Bhutan Tour with Haa Valley - 8 days

Bhutan Tour with Haa Valley - 8 days

Visit the mystical country Bhutan where Happiness is given utmost importance. The country emphasizes Gross National Happiness than Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country. During Bhutan Tour with Haa Valley, you will be visiting the popular places of Bhutan like Paro, Thimphu, and Punakha. Visit the lesser-known but stunning Haa Valley. It is yet to become famous as tourism in this valley was opened in 2002 only. It has a rustic charm to it than those other popular places in Bhutan. The breathtaking scenery, beautiful farmland filled with crops, and peaceful environment attract many tourists.

Bhutan, also known as ‘The Last Shangrila,’ is recognized for the rich culture and traditions that hold its people together. In this unique country, Buddhism is more a way of life than merely a religion. It is an exceptional country where education and health care are free for its people. You will observe a strong sense of community here. Get an insight into the local culture and experience warm hospitality.

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The trip's price depends on the type of services chosen by our clients and the group size. The cost of each trip we organize is different because we see travelers as individuals having their own particular needs and preferences.

Get ready for an incredible journey tailored to your interests and preferences, whether you're looking for a budget-friendly adventure or a luxurious getaway. Leave the planning to us as we take care of all the details, ensuring your dream trip becomes a reality. You can relax and focus on creating unforgettable memories that will stay with you forever.

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Trip Highlights

  • Enjoy a scenic flight to Paro International Airport, the sole international airport of Bhutan in Paro.
  • Visit a gorgeous 15th-century Ringpung Dzong, which represents the fine craftsmanship of Bhutan.
  • Pay a visit to one of the oldest and holy shrines of Bhutan, Kichu Lhakhang. Many childless women visit the temple to get blessed with children.
  • Cross the highest motorable high pass of Bhutan, Chelela Pass, located at the height of 3,810 meters. Enjoy the breathtaking mountain views from the high pass.
  • Savor the stunning views and get a first-hand experience of village life in the Haa valley.
  • Enjoy the drive in the meandering hilly roads of Bhutan and enjoy the views of verdant hills, snowy mountains, and beautiful farms on your way.
  • Stop at Dochula Pass and savor the majestic views of snowcapped mountains and lush green hills.
  • Visit Chimi Lhakhang, the 15th-century temple dedicated to maverick saint Drukpa Kunley also known as ‘Divine Madman.’ It is also known as The Fertility Temple, and many childless women visit the temple to get blessed with children.
  • Take a stroll in Thimphu City, the capital city of Bhutan, which is also the largest city.
  • Explore the Talo village and Nobganga villages of Punakha known for their hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Marvel at the stunning houses of quaint Rinchengang Village in Wangdue.
  • Go on a hike to Taktsang Monastery, famous for the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, which is dramatically perched on a hill and overlooks the Paro Valley.

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights
Day 1 Arrival in Paro
Day 2 Drive from Paro to Haa Valley - 1:30 to 2 hours (65km) drive
Day 3 Drive from Haa to Thimphu - 3 to 4 hours (108km) drive
Day 4 Drive from Thimphu to Punakha - 2 to 3 hours (77km) drive
Day 5 Explore Punakha and drive to Wangdue - 30 minutes (13km) drive
Day 6 Drive from Wangdue to Paro via Punakha - 4 to 5 hours (146km) drive
Day 7 Hike up to Tiger’s Nest Monastery (3,120m/10,235ft) - 5 to 6 hours hike
Day 8 Departure from Paro

Trip Overview

Bhutan Tour with Haa Valley starts with a scenic flight to Paro, Bhutan, also famous as the Land of Thunder Dragons. On the 8 days tour, you will get to enjoy the architectural marvel of Bhutan. You will be visiting popular touristy places, including monasteries, dzongs, temples, and others.

The tour begins and ends in Paro, Bhutan. Your journey starts with a visit to Ringpung Dzong, a huge fortress dating back to the 15th century. The next stop will be Kichu Lhakang, one of the most sacred shrines in Bhutan. Moreover, a dense drive-through forest visiting Chelela Pass festooned with Buddhist Prayer flags. Visit a remote Haa Valley, which is also known as Hidden-Land Rice Valley. Savor the stunning views of green valleys and soak in the natural beauty. Experience the warm local hospitality and interact with the locals to know about their daily lives.

Pay a visit to the beautiful mountain pass, Dochula Pass, which offers a panoramic view of the Himalayas. You will be walking through rice fields on your way to Chimi Lhakhang, also known as the Temple of Fertility. Moreover, you will be visiting the model villages of Punakha and Wangdue. A visit to Bhutan is incomplete without a hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery perched on a cliff. The wonderful hike on a trail lined with trees to one of the holiest places of Bhutan, Tiger’s Nest, will be etched in your memory forever.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1
Arrival in Paro

Activities: Visit Rinpung Dzong and Kichu Lhakhang Temple of Fertility

Take a scenic flight to Paro and enjoy the stunning view of the Himalayas from your window. Upon your arrival in Paro, Bhutan, our Bhutanese guide from Third Rock Adventures will come to welcome you at the airport and take you to your hotel. You will get a briefing on your schedule.

