Momo Making Classes in Kathmandu - 1 day

Momo Making Classes in Kathmandu - 1 day

Learn the magic of making the perfect Momos by taking a unique Momo-making class in Kathmandu. For the longest time, tourists have been amazed by these delicious bite-sized dumplings, regarded as one of the must-have foods when you visit Nepal. The succulent taste lingers in the mouth and makes you crave for more. Making these Momos is a work of art and is an enjoyable and homely activity. It binds people together like no other activity.

If you have always loved eating Momos during your visit to Nepal and want to prepare it yourself at home, then enrolling yourself in this class is the best way. The one-day class is given by a local host expert in Momo making. You will not just learn about the art of folding the wrappers into perfect shapes but also get insight into the local spices and ingredients that give the Momos its authentic taste.

This is one of the best and the most fun experiences for all age groups who wish to take home this amazing and useful cooking skill from the expert Momo makers in Kathmandu.

Trip Highlights

  • Learn how to make the authentic Momo with the help of friendly local professionals
  • Interact with the hosts to understand their traditions and unique cuisines
  • Enjoy by eating the Momos and chutney that you have prepared

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights
Day 1 Explore Thamel and Join Momo Making Class

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1
Explore Thamel and Join Momo Making Class

Begin the day by heading to the host’s place with your guide. The host will give you a warm welcome and give a brief about the process. They will have already set up the ingredients and the utensils required. After cleaning your hands and wearing your apron, the learning begins.

Preparing the filling

You will be taught to prepare the filling, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Understanding the name of the spices and the quantity to add is very important. Make sure you take notes for your future reference.

Wrapping up the fillings

After the filling is prepared, the most interesting and exciting part is learning how to make the round-shaped folded Momo wrappers made from the dough. It is tricky, but rest assured, the owners know how to train you best. After the wrapping, the Momos are placed in the special steamer to heat.

Making authentic chutney

Those who have tried Momos will agree that chutney/sauce is an essential component that compliments Momos perfectly. Hence, the next big step that is taught is preparing this very delicious chutney made by grinding coriander, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, and spices.

Eat the Momos and celebrate

The best aspect of Momo-making classes is eating it!

After endless tries, you will have learned the art of Momo making. Eventually, you will enjoyably start preparing the Momos under the guidance of the trainers. Once they are out of the steamers, you will enjoy them with the chutney you have prepared. All the while, you can interact with the locals and understand more about them, their culture, and cuisine, which is one of the most valuable experiences in Nepal.

The host will finally give you a warm farewell in hopes that you will remember the amazing time you spent with them.

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Trip Reviews

Travel experiences of our clients who recently returned from their trips.

Based on 3 reviews
Very good

Peppi Pena
Feb 20, 2023
Momo Making Class
If you love the dumpling in Kathmandu, you may want to try to know the HOWS of MOMO MAKING. You can join the day tour of momo making class organized by Third Rock Adventures. They offer great service for ths class. The kitchen are clean with all the essentials of the momo making. The local ingredients for momo, and the jhol for the momo are delicious. You will personally make the momo and enjoy the momo as well. Starting with warm welcome, and brief discussion of the momo, make the round-shaped folded Momo wrappers and at the end of the day eat what you make. Something more engaging and fruitful for a day in Kathamndu for momo lover. try it.
Christopher Young
flagsUnited States of America
Jan 24, 2023
joined momo-making day class
One thing I don't miss when in Nepal is the local momo, and this time I went for a day tour to make momo with Third Rock. The local expert taught me to shape the momo, fill the dumpling and also got to know about the recipe of the chutney. It was amazing experience
Emmett Clark
Jan 22, 2023
Momo Making Class
We joined momo making class with two other travelers. The local momo-maker expert guided us for everything in the process of momo making. It's amazing to see how fast and perfectly they fold the momo and wraps the momo. We also got to know about the local species, and the hows of making chutney for the momo. The kitchen was clean and the guide were expert.
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