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Journey to Bhutan: Top Reasons to Explore in 2024


Embark on an enchanting adventure in the mystical realm of Bhutan in 2024 to experience the unique culture and heritage, ancient history, architecture, and amazing nature.

The Kingdom's historic heritage sites unfold centuries-old religions. Each site narrates a tale of architectural marvels and profound historical significance. The festivals in Bhutan further amplify the cultural extravaganza, with events like masked dances, fire dances, and hymns offering a glimpse intovibrant traditions and spiritual rituals.

A further reason to explore Bhutan in 2024 is its commitment to Gross National Happiness, environment protection, and sustainable tourism. As visitors explore Bhutan's natural wonders, they'll encounter diverse flora and fauna in the Eastern Himalayas, coupled with eco-friendly tourism initiatives.

The Kingdom's sustainable tourism efforts, with a reduced Sustainable Development Fee for 2024, make it more financially accessible for travelers.

For adventure seekers, 2024 presents an opportunity to engage in outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, and mountain biking against Bhutan's breath taking landscapes. Followed by anenticing exploration of Bhutanese cuisine, show casing the country's unique flavors and locally sourced ingredients, hop on an adventure for a life time.

Bhutan's Historic Heritage Sites

The top reason you should explore Bhutan in 2024 is to witness the mystical realm of the Kingdom's ancient heritage sites that unveil a cultural tapestry woven through the centuries. In the upcoming year, travelers can explore the profound historical significance and architectural marvels scattered across the country.

Some of the historical heritage sites enough to make you visit Bhutan are:

KyichuLakhang, Paro

Constructed in 659 AD, it is one of the oldest and most sacred temples with the revered statue of Jowo Jampa

Chimi Lakhang

Known as the Temple of Divine Madman, this unique temple is filled with phallic symbols renowned for fertility blessings.

Jambay Lakhang, Bumthang

Renowned for its fire ceremony (Mewang) during Jambay Lhakahng Drup, the temple is believed to pin down an ancient ogre, preventing it from causing harm to the community.

Tiger's Nest Monastery, Paro

Known locally as ParoTaktsang, the most iconic landmark of Bhutan Tiger's Nest  Monastery is located dramatically on a cliffside and is known to be the meditative spot of the revered Guru Rinpoche.

Ringpung Dzong, Paro

Built in the 16th century and perched on a hilltop, the fortress-monastery is known for the sacred religious scroll painting-Thongdrol, displayed to the public in the Paro festival

Gangtey Monastery, Phobjika Valley

The stunning location of the monastery is best known for the arrival of the migratory Black Neck Crane festival during certain seasons.

Buddha Dordema, Thimphu

This amazing architecture towers over 169 feet as a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha.


There are numerous monasteries, dzongs, and statues in Bhutan, like Changangkha Lhakhang, Tashichho Dzong, Punakha Dzong, and Kurjey Lhakhang, allover the different cities in Bhutan that you can visit.

Unique cultures and traditions

Bhutan boasts a rich tapestry of cultures, each woven with threads of tradition and spiritual significance. This is one of the best reasons to explore unique cultures and traditions. Some of them are mentioned:

Traditional dresses

The traditional dress, known as the "Kira" for women and "Gho" formen, reflects the nation's identity and commitment to preserving age-old customs. You'll also observe Monks wearing long maroon robes, a part of their Buddhist traditions.

Festive rituals

Bhutan is rich in festivities and rituals ranging from multiple-day celebrations, fire dances, mask dances, Buddhist hymns, and more. Get to experience the together ness of people during these festivals.

Commitment to Gross National Happiness

To witness their unique commitment to keeping people happy and getting one with nature, you must visit Bhutan. You'll witness stress-free people and might even have a spiritual experience as you practice soul fulness in monasteries.

Respect for religion

From wearing full-length clothes to removing shoes and caps incertain religious monuments, you'll witness a deep respect for religious norms unlike anyother culture.

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Natural Wonders

The other reason to escape to Bhutan is because it promises a profound connection with nature's wonder as it is nestled in the Eastern Himalayas. In 2024, it will be a great experience to take part in eco-friendly tourism. The Kingdom's commitment to environmental conservation has preserved a diverse range of wildlife found predominantly in this enchanting realm.

Unique Flora and Fauna

Bhutan's dense jungles are home to some rare and endangered species, such as the elusive red panda and the iconic Bengal tiger. You'll also get to witness the protected Takin-the national animal of Bhutan. Not to forget, the Black-Necked Crane, revered as a symbol of happiness and longevity, migrated to the Phobjikha Valley, adding a touch of natural grace to the landscape.

Natural Trails

Get a chance to traverse the natural trails that weave through lush forests, serene meadows, and rugged terrains of the Kingdom. The Jomolhari Trek, leading to the base of Bhutan's second-highest peak, hiking in the lush Phobjikha valley, offers unparalleled vistas of the Himalayas and glimpses of remote villages.

Mountain Ranges

The great Himalayan ranges, including the Jigme Singye Wangchuck Range and the Black Mountains, paint the Bhutanese horizon with towering peaks and dramatic landscapes. Jumolhari (7,326 m), Kangkar Punzum (7,570m), and Liang Gankangri (7,534 m) provide breath taking scenery.