In the afternoon, you will be visiting the Rinpung Dzong, also known as Paro Dzong. The dzong built in traditional Bhutanese style is one of the fine examples of Bhutanese architecture. The complex of the dzong features temples, courtyards, and offices. It features government offices and a monastic body and is also the region's religious, social, administrative, and military center.

Further, you will be visiting one of the oldest and holy shrines of Bhutan, Kichu Lhakhang. The temple is an important place for historians and also houses the 7th-century statue of Jowo Sakyamuni. As per legends, Padmasambhava visited the temple, and the temple conceals many spiritual treasures. Later in the evening, take a stroll in the town of Paro.

Overnight in Paro.

Day 2
Drive from Paro to Haa Valley - 1:30 to 2 hours (65km) drive

Activities: Cross Chele La Pass and explore local villages

Today you will be driving to Haa Valley, the valley of Guardian Spirit. En route, you will be crossing the Chele La Pass, the highest motorable high pass of Bhutan. The pass is situated at 3,988 meters or 13,083 feet between Paro and Haa valleys. On a clear day, you can enjoy the astounding views of snow-capped mountains, including Mount Jumolhari and Jichu Drake. The pass, which is filled with colorful Buddhist Prayer flags, also offers an unparalleled view of the verdant valleys.

Further, you will be driving downhill from the pass and driving through a dense forest filled with fir, pine, and oak trees. In the afternoon, you will be exploring the local villages. Moreover, you will be visiting the local families and interacting with them. A stay at the remote Haa Valley will give insight into the daily lifestyle in rural Bhutan and experience warm local hospitality.

Overnight in Haa Valley.

Day 3
Drive from Haa to Thimphu - 3 to 4 hours (108km) drive

Activities: Evening stroll in Thimphu City

You will be taking a scenic drive past beautiful villages and jungles with pine trees on your way to the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu. You can take optional stops along the road and click pictures as well. You will see Dobji Dzong, which is known as the first model dzong in Bhutan and was built in 1531 by Ngawang Chogyal. After crossing Dobji Dzong, you will reach Chhuzom to see local farmers selling fresh fruits and vegetables.

In the evening, you can stroll in Thimphu City, filled with restaurants, shopping centers, internet cafes, and others.

Overnight in Thimphu.

Day 4
Drive from Thimphu to Punakha - 2 to 3 hours (77km) drive

Activities: Visit Dorchula Pass, Chimi Lhakhang and Punakha Dzong
Punakha Dozong Punakha Dzong - Second oldest and second biggest dzong of Bhutan

On this day, you will be taking a scenic drive to Punakha, and en route, you will be stopping at Dorchula Pass.  It is located at an altitude of 3,100 meters and overlooks panoramic views of snowcapped mountains. On a clear day, you can enjoy the view of mountains over 7,000 meters, including Jejegangphugang (7,158m), Kangphugang (7,170m), and Masaganang (7,200m). One of the most beautiful mountain passes, Dorchula Pass, is dotted with 108 small chortens built in the memory of Bhutanese soldiers martyred in the war of 2003 against Indian insurgents.

Your next stop will be Chimi Lhakhang, also known as the Temple of Fertility. A walk of around 20 minutes from Metshina Village will take you to the temple. The temple is dedicated to saint Drupak Kunley also known as ‘Divine Madman,’ who had unorthodox ways of teaching Buddhism by singing, humor, and sexual overtones. Phallus imaginary is a common sight in the village, which is known to ward off the evil eye. The monastery houses an original wooden phallus with a silver handle and is used to bless people, especially childless women seeking blessings.

Also, couples with newborns visit the temple to get the blessing from the monk as well. Further, you will be visiting Punakha Dzong, located on the confluence of two rives Mo Chu and Po Chu rivers. Punakha Dzong represents the fine Bhutanese architecture and is the second oldest and second-largest dzong of Bhutan.

Overnight in Punakha.

Day 5
Explore Punakha and drive to Wangdue - 30 minutes (13km) drive

Activities: Visit Talo and Nobgang village of Punakha and Rinchengang village of Wangdue

Today you will be exploring the popular villages of Punakha. The journey starts with a drive up on a hilly road to villages, namely Talo village and Nobgang village, the home of the Queen's mothers. You will see villages dotted along the hilly slopes in Talo, which as famous for their hygiene and cleanliness among other villages of Punakha. The village features traditional Bhutanese houses.

Moreover, you will be visiting Nobgang village, which translates as “gem hill.” The hilltop village of Nobgang is dotted with traditional houses. You will see a variety of tropical fruit trees along with beautiful farmlands. The visit gives you a chance to get an insight into their daily lifestyle and interact with them.

Further, you will be driving to Wangdue and visiting the quaint village of Rinchengang village. The village is popular for its artfully stone houses on a tiny hill lock overlooking the Wangdi Phodrang Dzong. Rinchengang village is regarded as one of the oldest villages in Bhutan. As per legends, skilled laborers from Nepal and Bhutan who were brought to build the Wangdue Phodrang Dzong settled in the village.

