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Nepal continues issuing on-arrival visa for vaccinated tourists

  • Third Rock Adventures
  • Posted on: Fri Jan 21, 2022

Kathmandu, January 21

The government has continued the on-arrival visa facility for foreign tourists who have completed the vaccination. The Immigration Department on Thursday issued a notice for passengers arriving and departing from Nepal.

According to the department, the citizens of the countries who can get on-arrival visa will continue to get the visa facility for those who have received full dose of vaccine (two doses or one dose depending on the nature of the vaccine).

If the foreign tourist submits proof of completion of vaccination, negative report of corona test within 72 hours of check-in for flight, proof of hotel booking in Nepal, copy of the permit of mountaineering and trekking and other permitting body, visa will be granted at Nepal entry point.

In this process, you have to fill the online arrival form of CCMCC. Visas can also be obtained from Nepali missions in the respective countries without taking an on-arrival visa. Even foreigners who have not been vaccinated and have to come to Nepal have to get a visa from the Nepali Mission. They do not receive an on-arrival visa.

5 days hotel quarantine without vaccination

Antigen testing will be done at the immigration point of Nepal for foreign nationals who have not been vaccinated. If tested positive, you may need to be isolated or hospitalized. In case of negative, stay in hotel quarantine for five days.

If antigen is not possible in immigration, it should be tested before entering the hotel. Foreigners who stay in Hotel Quarantine for 5 days will be able to go on a tour according to their purpose after testing Covid 19 on the sixth day.

Even tourists who have completed the vaccination will be able to test the antigen within 24 hours of checking in at the hotel and go on a visit after getting a negative result. 

Expenses for testing and isolation of Covid-19 and other expenses including insurance should be borne by the foreign nationals themselves. While living in Nepal, foreign nationals will have to follow the criteria set by the Government of Nepal.

What about Nepalis and non-resident Nepalis? Nepalis and non-resident Nepalis who have completed 14 days of vaccination will be allowed to go home easily if they bring a negative certificate of corona test within 72 hours.

However, even if they have symptoms, antigen testing should be done at the immigration point. They will only be allowed to stay in the home or hotel quarantine for 5 days. In the case of Nepalis and non-resident Nepalis who have not completed the vaccination, they will be allowed to go to the destination only if they test negative after the antigen test.

If it is positive, you will have to go for isolation. Similar provisions will apply to foreign diplomatic missions. At the invitation of the Government of Nepal, all foreign guests coming to Kathmandu will be allowed to participate in the program only if they come back negative after testing Covid 19 at the entry point.

Vaccination and testing is not mandatory for children under 5 years of age. 

Although testing is mandatory for children between the ages of 5 and 18, vaccination will not be mandatory. Vaccination and corona testing have also been made mandatory for Indian nationals entering by land. Citizens of third countries entering by land will also get a visa at the point of entry to Nepal if they have completed the required documents.

  • Third Rock Adventures
  • Posted on: Friday Jan 21, 2022

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