Verdant Hills and Valleys

The valleys like Punakha, Phobjikha, Bumthang, Haa, and Paro, parched between hills, cradle traditional communities and architectural gems. The terraced fields, dotted with traditional Bhutanese homes, create a beautiful scene against the backdrop of the Himalayan foothills.

Sustainable Tourism Initiatives

Bhutan prides itself on "high value, low impact" tourism, which is a part of preserving Bhutan's natural and heritage sites for which they had introduced the Sustainable Development Fee (SDF)

In a remarkable stride toward sustainable tourism, Bhutan has revamped its SDF structure,making the Kingdom evenmore enticing for travelers in 2024. Previously, visitors were subject to a tiered SDF system, starting from $200 per night per person.

Under the current system, implemented in September 2023 and set to continue until September 2027, tourists must pay a reduced SDF of $100 per night per person. As travelers plan their journeys to Bhutan in 2024, this reduction not only makes Bhutan more financially accessible forvisitors but also reinforces the country's commitment to promoting sustainable and responsible tourism.

Adventure and Outdoor Activities

2024 is an excellent opportunity for travelers to experience the adventurous outdoor activities that Bhutan has to offer.

Trekking in the Himalayas is a popular activity in Bhutan as it is a gateway to breath taking scenery and cultural immersion. Some treks, like the Druk Path and Jomolhai trek, lead to the popular monasteries and mountain passes between major cities. Other trekking routes, like the Dagala Thousand Lakes and Laya Gasa treks, are equally interesting. If you love extreme adventure, then the 30-day Snowman Trek is the ultimate excursion around the tough Himalayan terrains of the Kingdom.

Another fun-filled outdoor activity in Bhutan is short hikes on nature trails. Gangtey and Phobjika Valley offer amazing nature trails, while the hike to the popular Tiger's Nest monastery is also spiritual. Not to forget the like in Haa Valley, which unveils traditional villages, pristine alpine meadows, and intimate glimpses into Bhutanese rural life.

For those looking for extreme adventures, rafting and kayaking in the Mo Chhu River in Punakha is also exciting. The Tour of the Dragon, a mountain bike race, is also scheduled forearly September 2024 in Thimphu.

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Delightful Bhutanese Cuisine

Food enthusiasts need to hop on a plane to Bhutan to experience this nation's unique cuisine in 2024. Key ingredients like chilies, cheese, potatoes, rice, and buck wheat are readily accessible for culinary creations in the Himalayan country.

Some amazing savory food you must try includes Ema Datshi-a stew of cheese and chilies, some yummy dumplings, Shamu Datshi-spicy mushroom and cheese stew; and Paksha paa-Spicy pork stew with vegetables. Enjoy the bhutanese dishes you'll not find anywhere else, like Khur-Le bhutanese pancake, Juma-meat and rice sausages wrapped in the intestine, and Goep-stir-fried tripe.

Renowned for their simplicity, authenticity, and locally sourced ingredients, Bhutanese dishes showcase a remarkable fusion of flavors and spices. This must-try Bhutanese cuisine lies in its ability to encapsulate the region's essence, offering a gastronomic journey that reflects the country's rich cultural tapestry.

Festivities in 2024

Bhutan's festival calendar for 2024 is reason enough to visit the country, which is vibrant with cultures and traditions.

Festivals in Spring

From early March to April 2024, many festivities are lined up. Festivals in Zhemgang, Gasa, Paro, and Talo are all celebrated in March. The most exciting, perhaps, is Gomkora, where no madic tribes perform celebratory dances and songs for three days.

As the blossoms grace the valleys in April, Bhutan comes alive with the Chhorten Kora, Domkhar Tsechu, and Ura Yakchoe.

Festivals in Summer

While summer isn't the ideal peak season, the Nimalung and Kurjey Tsechu are celebrated in Bumthang during June. You can also witness the religious performances in the exciting Haa Summer festival in mid-July.

Festivals in Autumn

The Autumn season from September to November 2024 sees perhaps the most number of festivals and is also a perfect time to travel to Bhutan. In early September, the most exciting Thimphu Tsechu offers a view of the mask dances and the Dance of the Black Hats. September boasts festivals like Thimphu Drubchen, Wangdue Tshechu, Jhomolhai Mountain Festival,Gangtey Tsechu, Thangbi Mani, and Jambay Lhakhang Drup. In October, intermingle with the

locals in the Jakar Tsechu, Dechenphu Tsechu, Pemagatshel Tsechu, Prakhar Duchhoed, and Royal Highland festival. Bhutan includes the most exciting Black Necked Crane Festival in November, Jamay Lhakhang Singye Cham, and JaMongar Tsechu.

Festivals in Winter

December to January brings about some of the exciting festivities. Trongsa Tshechu, in early December, features the sacred Cham Dance, and Druk Wangyel Tsechu attracts devotees from far and wide. Nbji Lhakhang Drup, Samdrupjongkhar Tsechu, and Lhuentse Tsechu fall in December, while February witnesses Punakha Drubchen, Punakha Tsechu, and TharpalingThongdrol


From traditional dresses to festive rituals, the Kingdom reflects a deep respect for its identity and spiritual practices; Bhutan is the go-to destination for all travelers. The coming year is excellent to immerse yourself in a harmonious blend of history, culture, nature, and adventure in this Himalayan jewel.

Your journey to Bhutan should begin here by contacting our travel agents to prepare the best itinerary for the year to come.

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