Overnight in Wangdue.

Day 6
Drive from Wangdue to Paro via Punakha - 4 to 5 hours (146km) drive

On this day, you will be driving back to Paro from Wangdue. You will be crossing Dorchula Pass on your way, which overlooks the stunning view of the Himalayas. It is also a famous place in Bhutan among locals for picnics. The pass is filled with colorful flowers and rhododendron blooms in the spring season while it gets covered in snow during winter. You will be stopping at Thimphu for lunch and continuing your drive to Paro.

In Bhutan, locals playing archery is a common sight and is often played to socialize. You will see men, women, and children playing this sport. Archery is called Dha is Bhutanese and is also the national sport of Bhutan.

Overnight in Paro.

Day 7
Hike up to Tiger’s Nest Monastery (3,120m/10,235ft) - 5 to 6 hours hike

Taktsang Monastery Taksang Monastery Bhutan - Sacred Buddhist site located in Paro and constructed in 1692

Today you will be hiking to Taktsang Monastery or Tiger’s Nest Monastery, which has become a landmark of Bhutan. Taktsang Monastery is one of the revered places of Bhutan. As per legends, Guru Rinpoche flew on a Tigress to meditate in one of the caves here. Tiger’s Nest is dramatically perched on a cliff and resides at the height of 3,120 meters. It takes around 5 to 6 hours to do the hike. However, the duration of the walk may differ depending upon your physical fitness and pace. The trail is beautiful and is filled with pine and rhododendron trees.

You will be having lunch at Cafeteria Restaurant located halfway up on the mountains enjoy the stunning view. Exploring the wonderful monastery and bask in its beauty before heading down.

Overnight in Paro.

Day 8
Departure from Paro

You will be returning with beautiful memories of the trip. Our Bhutanese guide from Third Rock Adventures will drop you at the international airport of Paro. You can take an international flight to New Delhi, Kathmandu, Bagdogra, Dhaka, Singapore, and others from Paro.

If you wish to extend your trip to Bhutan or countries like Nepal, Tibet, and India, you can do it.

Other Important Note on This Trip   

You need to apply for a Bhutan visa via an authorized travel agent because apply for a visa personally by a tourist is restricted by Bhutan. Moreover, you won’t get a visa unless you book a tour package with a tour company.

Traveling in Bhutan attracts a daily tariff, but the daily tariff is waived if you are India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives.

To get a Bhutan visa, you need to send a digital copy of your passport to your tour operator. Also, you need to send USD 40 along with the price of the tour package to your tour operator to process your visa. After the payment, the Tourism Council of Bhutan will process your visa and will notify Durk Air and Bhutan Airlines. Now, you will be able to book your air tickets to and from Bhutan.

You will require a passport with a validity of 6 months or more from your arrival in Bhutan.

A hike to Tiger’s Nest is a physically demanding activity of your entire Bhutan Tour with Haa Valley. You will be hiking for around 5 to 6 hours, and it will be more enjoyable if you are in good shape. Moreover, you can hire ponies halfway off the trail at an extra cost.

Route Map

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Travel experiences of our clients who recently returned from their trips.

Thomas Ward
Nov 26, 2019

Bhutan tour with Haa Valley

My visit to Bhutan with professional team of Third Rock Adventures went so perfect. Everything was organized as planned from my arrival at Paro to the departure date after the 8 days long tour. We visited Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Wangdu and Haa Valley. This valley was previously out of bounds for tourists due to a very high military presence and the disputed areas of India and China over the mountains surrounding the valley. A wonderful drive through Chela Pass and interesting monasteries Black and White next to the hills. Saw Yaks and children looking after them as well as beautiful birdlife. Our guide and drivers were friendly and accommodating to our requests every time. Highly recommended.
Peisen Kang
Nov 26, 2019

Trip to beautiful country Bhutan

My travel itinerary, this year took me through special piece of natural beauty in Asia, Bhutan. I loved the culture, tradition and nature of Bhutan while traveling with the expert team of Third Rock Adventures. I stayed in Haa Valley, the hotel rooms were clean, comfortable and well furnished. Do be aware that getting here is either through the 3800m Chelela pass (low oxygen) or a less well paved road. Both of which are not straight roads, Bhutan does not believe in tunneling so all roads goes zig zagging around the mountains from one valley to the next. Anyway Haha valley was the most exciting part of this trip, we however visited Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and Wangdue. I appreciate the efforts made by the guides and driver during my trip. I will definitely come back with this company for other trips in the future.
Prabodh Chandran
Oct 25, 2019

A trip to Bhutan and Haa Valley

We went to 8 days tour to Bhutan with Third Rock Adventures. We visited Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Wangdu and special Haa valley. This is a perfect spot in Bhutan if you are a nature lover. This valley is situated around couple of hours drive from Paro and gives you a mesmerizing and scenic view. you can also find Indian military here guarding the border of Bhutan in association with Royal Bhutan Army. Thank you for the special organization of this trip.

Based on 3 reviews
Very good

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