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Ultralight Flight In Nepal - Memory To Cherish For A Lifetime

Ultra Flight Pokhara

Ever dreamt of flying free like a bird in the sky and soaring high? Well, live the dream of soaring high with Ultratight Flight in Nepal.

When paragliding is too mainstream and sky diving is too intimidating, choose a recreational aviation flight in Ultratight.

Fly under the shadows of mountains over 8000 meters, above jade lakes and verdant hills in the sky of Pokhara. A gust of chilly wind bushing your cheeks is surreal during the flight; you might take time to sink in the feeling. It is fine to get nervous but as you relax you will enjoy the flight.

The aircraft on the runway gradually speeds up and you will feel airborne. A surreal feeling will take time to sink in! Once the joy of flying overpowers, your nervousness will cease away.

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of Pokhara city and savor the joy of flying amidst the high mountains and over verdant hills. After an experience of flying, you will realize that flying is more fun than scary.

Ultralight flight amid the natural beauty will be a memory to cherish for a lifetime. The euphoria associated with flying is addictive and you can’t seem to have enough of it.

Some discover their passion for flying with Ultralight Flight while some enjoy it as a once in a lifetime experience. 

Those who have done the Ultralight flight in Pokhara can’t recommend it more and are loved by an adventure junkie!

Pick The Duration Of Your Ultralight Flight

Ultralight Flight Nepal

Choose between Ultralight Flights of 20 minutes, 45 minutes or 90 minutes that will give you a bird’s eye view of Pokhara city. You will be taking off and landing from the Pokhara Airport.

On an Ultralight Flight of 20 minutes, you will be flying over the Buddhist stupa dedicated to world peace called Shanti Stupa. The prominent white stupa is also known as World Peace Pagoda was built by the Buddhist monks from Japan associated with the Nipponzan Myohoji clan.

Upon taking a flight of 45 minutes, you will get to fly as far as Sarangkot. The hill is famous for its breathtaking sunrises and sunsets and a popular tourist spot for short hikes. Also, when paragliding in Pokhara, one takes off from the hill of Sarangkot. Watch out for the colorful Paragliders floating in the air from your aircraft.

A 90 minutes flight on an Ultralight is the most recommended one. As you start the flight you will be flying over the concrete jungle of Pokhara city. Verdant hills start approaching as you leave the city behind. You will also be soaring above World Peace Pagoda and Sarangkot.

Eventually, you will be flying amidst a portion of the Annapurna range. Bask in the stunning views of snow-capped mountains and be vigilant as your captain shows you different peaks of the Annapurna range.

Live in the moment and make the most of your Ultralight flight!

About The Aircraft, In Which You Will Be Flying

Ultraflight Pokhara Nepal

A small aircraft with a powered engine created to carry no more than two people is Ultralight or Micro flight. The aircraft flown in Pokhara is equipped to carry weight no more than 600kg. It contains a maximum fuel capacity of 90 liters and can attain an elevation of 12000 to 13000 feet. Ultralight or Micro flight runs at an average speed of 80 km/hr though it can fly as fast as 130 km/hr.

Ultra light’s high aerodynamic characteristic aids in making long flights and is capable to land even when the engine stops. Low weight and speed make Ultralight Flights safe. It features a ballistic parachute system that helps to make a safe landing in case of an emergency. A runway of 300 meters is sufficient for Ultralight to take off and land.

An experienced pilot will be flying the aircraft and accompanying you on this exciting flight. Both international and Nepalese pilots fly Ultralight Flight. You will be briefed on dos and don’ts before the flight by the pilot and crew members.

Ultralight Flights are subject to weather conditions; be prepared for flight delays or even cancellation due to bad weather.

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Passenger Eligibility For An Ultralight Flight

Passenger Eligibility for Ultralight Flight in Nepal

Well, two requirements must be fulfilled to become an eligible passenger for the Ultralight Flight.

Your weight must be below 110kg or 240 lb.

He/she must be above 18 years of age and if not a consent form must be signed by the parent.

Wear sturdy boots and if you are flying in the autumn or winter, a sweater and jacket will keep you warm during the flight.

Best Time To Do Ultralight Flight

Best time to do ultralight flight in pokhara

Besides the weather of monsoon, other seasons are favorable to do Ultralight Flight. The best months to enjoy Ultralight Flights are from September to May.

The first-morning flight in the day is preferred as it is the most cloudless time of the day.

Ultralight Flight in Nepal is a once in a life-time experience. Travelling is known to give a new perspective. With the Ultralight Flight, you will get a different perspective both literally and metaphorically.

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Typical Itinerary For Ultralight Flight In Pokhara

Stopping Point: AVIA CLUB NEPAL, Mustang Chowk - Head office Pokhara Airport, Nepal

The representative from Avia Club Nepal will meet you at Pokhara Airport and take you through the security checkpoint. After that, you'll be escorted to to Avia Club Nepal hanger for the Flight. Time taken to get you started for the flight: 5 Minutes

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