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Chinese Embassy Waives Visa Fees for Nepali Citizens, Introduces Service Charges Instead

  • By: Naba Raj Amgai
  • Posted on: Sun Apr 28, 2024

The Chinese Embassy in Nepal has announced a significant change in visa policy, declaring visa fees waived for Nepali citizens effective May 1, 2024.

Ambassador Chen Song of China to Nepal revealed that the decision aims to bolster bilateral relations and streamline visa services for Nepali nationals.

While the standard visa fee has been eliminated, the embassy will introduce service charges alongside express fees.

Previously, the Chinese embassy levied fees for regular, express-1, and express-2 visas, with the regular visa fee now abolished.

Under the new scheme, Express-1 and Express-2 visas will incur charges of 400 and 2,700 Nepalese rupees, respectively.

Furthermore, group visas will be subject to fees of 2,000 rupees for Express-1 and 1,350 rupees for Express-2, as per embassy guidelines.

Additionally, visa centers will impose service fees of 3,900 rupees for regular visas, 7,800 rupees for Express-1, and 5,850 rupees for Express-2.

It's worth noting that Nepal already exempts Chinese citizens from visa fees.

During a recent diplomatic mission to China, former Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Narayankaji Shrestha advocated for free visa privileges for Nepali citizens, which culminated in this policy shift.

  • By: Naba Raj Amgai
  • Posted on: Sunday Apr 28, 2024

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