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The number of foreign tourists visiting Nepal has increased to about 12,000 in just 16 days

  • Third Rock Adventures
  • Posted on: Mon Oct 18, 2021
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Kathmandu, October 18

Foreign tourist arrivals have increased significantly after the government made health protocols flexible. According to the details prepared by the Immigration Department, 11,988 foreign tourists have entered Nepal by air and land from October 1 to 16.

Out of the total 63,782 passengers, about 12,000 have come to visit Nepal, said Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, Director General of the Department.

According to the statistics prepared by the department, 19 percent of the passengers entering Nepal during the 16-day period are foreign tourists. Out of the total 70,583 passengers who entered Nepal during the previous month (September), 9,905 had visited Nepal. Last September, 14 percent of the passengers who entered Nepal were foreign tourists.

He said that the number of foreign tourists has increased by five percent in less than half of October as compared to the month of September. He estimates that the number of foreign tourists visiting Nepal will double in October as compared to September.

The number of tourists entering Nepal on October 16 is more than the number of tourists entering the month of September. With the government easing the criteria for foreign tourist arrivals, the number of foreign tourist arrivals is expected to increase. Director General Bhattarai said.

According to the department, 63,782 passengers have entered Nepal from October 1 to 16, and 48,421 passengers have left. He said that about 10 foreigners were deported due to non-compliance with the new standards issued by the government.

"As soon as the first wave of Covid-19 started, we did not issue on arrival visas except in limited cases. It has now started issuing on-arrival visas to vaccinated tourists. Due to which the tourist arrival rate is increasing. He said, 'Now is the time for trekking and mountaineering. The Government of Nepal also wants to convey the message that trekking and mountaineering are open. There are positive signs accordingly. '

After the influx of tourists from third countries, the bustle has started in the star hotels, including Kathmandu. Entrepreneurs are excited about the bustle of tourists. Entrepreneurs expect the revival of the tourism sector, which has been languishing for two years due to Covid.

According to the details prepared by the department, out of the total 33,430 passengers who visited Nepal in September last year, 587 were foreign tourists. Foreign tourists accounted for 1.7 percent of the total passengers in September last year.

Similarly, out of the total 25,935 passengers who arrived in Nepal from October 1 to 16 last year, 898 were foreign tourists. Out of the total passengers, foreign tourist arrivals were 3.46 percent. Compared to last year, 11,988 foreign tourists have arrived in 16 months this month.

He informed that the number of tourists coming from India during this 16-day period is significant. The number of tourists visiting Nepal at this time is 4,481, according to the department. According to Director General Bhattarai, one-third of the total number of tourists entering Nepal is Indian tourists.

Similarly, the number of tourists coming from the United States is 2783, he said. According to him, 651 people have come from the UK, and 117 people have come from Turkey. Apart from these countries, the number of foreign tourists coming from Germany, France, Finland, Canada, Belgium, and other countries is significant, he said.

After two years, the government had removed the quarantine system for foreign tourists coming to Nepal by vaccinating them from the first week of last September.

  • Third Rock Adventures
  • Posted on: Monday Oct 18, 2021

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