Druk Path Trek - 8 days

Druk Path Trek - 8 days

Druk Path Trek integrates an experience of the Bhutanese culture, traditions, age-old artifacts, and mesmerizing landscape in the heart of Bhutan from Paro to Thimphu. The 8-day itinerary ensures a glimpse of the remarkable landmarks in Bhutan with their spiritual values and beliefs.

The small landlocked country inclined mostly towards Buddhism is home to numerous Monasteries with complex designs and patterns that all tourists admire. The architecture of the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, the serenity of the Janetsho Lake, and the view of Mt. Gangkar Pnensum are just some of the reasons that tourists wish to relish in the mystical country of Bhutan. 

The trek leading deep into the rural scenery gives a glimpse of the lifestyle of the nomadic yak herders. The Druk Path Trek inculcates a sense of happiness as you watch the smiling faces of the lovely Bhutanese people throughout the trail. It also gives a chance to savor the views of the peaceful valleys nestled amidst the high-standing snowcapped mountains.

In essence, the trek brings you a little closer to Bhutan's people, culture, and natural beauty, from the rural scene in Jimilangtsho to the modern city of Thimphu.

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Trip Highlights

  • Druk Path Trek commences from the Paro valley and concludes in Thimphu city.
  • Stroll through the streets of Paro to observe the traditional buildings.
  • Visit the mystical and artistically majestic Tiger’s Nest Monastery sitting on a high cliff.
  • Observe the National Museum of Bhutan- Ta Dzong.
  • Savor the panoramic view of Mt. Jumolhari on the way to Jele Dzong.
  • Walk through the alpine pastures, lush pine, and rhododendron forest on the way to Jangchulakha.
  • Marvel at the beauty of Jimilangtsho Lakes, Janetsho Lake, and Simkotra Tsho Lake.
  • Get a chance to view the highest mountain of Bhutan - Gangkar Puensum (7497m).
  • Experience the remote nomadic life of the yak herders on the trail to Simkotra Tsho.

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights
Day 1 Arrival in Paro (2,280m/7,480ft)
Day 2 Sightseeing and Acclimatization Hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery (3,180m/10,433ft) - 4 to 5 hours (5km) trek
Day 3 Drive to Ta Dzong (2,487m/8,159ft) and trek to Jele Dzong (3400m) - 4 to 5 hours (10km) trek
Day 4 Trek from Jele Dzong (3,400m/11,154ft) to Jangchulakha (3,650m/11,975ft) - 3 to 4 hours (10km) trek
Day 5 Trek from Jangchulakha (3,650m/11,975ft) to Jimilangtsho (3,870m/12,696ft) - 4 to 5 hours (11km) trek
Day 6 Trek from Jimilangtsho (3,870m/12,696ft) to Simkotra Tsho (4110m/13,484ft) – 4 to 5 hours (11km) trek
Day 7 Trek from Simkotra Tsho (4,110m/13,484ft) to Thimphu via Phajodhing – 5 to 6 hours (14km) trek
Day 8 Drive from Thimphu to Paro and Departure

Trip Overview

The Druk Path Trek is a one-of-a-kind trek in the Land of the Druk; Bhutan opens up to mystical Buddhist monasteries, temples, and lush green landscapes. The trek begins with a scenic flight to the Paro International Airport, which lands in the mesmerizing Paro valley. Paro gives you a first-hand insight into the warm and welcoming people of Bhutan.

Bhutan boasts the enchanting Tiger’s Nest Monastery sitting at the edge of a cliff. On the second day of your trip, you’ll get a chance to take a short hike to this monastery. Visiting the monastery will be more than you expected as you learn about Guru Rinpoche's myth and why the monastery is regarded as a pilgrimage for Buddhists.

After the acclimatization and sightseeing hike to the Tiger’s Nest, the trekking starts on the third day. Following a drive to Ta Dzong, the National Museum of Bhutan, you get ready for the trek. From Ta Dzong, the trail leads to Jele Dzong through a gravel path amidst green pastures on this day. The peaceful Paro Valley can be seen on the horizon with Mt. Jumolhari on the backdrop. On the fourth day of your trek, the silent trail will take you through lush alpine and rhododendron forest towards Jele La. With the sweet sound of Monal peasant singing, you reach your campsite at Jangchulakha.

