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Our corporate office is located in Kathmandu, Nepal and we definitely organize trips all over Nepal. From the high mountain location to deep valleys to the burning hot terai region, we cover it all. Besides Nepal, we also run cross country tours to India, Bhutan, Tibet, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. From exploring the tallest mountains to experiencing unique landscapes, culture and traditions, we cover them all.

Trekking in Nepal - Mount Everest Trekking
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Blessed with natural beauty and magnificent sights, Nepal often makes it to the list of ‘must-visit’ destinations in the world. With eight of the world’s highest peaks and a chain...

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Best Tour Operator for Bhutan
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Visit Bhutan, the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’. A Himalayan kingdom nestled deep amidst the high Himalayan mountains is a unique destination. Isolated from the outside world for centuri...

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Nepal Bhutan Tour
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Nepal Bhutan

Explore places that were once forbidden to outsiders. Experience the unique cultures and traditions of Himalayan ethnic communities. Be a part of their vibrant and colorful festivals. Walk beneath ...

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Tibet Lhasa Tour
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Nepal Tibet Bhutan

Visit some of the highest destinations on Earth. Trek under the shadows of soaring Himalayan peaks. Discover royal palaces and historic monuments that are protected UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Exp...

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Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar is the destination for you if you crave for new experiences in uncharted territories. With a strict military regime ruling the country, Myanmar remained out of bounds for outsiders for deca...

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Tibet Tour Agency
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One of the highest destinations on earth, Tibet is popularly known as the ‘Roof of the World’. Filled with soaring high mountains, arid valleys and pristine mountain lakes Tibet is a ha...

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