Langtang and Gosaikunda Trek - 14 days

Langtang and Gosaikunda Trek - 14 days

Langtang and Gosaikunda Trek combine two of the best destinations in the Langtang region, a visit to the Langtang village and the holy Gosaikunda Lake. The 14 days tour takes you to the third most popular trekking region in Nepal, which is closest to Kathmandu.

The tour offers panoramic views of the soaring Langtang Lirung (7,245m/23,769ft), Naya Kang (5,846m/19,179ft), Yala Peak (5,500m/18,044ft), Dorje Lakpa (6,966m/22,854ft) and more. The trail passes the Langtang National Park with lush alpine vegetation, yak pastures, moraines, and glaciers. The biggest highlights of the trek are interacting with the Tamang community locals in Langtang Village and witnessing the awe-inspiring Gosaikunda Lake at an altitude of 4,380m/ 14370ft.

The trek starts after a drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi. Walking beside Langtang river, the trail progresses to Lama Hotel then to the Langtang Village. After exploring the village, the next stop is Kyanjin Gompa valley, where you hike up to Tserko Ri viewpoint on the acclimatization day. From Kyanjin, head back to Lama Hotel, then to Thulo Syabru to begin the trek to Sing Gompa, then to Gosaikunda Lake. After enjoying a day near the Lake, trek back to Dhunche, then drive to Kathmandu to conclude the trek.

Langtang and Gosaikunda is a moderate-level trek that is ideal for both physically fit novice and pro trekkers. As the altitude reaches a maximum of 5000m, proper acclimatization must be taken to ensure a smooth experience.

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Trip Highlights

  • Explore the alpine flora and unique fauna of the Himalayan Langtang National Park, spanning 1,710 km2 (660 sq mi)
  • Interact with the Tamang community to understand their lifestyle, culture, and heritage
  • Cross yak pastures, rhododendron, and fern forests with views of Langtang mountain range
  • Stock up on some special yak cheese in the factories across Kyanjin Gompa and Sing Gompa
  • Stay at the newly reconstructed Langtang Village and witness the lifestyle of the locals
  • Visit the sacred pilgrimage site of Gosaikunda high altitude Lake at 4,380m/ 14370ft
  • Hike up to Tserko Ri (4,984m) viewpoint for a 360-degree view of the Langtang and surrounding mountains

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights
Day 1 Arrival in Kathmandu (1,400m/4,592ft) and transfer to hotel
Day 2 Sightseeing around Kathmandu and Trek Preparation
Day 3 Drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi (1,500m/4,921ft) - 6 to 7 hours drive
Day 4 Trek from Syabrubesi to Lama Hotel (2,480m/8,136ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek
Day 5 Trek from Lama Hotel to Langtang Village (3,430m/11,253ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek
Day 6 Trek to Kyanjin Gompa (3,830m/12,566ft) - 3 to 4 hours trek
Day 7 Acclimatization Day- Explore Tserko Ri (5,000m/16404ft) - 7 to 8 hours trek
Day 8 Trek from Kyanjin Gompa to Lama Hotel (2,480m/8,136ft) - 6 to 7 hours trek
Day 9 Trek from Lama Hotel to Thulo Syabru (2,250m/7381ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek
Day 10 Trek from Thulo Syabru to Sing Gompa (3,250m/10,660ft) - 4 to 5 hours trek
Day 11 Trek from Sing Gompa to Gosaikunda (4,380m/14,370ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek
Day 12 Trek from Gosaikunda to Dhunche (1,900m/6,232ft) - 7 to 8 hours trek
Day 13 Drive from Dhunche (1900m/6232ft) to Kathmandu (1,400m/4,592ft) - 5 to 6 hours drive
Day 14 Final Departure from Nepal

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1
Arrival in Kathmandu (1,400m/4,592ft) and transfer to hotel

After your arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport, you will be welcomed by our representatives from Third Rock Adventures. We will transfer you to the hotel located in Thamel, just 5 km away from the airport from the terminal.

After rest, you can head out to the lively streets to witness the lifestyle and enjoy some authentic Nepali cuisine at night.

Overnight stay in Kathmandu.

Day 2
Sightseeing around Kathmandu and Trek Preparation

It is a perfect day to explore the ancient and culturally rich city of Kathmandu. In the morning, the guide will assist in getting all the documents ready to be shown to the respective authority. You can also head to a retail store to buy or hire trekking gear and clothing.

Later in the afternoon, we will explore the UNESCO world heritage sites. We will visit the Kathmandu Durbar Square located in Freak Street/Basantapur. You can explore the narrow and busy streets with temples and shrines. Also, check out the reminiscence of the past Shah kings of Kathmandu lifestyle in the Hanumandhoka Museum.

We will drive you to the western hills of the city to visit Swayambhunath Stupa, also called The Monkey Temple. Alternatively, you can visit the Boudhanath Stupa, one of the biggest dome stupas in Nepal, located on the city's northern outskirts.