The classic trek then reaches Jimilangtsho Lakes on the fifth day. Jimilangtsho is known primarily for the giant Trout fishes found there. Views of snow-capped mountains - Jichu Drake and Gangkar Puensum can be seen throughout the day. The trek offers a walk through the rhododendron forest to Janetsho Lake on the sixth day. Our campsite is near the undeniably beautiful Simkotra Tsho Lake, another highlight of the Druk Path Trek.

As the trek comes to an end on the seventh day, there is a change in the scenery from Simkotra Tsho to Thimphu. Views of Mt. Gangkar Puensum in the backdrop never leave your sight as the trail leads through the age-old Phajodhing Monastery into the city area of Thimphu. You can enjoy your evening by strolling around the streets of Thimphu looking for a souvenir to take back home and also rejoice in the culmination of this successful trek.

The eighth day marks an end to your wonderful Druk Path Trek as you head to the Paro International Airport for departure.

Route Map

Druk Path Trek 8 Days Route Map Druk Path Trek Map

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1
Arrival in Paro (2,280m/7,480ft)

The tour begins with a scenic flight to Paro, the valley town, just west of Thimphu - the capital of Bhutan. As you look down from your window, you will witness the stunning views of Paro Dzong and the surrounding Himalayas. Upon your landing in Paro, our Bhutanese guide from Third Rock Adventures will come to welcome you and escort you to your hotel. After some rest and refreshment, you will be briefed on the trek itinerary.

During the evening, you can stroll out in the town of Paro. As you pass the main streets, you can observe many traditional buildings.  After returning to the hotel, you will prepare for the next day’s hike.

Overnight stay at a hotel in Paro.

Day 2
Sightseeing and Acclimatization Hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery (3,180m/10,433ft) - 4 to 5 hours (5km) trek

paro-taktsang-bhutan Taksang Monastery Bhutan - Sacred Buddhist site located in Paro and constructed in 1692

Early in the morning, after having breakfast, you will hike to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. The hike takes a 900m steep ascend and about four to five hours to reach the monastery. On the way to the monastery, you will be enchanted by the pine forest and the calming sound of the player flag fluttering with the swift wind. You’ll even walk past temples and a sacred pool.

The mesmerizing monastery, seemingly sitting on the edge of a cliff, is perhaps the most famous in Bhutan. It is also known as Paro Taktsang or Taktsang Palphug Monastery. As per the mystical legend surrounding it, Guru Rimpoche/Padmasambhava flew to this very location on the back of a tigress after identifying it as a secret place to meditate three months after that. Guru Rimpoche is known to be a tantric who brought Buddhism to Bhutan. It is in this cave of the monastery that he practiced Vajrayana - tantra teaching. It was built in 1684 by the Penlop of Paro and has become a place of worship and tourism.

Return to Paro and overnight stay at hotel.

Day 3
Drive to Ta Dzong (2,487m/8,159ft) and trek to Jele Dzong (3400m) - 4 to 5 hours (10km) trek

This day marks the commencement of your remarkable trekking journey. After breakfast, early in the morning, you will take a ride to Ta Dzong, where you will meet our trekking guides. Ta Dzong is a watchtower built in 1967 which has now become the National Museum of Bhutan. The museum holds some rare artifacts of high value. From Ta Dzong, the trekking trail begins with an ascent to the camp near Jele. For about 30 minutes, the trail follows a gravel path among farms and then ahead through lovely blue pine and fir forests. The trail eventually leads to Damche Gom. After a quick descent from the ridge below Jele Dzong, you reach the campsite.

On a clear day, the peaceful Paro Valley can be seen vividly, with Mt. Jumolhari (7,314m) on the backdrop. The other snow-capped mountains look equally beautiful, almost like a wonderful landscape painting. Jele Dzong is of equal prominence to the Bhutanese as it was the residing place of Ngawang Chhogye, the cousin of Lama Drukpa Kunley.

Overnight at Camp.

