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Freak Street Kathmandu: A Journey Through Nepal's Hippie Haven


The History of Freak Street

Freak Street came to be in the 1960s when Nepal was a mysterious, undiscovered gem for global travelers. The vicinity around Kathmandu Durbar Square and Basantapur was once a tranquil, serenen eighborhood crammed with architecturally mesmerizing temples and traditional monuments. Within this setting, adventure seekers, mostly Western back packers and hippies, entered and started fostering a unique counter-culture tourism in Kathmandu.

Known as Jhochhen Tole by the locals, the name eventually transformed into Freak Street because it became a hippie haven. By the middle of the 60s, travelers circulated Nepal’s mystical charm overseas, bringing more tourists to enjoy this freedom. Free-spirited youths started flocking to the area and winding streets to experience an unconventional lifestyle marked by a common feeling of social upheaval, anti-establishment, and a unique lifestyle.

The liking towards Freak Street was also characterized by the fact that the ambiance was vibrant, there were budget-friendly accommodations, there was a rise in counter-culture, there was access to smoking marijuana and government-run hashish stores, and following a path of spiritual enlightenment. Many spiritualists came to meditate and do yoga in the nearby temples and squares of the area.

The streets had been vacation and inspiration spots for many famous movie stars, musicians, and artists of the Western world. While Western society was tightening the policies and rules, Nepal opened its arms to people with these sentiments against structures and policies. Even the government of Nepal was supportive of this shift. Freek Steet would open up unconventional cafes, restaurants, guest houses, and more to cater to this market.

Transformative years of Freak Street

Eventually, in the 1970s, the hippie trail faded due to various changes in Nepal and worldwide. The 70s saw an increase in commercialization around Freak Street as more development began in nearby areas of Kathmandu. It slowly lost the off-the-beaten-path charm that had initially drawn the hippie community.

The newly appointed monarch, King Birendra, wanted to tidy up the streets from any drugs and substance abuse. In the West, Nixon's quest to ban illegal substance abuse had also taken place, which was getting support from the Nepal government. Moreover, the hippie era saw a global shift as there were other countries near the Western belt that were more attractive. Hence, this caused the street’s prominence to wane over the years

Freak Street Today

Despite the transformative era, Freak Street is still reminiscent of the bygone hippie era and has become a modern-day attraction and culturally significant area for tourism. In the present day, it stands as a testament to Kathmandu's rich cultural tapestry. Tourists are enthusiastic to explore the remnants of its counter cultural past while indulging in modern attractions. There are numerous shops, vibrant cafes, art-filled streets, and quirky guest houses. One can embark ona voyage to discover the blend of the old and the new Freak Street, where tradition and modernity merge on the storied pavements.

Places to explore and things to do in Freak Street

Souvenir Shopping

An interesting activity to do when you visit Freak Street is to walk around the vibrant streets and checkout the souvenirs being sold. The narrow lanes are filled with open carts and shops offering an array of cultural items. You will witness small metal, stone, and wooden jewelry or show pieces being sold on the streets. More over, check out the Thanka paintings, authentic Tibetan masks, eco-friendly hemp bags, and exquisite handicrafts. Each piece has a unique story, reflecting the artistic traditions and some of the gems are age-old and precious.

Enjoy Hookah in Authentic Restaurants

Immerse yourself in the laid-back ambiance and remember the hippie era as it was by enjoying Hookahat Freak Street's restaurants. These establishments provide a unique blend of historical charm and contemporary relaxation. The aromatic flavors of Hookah, along with the architectural view of there sidence, temples, and narrow alleys, are sure to entice you.

Interactions with the Local Community

One of the best things you can engage in when you travel to Freak Street is to be connected to the heart and soul of the street by interacting with the warm and welcoming local community. As you stroll through the bustling lanes, strike up conversations with the locals who carry the living history of this area. As many of the locals have witnessed the era and have interacted with tourists for ages, they are fluent in English. You will get a one-time chance to learn about their daily lives, traditions, and religion.


Delve into the spiritual ambiance of Freak Street by capturing moments with wandering saints and sadhus near the temples. These revered figures, draped in vibrant attire, are quite friendly and would love to strike up conversations with tourists.You can also take pictures of the alley way and how it blends both modern structures and ancient cultures.

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Visit Snowman’s Cafe

A must-visit during your visit to Freak Street-Snowman’s Cafe. The cafe has been here since the hippie era. While it was originally a tobacco shop, it transformed into a cake shop in 1965 when the hippies craved some cake after trying hashish. Snowman’s Cafe, a renowned establishment in Freak Street, has kept up to its authenticity as it serves some of the best cakes. Don't miss the chance to indulge in their signature Apple Crumble while enjoying the cozy atmosphere and age-old interior.

Witness Street Art

You will be amazed to witness the vibrant street art that adorns the walls of Freak Street. The murals, graffiti, and artistic expressions tell stories of the past and present. The street art adds a contemporary layer to the area's rich history. Take a leisurely stroll to appreciate the wide range of artwork that suggests the freedom of expression through art.

Try Local Street Food

Freak Sreet and the areas in Basantapur are a haven for local street food. You can adventure by tryingout savory momos, ethnic Newari dishes, and even authentic restaurants like Falcha Cafe, Jochhen Restaurant, Danphe Nepali Kitchen, and more. The savory and aromatic spices will take you on agastronomical adventure.

Visit Hotel Eden-The Old Eden Hashish House

Another ancient place to visit is the Hotel Eden. It can be a good place for accommodation if you are looking to enjoy the bohemian spirit. You will get to explore the historical significance of Hotel Eden, which was formerly known as the Eden Hashish House during the hippie era. The hosts will be more than delighted to share stories tied to the remarkable days and how it has transformed into a modern-day landmark.

Coffee Break in Trendy Cafes

There are new trendy coffee places that have popped up in Jhhochen, which allow for a leisurely coffee break. Cafes like Freak Street Kaffee, Namaste Coffee, and Aroma Organic Coffee have a fusion of modern aesthetics and historical surroundings.

Listen to Stories from Residents and Business Owners

What better way to enjoy your stay at Freak Street than to immerse yourself in the living history of Freak Street? Listen to the captivating stories and perspectives shared by residents and business owners. Get firsthand accounts of Freak Street's journey and its enduring cultural significance in Kathmandu.


Experience the timeless allure of Freak Street as its historic journey remains a living testament to Nepal's rich culture. From its inception in the 1960s as a haven for the hippie era to its transformative years and the present day, Freak Street has a lot to offer tourists. The mixture of tradition and modernity is embodied in the unique charm of the narrow alleyways.

While the Hippie Trail may have faded in the 1970s, Freak Street still stands resilient, inviting enthusiastic travelers to uncover the remnants of its bohemian past. Today, Freak Street is enchanted with vibrant street art, diverse street food adventures, and trendy coffee breaks in cafes blending history with modern aesthetics. From souvenir shopping, hookah experiences, interactions with the local community, and photography to visits to iconic cafes and hotels, Freak Street has a lot to offer.

Pack your bags and plan your adventure to Freak Street with our expert travel agents. Freak Street is inviting you to walk the storied pavements where tradition and modern-day allure unite. Contact us to help you organize a trip that promises an unforgettable exploration of Freak Street Kathmandu.

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