which is about a 4-5 hour drive, and then taking a flight from Ramechhap airport to Lukla. This option is becoming increasingly popular since flights from Ramechhap to Lukla are less crowded, and the airport is less affected by weather conditions compared to the Kathmandu airport.

From Kathmandu To Lukla In A Domestic Flight

Take a picturesque flight from Kathmandu to Lukla on a domestic flight. In about 35 minutes you will reach a beautiful Sherpa settlement of Lukla. You will get to enjoy the stunning view of verdant hills and snowcapped mountains on your way to Lukla. Sit on the right side of the aircraft to enjoy the stunning view of Himalayas.

One way ticket to Lukla from Kathmandu takes around US $180 per person for a foreigner and an Indian is charged NRP 14,700 per person. The airfare of Lukla from Kathmandu is NRP 5,500 per person for Nepalese. The flights to Lukla are scheduled in the morning from 6:30 am to 12 pm and there are mostly 10 flights in a day. Tara Air, Sita Air, Summit Air, and Simrik Airlines are popular airlines offering Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu flights.

Traveling To Lukla From Kathmandu In A Helicopter

If you have a flexible budget and prefer to travel in comfort then choose a helicopter ride from Kathmandu to Lukla. Keep a helicopter ride as an alternative as it is more reliable than domestic flights when flight delays or cancels due to bad weather. Enjoy a thrilling helicopter ride and savor the aerial beauty of the Everest region.

It takes approximately 45 minutes to reach Lukla via helicopter from Kathmandu. Chartering a helicopter cost somewhere between US $2200 to US $3000. The helicopter can accommodate up to 5 people and you can split the cost of charting a helicopter with your fellow passengers.

A Trek From Phalpu/Jiri To Lukla

Explore the lower Everest region when trekking on foot to Lukla which is also known as Pioneer’s route. You will be following the footsteps of Sir, Edmund Hillary, and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa when trekking to Lukla. Enjoy trekking in solitude as fewer people take the trekking route. You will be driving from Kathmandu to either Jiri or Phalpu.  

Phaplu to Lukla

When starting your trek from Phalpu you will be adding 4 days to your trip. You will start trekking from Phalpu and will be trekking past villages of Nunthala, Bupsa, Surke before reaching Phakding. Enjoy a trek in seclusion as it is a trekking route less taken. Get an insight into the ethnic diversity of Nepal and you will come across people from Rai, Gurung, Sherpa, and Chhetri communities.

Jiri to Lukla

Earlier trekkers used to start trekking from Jiri before the establishment of Lukla Airport. Take a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Bhandara via Jiri. You will be adding 6 days more when trekking from Bhandara to Lukla. Moreover, you will be stopping by the villages of Sete, Beshi, Nunthala, Bupsa, Surke before reaching Phakding. It is a longer route preferred by adventurers and nature lovers. The trekking route has steep ascends and descends which will be a testament of your fitness. The trail features stunning views of snowy mountains, verdant hills, terraced farms, and monasteries.

Kathmandu To Lukla Flight Diverted To Ramechhap

Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla diverted to Ramechhap because of traffic congestion and a high influx of visitors in peak season. Click here to find out more about a flight from Ramechhap to Lukla.

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