After returning, pack up your bags and prepare for the next day's adventure.

Overnight stay in Kathmandu.

Day 3
Drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi (1,500m/4,921ft) - 6 to 7 hours drive

Drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi Drive route from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi

On this day, you will begin the adventure by driving from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi. You will be taking the Trishuli Dhunche Highway and the Pasang Lhamu Highway. On the way, witness the terraced farms, huts, brick houses, and Trishuli river basin.

Before arriving at Syabrubesi, we moved upwards to Dhunche with decent houses. At Syabrubesi, make your stop at a tea house and enjoy the warm welcome from the locals.

Overnight stay in Syabrubesi.

Day 4
Trek from Syabrubesi to Lama Hotel (2,480m/8,136ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek

The Langtang and Gosaikunda trek officially starts on this day, as you wake up early in the morning with your trekking gears and begin the walk. You will follow the Bhote Koshi river as you take a gradual descent, then walk through a rugged route towards Bamboo. Passing Langtang Khola along with rhododendron and conifer-clad forest, trek further towards Rimche.

You will have entered Langtang National Park premises, where the trail is mostly silent, and you can witness unique birds and animals. Eventually, you will reach Lama Hotel.

Overnight stay in Lama Hotel.

Day 5
Trek from Lama Hotel to Langtang Village (3,430m/11,253ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek

Take an upward trail through a dense forest. After you walk for some time you get a glimpse of Langtang Lirung. Walk slowly as you cross the Ghode Tabela (Horse Stable) at 3,000m. Enjoy the majesty of the Langtang Himal rearing in the background. Past Ghode Tabela, the trail leaves the forest and opens out. Mountains surround the landscape. Hike across Tamang villages and temporary shelters of yak herders, until you reach Langtang Village. The village was completely wiped out by a landslide during the 2015 earthquake. 243 people including 41 trekkers lost their lives. The new Langtang Village has been rebuilt 100 meters above the ruins of the old one. There are new teahouses and lodges offering food and accommodation to trekkers and travelers. Langtang Village, which is now covered with stones and boulders. There’s a ‘Mani Wall Memorial’ dedicated to those who lost their lives during the earthquake. Day your respects to the departed souls.

Overnight in Lanagtang Village.

Day 6
Trek to Kyanjin Gompa (3,830m/12,566ft) - 3 to 4 hours trek

 Kyanjin Gompa Beautiful Langtang Kyanjin Gompa Valley

Walk further for about half an hour till you reach the settlement of Mundu. Mundu is a quaint settlement filled with traditional houses and modern teahouses. Take the trail that heads up to Kyangjin Gompa. Take an upward ascent and walk through yak pastures. Walk past glacial rivers and cross bridges.

After walking for some time you reach the village of Kyangjin Gompa. Your guide will lead you to a teahouse where your rooms are booked. After a brief rest, you can explore the village.  This picturesque settlement lies at the foot of several small peaks and is named after an old Buddhist monastery (Kyangjin Gompa) located in the village. There’s also a cheese factory run by the government. Visit the monastery and the cheese factory. At the cheese factory, sample or buy some yak cheese.

If the weather is clear, you can hike to the nearby hill of Kyangjin Ri (4,984m) and enjoy the sunset. Kyangjin Ri, which lies northeast of Kyangjin Gompa, is a popular vantage point in the Langtang Region. Ascend the small hill and enjoy the spectacular sunset over the snowcapped Gang Chhenpo (6,388m), Langshisa (6,427m), and Dorje Lakpa (6,966m).

Overnight in Kyangjin Gompa.

Day 7
Acclimatization Day- Explore Tserko Ri (5,000m/16404ft) - 7 to 8 hours trek

You can leave your heavy backpack in the tea house and take a hike to the Tserko Ri viewpoint on this day. Walk across the rugged trail uphill towards the viewpoint. As the elevation has increased rapidly, your body needs to adjust to it, which is why we have a spare day for rest and acclimatization.

From there, you can witness views of Langtang Lirung, Naya Kang, Yubra Himal and Yala peaks. It is a perfect spot to witness the Langtang Lirung glacier and icefalls in the Changbu and Yubra peaks. The winds get stronger during the late afternoon so make sure that you head back to Kyanjin Gompa in time.

Overnight in Kyanjin Gompa.

Day 8
Trek from Kyanjin Gompa to Lama Hotel (2,480m/8,136ft) - 6 to 7 hours trek

After exploring Tserko Ri and Kyanjin Gompa, we will head back to Lama Hotel on this day. You will yet again be passing through lush forests while enjoying the views of the mountains. On the way, pass by the Langtang village where you can bid farewell to the ethnic Tamang communities who have settled centuries ago after migrating from Tibet. From there, head on to Ghodetabela and Gumanechok before reaching Lama Hotel. Enjoy warm butter tea and an authentic meal with a well-deserved rest.

