Bhutan Tour with Bumdra High Camp Trek - 6 days

Bhutan Tour with Bumdra High Camp Trek - 6 days

Bhutan Tour with Bumdra High Camp trek combines visits to cultural sites with religious significance, Bumdra Trek Camp amidst the wilderness. The six days trek is short but comprehensive of all the adventures you can have in Bhutan. Bumdra high camp trek takes you on a camping trip to the heights of 3,800m/12,467ft and offers you an insight into its ancient beliefs that were primal in the establishment of Bumdra Monastery.

It starts with short sightseeing on the first day and a long drive and cultural visits on the second and third days. On the fourth day, you will begin the trek to Bumdra high camp. The fifth day is spent sightseeing to some cultural icons while taking your final departure from Bhutan on the sixth day.

Although brief, the trek is full of exhilarating days with visits to multiple places of attraction. On each of these days, you get to visit some of the religious landmarks. You will particularly visit the Rinpung Dzong, Kichu Lhakhang, Dobji Dzong, Tashichho Dzong, Sang Choekor Monastery, and Tiger’s Nest Monastery. The Buddhist religion is depicted vividly in these pilgrimage sites. All along the trip, you will be offered some of the best views of Mt. Jumolhari, green hills, and swift rivers from various viewpoints like Chele La pass at 3,988m, Haa Valley, Chhuzom, Bumdra, and Tiger’s Nest Monastery. If you have high favor for Bhutan's culture and traditions and a love for natural beauty, then this is the trek for you.

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Trip Highlights

  • Visit the age-old Rinpung Dzong built in the 15th century and see the beautiful wood carvings on its exterior.
  • Get a chance to walk to one of the oldest temples in Bhutan, Jowo Temple, located in the vicinity of Kichu Lhakhang in Paro Valley.  
  • Be mesmerized with the panoramic views of Mt. Jumolhari and rolling green hills from the viewpoint of Chele La pass at an elevation of 3,988m/13,083ft.
  • Take a drive through the Bondey-Haa Highway, watching the traditionally built houses and restaurants nestled between mountains into the Hidden Rice Valley; Haa valley.
  • Visit the first model monastery in Bhutan, the Dobji Dzong, built in the 15th century.
  • Get a chance to visit the monastery that serves as the seat of Druk Desi/King of Bhutan in Tashichho Dzong.
  • Stroll around the Sang Choekor Monastery, serving as a college for as many as 150 monks who study and practice Buddhism.
  • Enjoy the mesmerizing views of the valley and mountains from the Bumdra campsite.
  • Visit the Bumdra Monastery known for the imprints of Dakinis/sky dweller who, as per belief, served Guru Rimpoche when he visited the monastery for meditation.
  • Visit the two caves Thulo Phuk and Pel Phuk in the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, sitting at the cliff in Paro, where Guru Rimpoche came on a Tiger’s back and meditated for three months.

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights
Day 1 Arrival in Paro (2,253m/7,331ft) and sightseeing tour
Day 2 Drive from Paro to Haa Valley via Chele La Pass - 2 hours (60km) drive
Day 3 Drive from Haa to Thimphu and sightseeing tour - 3 to 4 hours (115km) drive
Day 4 Drive from Thimphu to Paro and trek to Bumdra Monastery - 1:30 hours (55km) drive and 4 to 5 hours (11km) trek
Day 5 Trek from Bumdra to Paro via Tiger’s Nest Monastery - 3 to 4 hours (9km) trek
Day 6 Final Departure from Paro International Airport

Trip Overview

Bhutan Tour with Bumdra High Trek takes you to the ancient monastery in Bumdra drenched in spiritual beliefs tied to the Buddhist religion. The trek takes you on an adventure to the major destinations of Paro, Thimphu, Haa Valley, and the unbelievable Bumdra Monastery. Bumdra Monastery’s history of establishment driven towards spirituality is something that will baffle you. The tour offers a chance to get introduced to views of the majestic mountains, swiftly flowing rivers, rolling hills, and most importantly, the amazing Bumdra viewpoint and monastery.

