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Climbers from 44 countries climbed Mt. Everest this season, most climbers from Nepal

  • Third Rock Adventures
  • Posted on: Mon Aug 2, 2021

August 2, Kathmandu

A total of 459 climbers climbed Mt. Everest last spring.

According to the statistics released by the Department of Tourism on Sunday, the climbers who reached Everest in this way were from 44 different countries.

Most of the climbers are Nepali. Nepali climbers have reached the summit of Everest as supportive climbers.

Apart from Nepal, climbers from 43 countries around the world have climbed Mt. Everest this season. In that season, 408 climbers from 43 groups had taken permission to climb Mt. Everest.

A similar number of Nepali allied climbers were also deployed to take them to the summit of Mount Everest. However, only 182 of the successful climbers were allowed to climb Mt. Everest. Other climbers have climbed the mountain as allies.

The success rate for climbing Mt. Everest this year was less than 50 percent. This was due to climate change during the ascent of Mt. Everest and the storm in India.

After Nepal, many American citizens reach the summit of Everest. This season, 32 Americans have reached the peak.

According to statistics, Chinese citizens are in second place. This season, 24 Chinese climbed Mt. Everest. 20 Indian nationals have successfully climbed. Thirteen people from the UK have successfully climbed.

This year's famous climbing team of 10 citizens of Bahrain has kissed the summit of Mount Everest. The team also included a member of the Bahraini royal family. This season, 6 people from Russia, 5/5 people from Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, and Brazil have successfully climbed Mt. Everest.

4/4 climbers from Canada and Norway were successful. According to statistics, 3/3 climbers from Romania and Germany have successfully climbed Mt. Everest. Two-thirds of the climbers from Austria, Belarus, Iceland, Japan, the Netherlands, Pakistan, and Poland have reached the peak.

But, on the flip side, 226 climbers who took permission failed to summit the peak.

According to the department, 226 climbers who had obtained permission to climb Mt. Everest this season had failed to reach the summit. In addition, two permitted climbers died during the ascent. The dead included an American and a Swiss citizen.

This year, the climbers had to face more weather challenges. The weather has been challenging since the first week of June. The Department of Water and Meteorology issued a notice on May 2 warning of a powerful cyclone called Tau-te. At that time, the department had recommended not to climb the mountain. The storm lasted for a week. Immediately, the department warned of another storm on May 14. After that, many climbers had to return to Chuchuro, waiting for favorable weather.

A total of 16 mountaineering permits were issued in the spring of this year. However, a successful ascent has been achieved in only 6 mountains.

Most climbers climbed Mt. Everest this season. Lhotse remained in second place after Everest. A total of 72 climbers, including 4 team leaders, 21 climbers, and 47 support staff, managed to reach the peak. A total of 68 people, including 2 team leaders, 27 climbers, and 39 support staff, reached Mt. Annapurna I this year.

Twenty-four climbers, including two team leaders, 15 members, and six assistants, have successfully climbed Amadablam. A total of 10 climbers reached Mt. Pumori with 1 team leader, 3 climbers, and 6 assistants. According to the department's statistics, a total of two people, including a leader and a climber, have reached Barun Tse mountain.

A total of 742 climbers from 84 groups had taken permission to climb 16 mountains this year. However, statistics show that only 260 climbers from 30 groups could climb the mountains' peak. That is, only 35 percent of the total number of climbers allowed has succeeded.

Apart from the permitted climbers, 373 support staff have climbed these mountains. Accordingly, the total number of climbers reaching the summit is 633.

  • Third Rock Adventures
  • Posted on: Monday Aug 2, 2021

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