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Heavy Penalty for Trekkers without guides and TIMS card

  • Third Rock Adventures
  • Posted on: Sun Apr 2, 2023

Kathmandu, April 2, 2023

Foreign tourists will now have to pay a heavy fine if they are found to have gone on a trek without taking a Trekking Information Management System (TIMS) card and a trekking guide. The Nepal Tourism Board has set a high fee for its implementation, doubling the price of the TIMS card, which was previously charged for foreign tourists. For this, the standards related to managing the pedestrian information management system 2079 have been implemented.

Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation Minister Sudan Kirati have started the implementation of the standards. With the implementation of this standard, tourists who are found walking without a TIMS card and without a guide will be fined 12,000 rupees. If it is found that the team is sent on a trek without taking a TIMS card through the trekking company, the company will be forced to buy the card through the same company after paying a fine of 10,000 rupees.

Maniraj Lamichhane, director of the Nepal Tourism Board, has introduced such a provision to ensure the safety of tourists. He says that this will help to reduce the risks that may occur during the trek while guaranteeing the services, facilities, and safety of the tourists.

Previously, the price of the card was charged at the rate of 2000 rupees for tourists from third countries going on solo trekking and 1000 rupees for tourists going on a group trek with a company. Now, TIMS card will be issued to all tourists at the rate of 2000 rupees.

Passengers from SAARC countries will pay Rs 1,000 per round trip. Along with this, now the rule has been implemented that hikers who want to go on a walk in the area where TIMS cards are applicable must take a guide through the company for the duration of the walk.

For the purpose of the walk, the price of TIMS card is set at 500 rupees per walker in the case of diplomatic delegations and officials of the diplomatic sector, development partner organizations, officials of donor agencies, and their husbands, wives, sons, and daughters who are going on a walk in areas where TIMS card is applicable. To get such a facility, a rule has been made to submit the necessary documents to the Trekking Agencies Association of (TAAN). TIMS cards should now be issued electronically.

It is also mentioned in the procedure that after submitting the specified documents once in the TIMS online system, the online system should be developed so that it does not have to be submitted again within the same financial year. Once issued, the validity period of the card will be 90 days from the date of issue. Due to geographical difficulties and natural disasters, bad weather, adverse health conditions, and special circumstances, the permit taken for a hiking area will be valid for another hiking area as well.

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What will be the penalty?

If they are found going on a trek without taking a permit and a guide, the hikers will be banned from the trek. A fine of 12,000 rupees will be asked from hikers who return after completing the trek without taking the card and guide.

If it is found that the company has not taken the card, then the trekker will be fined 10,000 rupees and will be asked to buy the card from the company. In order to enforce this provision, it is also mentioned in the procedure that the staff working at the TIMS check post will be given an incentive equal to 20 percent of the fines collected. According to the board, this will encourage hikers or companies that conduct trekking without a TIMS permit within the trekking area where TIMS is applicable.

Who does not need to take TIMS?

Tourists who have permission to climb the mountains do not need to obtain a TIMS card. However, such tourists must have a climbing permit. However, climbers can take this card voluntarily for their own safety.

Tourists who go to the hiking area by helicopter and return by the same means do not need to obtain a card. Tourists who are going on a trek or going back should take the card. In case of having to go on a visit in connection with government work, the staff of donor agencies will be exempted from the fee of the TIMS card.

Even children below 10 years of age accompanying the hikers do not need to take a TIMS card. Tourists who travel by two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles in the areas where TIMS cards are applicable must also provide the card and guides.

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How is the emergency search and rescue?

Nepal Tourism Board, TAAN, and related trekking companies know about the condition of the tourists who have gone with TIMS card holders and guides. In this situation, in case of injury, illness, death, or disappearance due to natural disasters, bad weather, and other reasons, the emergency search and rescue coordination committee will be activated to search and rescue them.

What are the areas requiring TIMS and permits?

Trekking Region

Name of the Trek

Kanchenjunga Region

1. Kanchenjunga Base Camp via Sele La Pass Trek
2. Kanchenjunga Basecamp Trek
3. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Nango Pass Trek
4. Lumba Sumba Pass Trek

Makalu Barun Area

1. Makalu Basecamp Trek
2. Sherpeni Cole Pass Trek

Everest Region

1. Everest Basecamp Trek
2. Gokyo Trek
3. Chho La Pass Trek
4. Gokyo Renjo La Pass Trek
5. Three Passes Trek
6. Everest View trek
7. Mera Peak Trek
8. Amphu Labtsha Pass

Rolwaling Region

1. Rolwaling Trek
2. Tashi Labtsha Pass Trek

Panchpokhari Bhairabkunda Area

Panchpokhari Trek

Helambu Region

1. Helambu Trek
2. Goshaikunda Trek

Langtang Region

1. Langtang Trek
2. Langtang Gosaikund Trek
3. Tamang Heritage Trek
4. Tamang Heritage Langtang Trek
5. Ganja La pass Trek
6. Till Man Pass

Ganesh Himal-Ruby Valley Area

Ganesh Himal - Ruby Valley Trek

Manaslu Region

1. Manaslu Circuit Trek
2. Manaslu - Tsum Valley Trek
3. Tsum Valley Trek

Annapurna Region

1. Annapurna Circuit Trek
2. Nar Phu Annapurna Circuit Trek
3. Mesokanto / Tilicho Pass Trek
4. Poon Hill-ABC Trek
5. Khopra Trek
6. Mardi Himal Trek
7. Sikleh Tara Hill Trek

Mustang Region

1. Upper Mustang Trek
2. Sarebung Pass Trek

Dhaulagiri Region

Round Dhaulagiri

Dolpo Region

1. Upper Dolpo - Jomsom Trek
2. Upper Dolpo Trek
3. Lower Dolpo Trek
4. Kagmara Pass Trek

Humla Region

Humla Limi Valley Trek

Source Nepal Tourism Board :


  • Third Rock Adventures
  • Posted on: Sunday Apr 2, 2023

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