The six days Bhutan Tour with Bumdra High Camp trek begins with your arrival at Bhutan's International airport situated in Paro. After your scenic flight, the short sightseeing tour will begin today itself. You will be visiting that Rinpung Dzong. The monastery has beautiful wooden carvings on its exterior and is a massive structure. On the same day, you will visit the Jowo temples, located in Kichu Lhakhang. Jowo is known to be one of the oldest temples in Bhutan, built around the 7th century.

The second day’s tour begins with a drive to Haa Valley, which is also known as the Hidden Land of Rice Valley. You will make a stop at the viewpoint of Chele La pass, which is adorned by colorful Buddhist flags. View of mountains on the horizon, hills on the side blanketed with pine, fir, and oak forest are seen on the Bondey-Haa Highway. Upon reaching Haa Valley, you can take the opportunity to interact with the local people and understand their economic activities, traditions, and cultures.

On the third day, you will take a drive from Haa Valley to Thimphu. You will make a stop at the Doji Dzong, known to be the first model monastery built in Bhutan in the 15th century. You will take the main road at Chhuzom through the river Pa Chhu and Thim Chhu on Paro and Thimphu respectively. On this day you will visit Tashichho Dzong. It houses the Druk Desi/King of Bhutan. In Thimphu, you can also visit the Buddha Dordenma- a huge Buddha statue of 54m/177ft, if the time permits.

The best trekking day of the Bumdra camp Bhutan is yet to come. On this day, you will take a drive to the Sang Choekor Monastery. It serves as a college for about 150 monks. After the shortstop, you will move to Bumdra trek camp. The Bumdra trek distance is not more than 11km from the valley of Paro. You can head further above to the Bumdra Monastery, the most awaited day of the entire trip. Bumdra in the local language means ‘Rock of One Hundred Thousand Footprints,’ which comes from the local belief that the Guru Rimpoche descended to these caves for meditation and 100 Dakinis/Sky dwellers came down to serve him with food and songs.

After the amazing Bumdra trek, you will walk through a pine and rhododendron forest to the Zangto Pelri temple. Your trek will continue until reaching Tiger’s Nest Monastery. Tiger’s Nest monastery encircles around the myth that Guru Rimpoche came to the cave of Thulo Phuk on his tiger’s back and meditated in the Pel Phuk cave. Hence it is a pilgrimage site to many Buddhist pilgrims. After having an amazing time intermingling with nature, culture, and ethnic lifestyle, you will take a departure on a flight back home on the final day.


Detailed Itinerary

Day 1
Arrival in Paro (2,253m/7,331ft) and sightseeing tour

On this day, you will arrive at the Paro International Airport in Paro, Bhutan. The flight towards the airport is very exciting and one of the most thrilling as you head close to the hills. You can spot the mountains on the far end while the hills are surrounding the airport. Upon your landing, you will be greeted by our Bhutanese guide from Third Rock Adventures and drive you to your hotel. 

At your hotel, you will get refreshed and then briefed about the next day’s tour. However, the sightseeing tour will begin now itself. You will visit the Rinpung Dzong, which is very close to your hotel. After crossing a wooden bridge, you will get to Rinpung, which translates to ‘Fortress of the Heaps of Jewels.’ The exterior of the monastery is colored red and has beautiful wood carvings. Rinpung was built by the Drukpa Lineage of the Kagyu sect in the 15th century. At present, it serves as the administrative body for the government of Bhutan. 

After your visit to Rinpung, you will also go on to visit Kichu Lhakhang. It is situated in Lango Gewong, with one of the oldest temples, Jowo Temple, constructed in the vicinity. It was built by the Tibetan Emperor, Songtsen, sometime in the 7th century. As per the Bhutanese myth, spiritual leader Guru Rimpoche came down here and concealed some spiritual treasures. You will head back to your hotel after enjoying the views. 

Overnight at a hotel in Paro. 

Day 2
Drive from Paro to Haa Valley via Chele La Pass - 2 hours (60km) drive

The second day takes you on a drive from Paro to Haa Valley. The long drive is very exciting as you get to drive through long pine forests stretching to a distance. In about an hour from Paro, you will reach the Chele La Pass at an elevation of 3,988m/13,083ft. The views from Chele La are the fascinating thing about today's hike. You will be bestowed with the views of Mt. Jumolhari, and the pass is adorned with Buddhist prayer flags fluttering with the wind. Chele La is the highest motorable pass. In the winter season, it is covered by heaps of snow. But the diver is well trained to drive to the toughest road conditions. 

