Khukuri Making Workshop in Kathmandu - 1 day

Khukuri Making Workshop in Kathmandu - 1 day

Learn how to make the most iconic Khukuri knife - the pride of the iconic Gurkhas, by taking a Khukuri Making Class in Nepal. The one-day workshop offers a unique opportunity to learn about the art of making the culturally and historically significant Khukuri from Kathmandu's gifted and knowledgeable blacksmiths.

Experience hammering a piece of iron, watching amber sparks flying in the air, and finally polishing the knife. Even with zero experience, you will gain hands-on experience in making Khukuri, the symbol of pride and the weapon of the war of Nepal.

Trip Highlights

  • Getting hands-on experience in Khukuri making from a master blacksmith in Nepal
  • Making your first khukuri knife from scratch
  • Interacting with the local artisans to learn about their lifestyle and traditions

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights
Day 1 Pickup, Visit Patan for Khukuri Making Workshop and Dropup

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1
Pickup, Visit Patan for Khukuri Making Workshop and Dropup

Pickup from the hotel

Early in the morning, after breakfast, the guide will pick you up for a drive to Patan, where you will learn the unique art of Khukuri making. Make sure you wear full sleeves and closed shoes, and carry sunglasses to protect you from the sparks from grinding the metal.

Introducing the art of Khukuri-making

Upon arriving at the host's workshop, you will be introduced to the local artisan. The artisans are proficient blacksmiths who have years of experience behind them. They will introduce themselves and share beautiful stories of how their occupation began years ago and gained momentum since the time of the Gurkhas. They will also display pieces of metal weaponry with integrated designs crafted by them.

Hammering, grinding, buffing, and polishing the Khukuri

As Khukuri making is delicate yet dangerous work, we maintain your safety and request you follow the blacksmith's directions. The initial process begins with hammering a raw piece of the iron blade which is about 5 to 6 inches, to give it shape. The blacksmith will do the first grinding to protect you from the amber sparks.

Eventually, after the grinding is done, you will be guided for buffing and finely polishing the Khukuri before adding it to a wooden handle. Viola, you'll have made your very first Khukuri! Once the piece is done, you can take it home as a souvenir of your first Khukuri-making experience. You can also buy small metal weaponry as souvenirs from the hosts' display collection.

Dropoff at the hotel

After one of the most exciting experiences in Kathmandu, the host will bid you farewell, and you will be driven back to the hotel. However, if you wish to extend your classes to a couple more days, you can let us know, and we will organize the same.

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Trip Reviews

Travel experiences of our clients who recently returned from their trips.

Based on 2 reviews
Very good

Samuel Lewis
flagsUnited States of America
Nov 13, 2023
Khukuri making class worthy and amazing experience
Participating in the Khukuri Making Workshop in Kathmandu was a hands-on journey into the heart of Nepalese tradition and artistry. Third Rock Adventures orchestrated an immersive experience where I had the privilege of crafting my own Khukuri, guided by skilled artisans. The workshop unfolded like a cultural tapestry, weaving together the history, significance, and intricate techniques behind Khukuri-making. The patience and expertise of the instructors turned what seemed like a complex process into an enjoyable and enlightening endeavor. The workshop wasn't just about creating a blade; it was a deep dive into the symbolism and cultural importance of the Khukuri in Nepalese heritage. The atmosphere was vibrant, and the camaraderie with fellow participants added an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience.
Best Destination,Good Value,
Rebecca Elliott
flagsUnited Arab Emirates
Nov 13, 2023
Unique expereince
The workshop provided not just a hands-on lesson in crafting the iconic Khukuri but also a deep dive into the cultural significance behind this legendary weapon. Under the expert guidance of skilled artisans, I immersed myself in the intricate process of forging and shaping the Khukuri, creating a blade that told its own story. The personalized attention and patience of the instructors made the workshop accessible even to beginners. The immersive journey extended beyond the crafting table, offering insights into the history and symbolism of the Khukuri. It was a cultural exchange as much as a workshop, providing a profound connection to Nepal's rich heritage. For anyone seeking a truly unique and enriching experience in Kathmandu, the Khukuri Making Workshop is an absolute must. Third Rock Adventures flawlessly curated an unforgettable journey into the heart of Nepalese craftsmanship, leaving me with not just a beautifully crafted Khukuri but also a deep appreciation for the artistry embedded in this cultural treasure.
Good Value,
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