Day 4
Trek from Jele Dzong (3,400m/11,154ft) to Jangchulakha (3,650m/11,975ft) - 3 to 4 hours (10km) trek

druk-path-trekking On the Way from Jele Dzong

Today the trek begins with a steep climb for an hour and a half, followed by a gradual ascent along the ridge. The silent trail through the thick alpine forest and rhododendron takes you to a place of solitude. Upon crossing Jele La at 3,490m/11,450ft, you begin to see yak herders around the campsite.

Mt. Jomolhari, among other peaks, never leaves your sight. During the day, you may be lucky enough to hear the sweet callings of the Monal peasants, which will make you wonder whether you are in paradise.  After the pleasant trek, you will rest in your camp for an overnight stay.

Overnight at Camp.

Day 5
Trek from Jangchulakha (3,650m/11,975ft) to Jimilangtsho (3,870m/12,696ft) - 4 to 5 hours (11km) trek

The true beauty of Bhutan will slowly sink in as you begin your trek on this day. Your trail follows the ridge with panoramic views of mountains and valleys. After descending on the trail, you will arrive at the camp.

Close to the camp, you cannot miss out on the wonderous Jimilangtsho Lakes. As mesmerizing as it is, Jimilangtsho is also popular for giant Trout fishes found there. As you sit by camp in the evening, you will slowly watch the sunset with striking views of Jichu Drake (6,989m/22,929ft) and Gangkar Puensum (7,497m/24,596ft). Both the peaks have their unique point of popularity; while Jichu Drake is known to represent the protective deity of Parom, Gangkar Puensum is the highest mountain in Bhutan.

Overnight at Camp.

Day 6
Trek from Jimilangtsho (3,870m/12,696ft) to Simkotra Tsho (4110m/13,484ft) – 4 to 5 hours (11km) trek

simkota-lake Simkotra Tsho Lake, Bhutan

From our camp in Jimilangtsho, we move through the trail that ascends from the lower end of the lake.  After crossing the side of the ridge, the route descends to a single stone shelter followed by an ascent to the summit at 4,050m/13,287ft. The walk takes you through the rhododendron forest and passes Janetsho Lake. You get a sense of a remote nomadic life as you come across yak herder’s camp.  Being introduced to this kind of picturesque scene is something out of a dream.

You will spot your campsite close to Simkotra Tsho Lake. Enjoying the lovely views and serenity, you will rest at the camp for the night. 

Overnight at Camp.

Day 7
Trek from Simkotra Tsho (4,110m/13,484ft) to Thimphu via Phajodhing – 5 to 6 hours (14km) trek

After a heavy breakfast, you will head towards Thimphu. The trail starts with a steady climb and enticing views of Mt. Gangkar Puensum in the backdrop.  Then a downhill hike takes you to Phajodhing. From Phajodhing Monastery, Thimphu is visible. You continue taking a downhill trail and walk through the pine forest to reach the road above Takin Sanctuary. Your trek ends here as you hop on the ride with the driver towards the hotel.

After the long trek, you would want to jump in the shower and take some rest at the hotel.  You can spend the rest of the evening strolling around the town of Thimphu. Thimphu, the largest city and the capital of Bhutan, is home to the nation’s royal family. Unlike the rest of the places throughout your trek, Thimphu is a modern city with the hustle and bustle. You can roam the night streets to buy some souvenirs to take back home.

Overnight stay at hotel.

Day 8
Drive from Thimphu to Paro and Departure

On this day, you will be driven to Paro as it houses the only international airport in Bhutan; the Paro International Airport. After the amazing Druk Path Trek with Third Rock Adventures, we will bid you farewell. As you board the plane to your homeland, you will reminisce the exciting time you had and the amazing places you visited in the Land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan.

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Based on 8 reviews

Latest Trip Reviews

Travel experiences of our clients who recently returned from their trips.