Overnight stay in Lama Hotel.

Day 9
Trek from Lama Hotel to Thulo Syabru (2,250m/7381ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek

Today, from Lama Hotel, our next stop is Thulo Syabru which begins with a gentle ascend before climbing upwards. Through the thick forest, you can witness the views of mountains. You might even witness the Langur monkeys jumping around trees. You might even spot the rare Red Panda chewing bamboos if you are extremely lucky.

Through terraced fields in the descending trail, you will reach Thulo Syabru, located on a ridge top. You can witness views of the snow-covered Ganesh and Langtang Himal from the spot.

Overnight in Thulo Syabru.

Day 10
Trek from Thulo Syabru to Sing Gompa (3,250m/10,660ft) - 4 to 5 hours trek

After having breakfast, take to the nearest monastery to explore and offer your prayers to the gods. It is a short day's trek towards Sing Gompa. You will pass a winding trail amidst lush forest while enjoying distant views of Manaslu and close views of Langtang. You will meet the Tamang community in the nearby villages. Witness their lifestyle, culture, heritage, and clothing.

Eventually, you will reach Sing Gompa, where you can head to a homestay and enjoy some tea. You can visit the local cheese factory to enjoy local yak cheese.

Overnight stay in Sing Gompa.

Day 11
Trek from Sing Gompa to Gosaikunda (4,380m/14,370ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek

gosaikunda Gosaikunda Lake - It is a sacred Hindu pilgrimage site

On this day, you will head to the holy Lake, Gosaikunda. The elevation will eventually rise as you head towards Lauribinayak. On the top of the ridge, you can witness the amazing views of Langtang and also the high pastures. Further ahead, you will witness other lakes like Saraswati Kunda and Bhairav Kunda.

Gosaikunda Lake is located in between with the hills on either side. It is often frozen in the winter season.

It is one of the best experiences of the trek so far as the Lake is huge and amazing. It is a sacred Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage site with a black rock in between said to be the shrine of Lord Shiva. As per the belief, Shiva struck his Trishul to obtain water and quench his thirst after consuming poison.

There are only a handful of tea houses in the area, and the resources are pretty scarce.

Overnight stay in Gosaikunda.

Day 12
Trek from Gosaikunda to Dhunche (1,900m/6,232ft) - 7 to 8 hours trek

After having a local breakfast, you will say goodbye to the beautiful lakes and head to Dhunche, which is the final leg of the trek. Hike down in the same trail, passing rhododendron trees. At Dhunche, head to a teahouse after the long trek to enjoy a warm meal while celebrating with the locals and your team.

Overnight in Dhunche

Day 13
Drive from Dhunche (1900m/6232ft) to Kathmandu (1,400m/4,592ft) - 5 to 6 hours drive

After morning breakfast, bid farewell to the Langtang region and drive back to Kathmandu. Check into your hotel upon reaching the city for some well-deserved rest.

In the evening, head out for some souvenir shopping or even enjoy yourself at a pub or club.

Overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 14
Final Departure from Nepal

On your final day in Kathmandu, Nepal, after breakfast, our representatives will drive you to the Tribhuvan International Airport for the final departure. If you want to extend your tour to the Helambu Langtang region or Everest, Annapurna region, feel free to let us know to manage the tour accordingly.

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Travel experiences of our clients who recently returned from their trips.

Nia Levy
flagsUnited States of America
Apr 10, 2022

Lovely Days in Nepal

I did the customized trek to Gosaikunda and Langtang. It took me 2 more days to the standard itinerary. I climbed both Tsergo ri and Kyanjin Ri. It awarded me incredible views of the mountains. The guide was astute and friendly. Highly recommended travel company in Nepal.
Jayda Collins
flagsUnited States of America
Apr 08, 2022

Fantastic view from Tsergo Ri.

After doing this trek, now I wonder why people keep talking about EBC and ABC trek more. This trek deserves praise equally. This trek has every aspect of the adventure. We loved the view from Tsergo Ri. The guide was a great guy and we became friends on the second day. He was funny and knowledgeable. I loved Kyanjin Gompa, and Gosaikunda Lake. I think I will convenience my brother to do this trek (customized) and do it again.
Richard Rivera
flagsUnited States of America
Apr 08, 2019

Best trek in Nepal

I would like to give this trek the title "The Best Trek in Nepal" because it was such an amazing adventure to Gosaikunda and Langtang village. Truly a beautiful trek! We first trekked to Kyanjing Gompa, and climbed Tsergo Ri and head to Gosaikunda Lake. The guide was highly experienced, had all the knowledge about Langtang national park, village, Gosaikunda lake. He managed everything single-handedly. Loved him. The food was great and everything was great as promised. Thanks to Naba, he has a wonderful trekking team.

Based on 3 reviews
Very good

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