The second half of the drive continues towards Haa Valley. With views of the incredible mountains and valley, you will head on through a forest of fir, oak, and blue pine to reach Haa. Haa Valley is a tourist attraction since it connects to Hiking and Camping tours in Bhutan. The valley sits nestled between mountains. Haa valley is also dubbed as the hidden land Rice Valley due to the high rice production. The weather is chilly most of the seasons. You can visit the Haa Dzong and explore the nearby local village, where you can interact with the locals with assistance from your guide. 

Overnight stay at your hotel in Haa Valley.

Day 3
Drive from Haa to Thimphu and sightseeing tour - 3 to 4 hours (115km) drive

The third day begins with a lovely morning drive towards Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan. The drive takes anywhere from three to four hours. The road takes you through the beautiful pine forest along the way. You can make a stop at the Dobji Dzong on the way if you like. Dobji is known to be the first model monastery built in Bhutan. Dobji, also known as the Dokar fortress, was built in the 15th century by Ngawang Chogyal. Inside the dzong vicinity, you can observe the statues of Jetsun Milarepa, Dungsy Dewa Zangpo, Guru Langdarchen, and Ngawang Chogyal. 

After enjoying the visit, you can head back on the road and join the main road at Chhuzom. The Chhuzom is a major road junction that connects the river in Paro, Pa Chhu, and the river in Thimphu, Thimp Chhu. The word Chhuzom is translated to ’where the rivers meet.’ Along with the confluence point, you can spot the locals selling the local produce like cheese, apples, vegetables, and more. You will head on towards Thimphu. 

Upon reaching your hotel in Thimphu, you can head out to the streets and go for a sightseeing tour, although a short one. You can opt to visit the Tashichho Dzong, which is a fortified monastery known best to be the seat of the Druk Desi/ King of Bhutan. The structure is large and architecturally beautiful. From there on, you can head on to the Buddha Dordenma, which is only half an hour's walk from Tashiccho. The Dordenma has a huge statue of Shakyamuni Buddha with a height of 54m/177ft. After the visit, you can head back to your hotel for the night. 

Overnight stay at a hotel in Thimphu. 

Day 4
Drive from Thimphu to Paro and trek to Bumdra Monastery - 1:30 hours (55km) drive and 4 to 5 hours (11km) trek

Early in the morning, after having breakfast, you will take a drive to Paro from Thimphu. Upon reaching Paro, the drive will take you to Sang Choekor Monastery. You will stop there and visit the monastery, which houses about 150 monks studying here. The monastery was built in the 17th century by Trulku Choglay Shacha Tenzin. Sangchen Choekor translates to’ the relics to three realms,’ the realms being China, Tibet, and Hor (Mongolia), where acts of Boddhichita were performed. 

You begin your trek from the monastery and take the ascending road through forests for two hours. Then, you will reach a ridge that offers mesmeric views of Paro valley. The Chhoe Tse Lakhang above sits between the mountainsides. The trail from thereon ripples before you reach a temple that offers impressive views of Paro in the south and the snowcapped mountains in the north. You will take a short climb and reach the fluttering Buddhist prayer flags and back again to the forest.

After about an hour, the forest will open up to a wide meadow with many chortens and prayer flags adorned above. A few minutes away, you will spot your camp, where you will observe the views of hills and the valley below. As you reach the Bumbra High campsite, you can instantly spot many tents and horses at the elevation of 3,800m/12,467ft. It is a raw experience of getting one with nature. 

You can visit the Bumdra Monastery just minutes away from your campsite. According to popular belief, when Guru Rimpoche visited the monastery for meditation, he was served with food by 100 Dakinis/ sky dwellers who descended from the sky. Bumbdra refers to the cave with the imprints of the Dakinis. After enjoying nature and the monastery, you can head back to your camp for the night. 

Overnight stay at camp in Bumdra High Camp. 