Luka Hill
Jun 22, 2023

Great Adventure

Druk Path Trek is an amazing adventure in the beautiful land of Bhutan. The hike to famous tigernest was the day of all the days. My Bhutanese guide was humble and kind and his job was fantastic. We had best accommodations managed by the company. Everything and what to expect was clear from the very first day. I personally loved the nature hike to Jele Dzong. Howver, as the title, it was great adventure. Will definitely re turn to Bhutan again for another greater adventure.
Good Value,
Sloane Mainse
Jun 21, 2023

Druk Path Trek

This 8-day adventure that took me through the stunning landscapes of Bhutan.The trek begins in Paro, a picturesque town nestled in the heart of the Bhutanese Himalayas. The peace and tranquility I experienced during the trek were truly rejuvenating. The accommodation along the trail was comfortable, with cozy teahouses providing a warm respite after a day of trekking. Overall it was best-trek of 2023 for me.
Talya Kozlova
flagsRussian Federation
Nov 28, 2019

Super Amazing

прошел Druk Path Trek за 8 дней, и я должен сказать, что это одно из лучших приключений, которые у меня были за 5 лет. Национальный музей Бутана - Та Дзонг, монастырь Тигриное гнездо и Пара - некоторые из основных моментов этого похода. Джумолхари, озера Джимилангтшо, озеро Джанетшо и озеро Симкотра-Тшо. Мне очень понравился этот поход.
Gora Korolev
flagsRussian Federation
Oct 20, 2019

Fantastic experience

Я исследовал Бутан с Third Rock в течение 8 дней. Мне понравился трек, и я хотел бы порекомендовать его всем, кто хочет исследовать красоту Бутана. Этот поход идеален для всех. Йо может пойти на это.
Silvano Toscani
Oct 10, 2019

Enjoyed alot!!!

Ho esplorato il Bhutan con Third Rock per 8 giorni. Ho adorato il trekking e vorrei consigliarlo a tutti coloro che desiderano esplorare la bellezza del Bhutan. Questo trekking è perfetto per chiunque. Posso dirti che puoi farlo con la tua famiglia. Inoltre la guida esperta di Third Rock ti accompagnerà e non dovrai preoccuparti di nulla. Hanno un team di grande esperienza, dal consulente alla guida turistica.
Jordan Brown
flagsUnited States of America
Oct 04, 2019

Druk path tour was the must do experience

We booked a tour to Bhutan which included hikes with Third Rock Adventures. It was among the best days of our life we would ever spend again. The trip began at Paro and hiking through beautiful places like Simkotra Tsho we again came back to Paro via Thimphu. Everyone would get fascinated by such beautiful landscapes. Our guide and other staff did their best to accommodate our changing requests during the trip. They were extremely friendly and helpful with plenty of experience. We had a great time and would definitely use Third Rock Adventures in the future without hesitation. Thank you.
Lucas Risch
Oct 04, 2019

Awesome culture and landscape of Bhutan

Our trip to Bhutan with Third Rock Adventures was amazing and very well organized. Great company, very friendly. Our guide and driver were loyal and friendly to us. Both made our trip very pleasant by sharing their culture and history of Bhutan during our 8 days journey with them. The hike was wonderful because it was a mix of the local experience and beautiful natural landscape. We traveled from Paro to Jele Dzong, Jangchulakha, Jimilangtsho, Simkotra Tsho and Thimpu. The trip went as planned before, our expectations were exceeded in all the ways. Thank you Third Rock team for the amazing experience.
Bradley Charlie
flagsUnited Kingdom
Oct 03, 2019

Beautiful hikes through Druk Path in Bhutan

Thank you Third Rock Adventures for an amazing 8-day tour of the infamous hiking trail and landmarks. The trip's pre tour organisation was professionally done and I was met at the airport in Paro by my friendly guide and driver. The hike to Tiger's Nest was so amazing and challenging. The views at the top of the monastery were breathtaking. Everyday hikes that began from Ta Dzong to Thimphu via Simkotra Tsho was amazing. We enjoyed the trip in fullest. The hotels and food on the tour were exceptionally good and the services were arranged professionally. The monasteries and nature of this country were beautiful and generally, the architecture was colourful and so different from anything I have seen. I would like to thank Third Rock team in Bhutan for their exceptional services and hospitality during our trip.

Based on 8 reviews
Very good

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