Day 5
Trek from Bumdra to Paro via Tiger’s Nest Monastery - 3 to 4 hours (9km) trek

On this day, you will begin your trek from Bumdra camp after breakfast. The trail will take you through the pine and rhododendron forest. For about an hour, you will take a descend and watch the golden roofs of the temple situated below. You will eventually reach Zangto Pelri, which is a small temple. Zangto Pelri is translated to ‘Heaven on Earth.’ From there, you will head straight down to the Taktsang Monastery, known famously as Tiger’s Nest Monastery (3,120m/10,236ft). 

Tiger’s Nest Monastery sits at the cliff, 900m/2,952ft above the valley of Paro. Tiger’s Nest monastery gets its name from an ancient myth that Guru Rimpoche descended on these caves to meditate for three months. Guru Rimpoche, also known as Padmasambhava, was a spiritual leader of Bhutan credited for bringing Buddhism to Bhutan. You can visit the four major temples located in the area. Also, the main highlight of the monastery is the two caves, Thulo Phuk and Pel Phuk, where Guru Rimpoche is said to have descended on his tiger’s back and meditated, respectively. You can spot ancient paintings depicting Buddhism. The buildings are connected through a rock stairway.

After viewing the wonderful landmarks, you will make a final descend towards the Paro valley floor. You will head towards your hotel for the stay. You can head out to the streets in the evening to buy some souvenirs being sold by locals. 

Overnight stay at a hotel in Paro. 

Day 6
Final Departure from Paro International Airport

On this day, you will bid farewell to the majestic Land of Thunder Dragon. Our Bhutanese guide from Third Rock Adventures will drive you to the Paro International airport for the final departure. On the way back home, you will reminisce the memories of your visit to Rinpung Dzong, Haa Valley, Chele La pass, Bumdra Monastery, and Tiger’s Nest Monastery.

After having the adventure of your life here in the valleys of Bhutan, you can contact us again for similar adventures in the nearby Asian countries of India and Nepal bestowed with culture and nature. 

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Eddie T. Montgomery
flagsUnited Kingdom
Oct 04, 2019

New experience in Bhutan

This is my second visit to Bhutan, but this time I did new trek, something unheard and unfamiliar. Looking at the itinerary, I was amazed to see Tigernest monastery visit and Paro, and quickly decided to embark on the journey. I contacted Third Rock and their response was even impressive and that leaded me to book immediately. After a week, I did the trek, and went fantastic. The adventure to Bumdra, Paro, Thimpu and many more in just 6 days was great. Superb Trek!!!
Gerald N. Larsen
flagsUnited States of America
Oct 04, 2019

Beautiful Trip to Bhutan

6 day trip in Bhutan went more than expected, specially when I did not expect much. Since this trek is relatively new in the market, I wanted to do it, and guess what, it was worth it! Sightseeing in Paro, trek to Bhumdra monastery was the main highlights. Above all, short visit to the popular Tiger Nest's monastery was fantastic. Loved it. Great service.
Manuel Bush
flagsUnited Kingdom
Sep 17, 2019

A dream come true adventure.

My brother insisted me to do this trek and he even asked me to find the best travel agency. I did a lot of research and stumbled upon the website of Third Rock Adventures. The website displayed everything for travelers, from review to itinerary. I studied their background and even talked with the founder and travel consultant. They emailed me and answered all my questions promptly and precisely. I was impressed and booked them. The Bhutan tour guide, the driver and everyone was respectful and friendly. We were offered the best room, food and other services. The itinerary included trip to Tiger Nest Monastery as well. We successfully did the trip, there was no any problems. My brother thanked me for choosing Third Rock for the trip.
My brother has his mind for this trip for long time.
everything was great, but we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Tiger nest monastery.
If you want to visit Bhutan, do this trip, you will enjoy just like we did!
Van Garza
flagsUnited States of America
May 14, 2019

Wonderful Experience

Had to share this with you all that we were offered the best trip-service by the company. And this was our first trip with them. The tour guide was a genuine guy, who explained every little detail of the trip. Every new place we visited, the tour guide detailed everything about it. The people we met in Bhutan was friendly and happy. They greeted us and treated us nicely. We got a chance to admire the view of Mt. Jumolhari and rolling green hills. We visited the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Paro. We visited the Bumdra Monastery and there are more. Glad we did it. We want to say you that you can choose many travel agency, but make sure to choose the genuine like Third Rock Adventures.

Based on 4 reviews
Very good

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