Mera Peak Climbing Itinerary - 14 days

Mera Peak Climbing Itinerary - 14 days

Mera Peak Climbing Itinerary of 14 days takes you to Nepal's highest trekking peak, Mera Peak. Lying in the Hinku Valley of Everest Region, Mera Peak is a popular climbing peak with an easy route. A favorite of many climbers who come to Nepal, Mera Peak is the perfect acclimatization peak if you are planning to climb Mount Everest or any of the major peaks in the Khumbu Region.

The route to Mera Peak lies off-the-beaten-path in the rarely visited Hinku Valley. The trail is secluded, and the area is wild and pristine, with very few human settlements. Most nights, you will be sleeping at teahouses located at isolated kharkas or summer camps of yak herders.

You make your summit push after spending a night camping at Mera High Camp (5,780m). The route is easy, and very little technical climbing is involved. Thin mountain air and freezing cold are the only two issues that will make your ascent difficult. The Himalayan panorama from the summit is stunning. Mount Everest and other 8,000 meter peaks appear close to the summit. You make your descent to Lukla via the same route.

Safety of the team members while trekking and climbing are paramount and given top priority. An experienced local Sherpa climbing guide leads our Mera Peak Climbing with +20 years of climbing experience.

If you want to acclimatize more days, we have Mera Peak Climbing 18 days itinerary via Paiya, Panggom, and Ramailo Dandna

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Trip Highlights

  • Climb the highest trekking peak in Nepal with an experienced local Sherpa crew
  • Take the shortest route to climb Mera Peak. This 14 days' itinerary is the shortest Mera Peak Climbing Itinerary.
  • Trek through the Khumbu Valley and the rarely visited Hinku Valley.
  • En route cross a beautiful high mountain pass of Zatrwa La and several glaciers
  • A straightforward route to the summit with minimal technical climbing
  • Close up views of five 8,000 meter peaks from the summit - Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, and Makalu
  • The climbing guide is a Mount Everest summiteer with more than 20 years of mountaineering experience.

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights
Day 1 Arrival in Kathmandu (1,400m/4,593ft) - Transfer to Hotel and Trek Preparation
Day 2 Fly to Lukla and trek to Chutanga (3,100m/10,168ft) - 35 minutes flight and 4 to 5 hours trek
Day 3 Trek from Chutanga to Thuli Kharka (4,300m/14,104ft) via Zatrwa La (4,600m/15,092ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek
Day 4 Trek from Thuli Kharka to Kothe (3,691m/12,107ft) - 6 to 7 hours trek
Day 5 Trek from Kothe to Thaknak (4,358m/14,295ft) - 3 to 4 hours trek
Day 6 Trek from Thaknak to Khare (5,045m/16,548ft) - 2 to 3 hours trek
Day 7 At Khare – Acclimatization Day and pre-climb training
Day 8 Trek from Khare to Mera High Camp (5,780m/18,958ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek
Day 9 Summit Mera Peak (6,461m/21,193ft) and trek to Khare (5,045m/16,548ft) - 11 to 12 hours trek/climbing
Day 10 Trek from Khare to Kothe (3,691m/12,107ft) - 4 to 5 hours trek
Day 11 Trek from Kothe to Thuli Kharka (4,300m/14,104ft) - 6 to 7 hours trek
Day 12 Trek to Lukla (2,840m/9,316ft) via Zatrwa La Pass (4,600m/15,088ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek
Day 13 Fly from Lukla to Kathmandu(1,400m/4,593ft) - 35 minutes flight
Day 14 Depart Kathmandu

Trip Overview

Mera Peak Climbing Itinerary of 14 days is one of the few thrilling adventures that take you to one of the remotest and highest corners of the world. You climb Mera Peak, the highest trekking peak in Nepal, after trekking past the untouched and wild Hinku Valley. The valley, located in the Everest Region, is a storehouse of rare Himalayan flora and fauna. This is one of the few trails in the Khumbu which remains less crowded even during peak season. Leading the team will be a Sherpa climbing guide with more than two decades of climbing experience.

You begin your Mera Peak adventure with a scenic and memorable flight to the Sherpa town of Lukla. The flight over tall mountains and precipitous cliffs is counted as one of the world's extreme flying experiences. You start your trek after landing at the narrow airstrip.

Your first destination is Chutanga, a small Sherpa village near Lukla. In the next couple of days, you make your way past dense rhododendron forests and pine and gurgling rivers. With only a stray group or two sharing the trail, you pretty much have the trail to yourself. Enjoy the splendors of nature without getting interrupted. You cross over to the Hinku Valley after crossing Zatrwa La, a mountain pass that lies between Khumbu and Hinku valleys.

Hinku Valley is still untouched and wild, with few villages. Unlike other parts of the Kumbu Region, here you will find only a few scattered teahouses. Yak herders use these uninhabited areas to build their summer camps known as 'kharkas.' Far from civilization, teahouses along with the route offer only basic services – shelter, food, communal toilet, and a warm bed. If you are used to creature comforts and traveling in luxury, you need to think twice before booking this trip.

On Day 7, you reach Khare, where you will spend an extra day acclimatizing and attending pre-climb training. Final gear and equipment check will be done before retiring. You make your summit push after spending a night camping at Mera High Camp. Each climber will get a single tent to sleep in. The local crew will prepare food. Healthy and nutritious meals will be provided.

The final ascent to the summit will involve an early start at 2 AM when the weather is stable and less windy. The group will be secured by man-rope, and the members will walk in a single file. It is a gradual ascent with no technical sections most of the way. It is normal to feel out of breath and wheezy as the air is very thin at this altitude.

The final 40-50 meters to the summit is the most challenging. It is a steep incline where we use fixed rope and jumars to reach the Mera Peak summit. Mount Everest (8848m), Kanchenjunga (8586m), Lhotse (8,516m), Cho Oyu (8,188m), and Makalu (8,485m) - five of the 14 eight-thousanders can be viewed from the summit as well the trail leading to the summit.

Once you step on the summit, celebrate your victory with your teammates. You have done it! Yes, you achieved what you set to do, and it is a great moment. Take pictures and take in the views for one last time before heading back. You trek down to Khare and return to Lukla via the same route. From Lukla, you catch a flight back to Kathmandu, where your trip ends.

The best seasons to climb Mera Peak are spring and autumn when the weather is clear and dry. Graded PD (little difficult) on the Alpine Difficulty Grade, Mera Peak can be climbed by beginners provided they have high altitude (+4,000m) trekking experience. Though the route to the summit is easy and not much technical climbing is needed, the high altitude and extreme cold make it very difficult. A high level of stamina and endurance is needed, and one needs to be in top physical form.

The elevation gain on this trip is pretty serious, and you should come prepared. On the second day of your trek, you cross a high pass at 4,600m. This will leave you pretty sick if your body is not prepared for high altitude. Though our guides carry a first aid box and are prepared for any crisis, it would be better if you weigh in the pros and cons seriously before embarking on this trip. Would you please go through the essential information section for tips on training and the essential gear and equipment needed for this trip?

As this itinerary takes you to the summit of Mera Peak in a short period, this trip is recommended for those looking for an acclimatization climb before conquering a bigger mountain. Novices with high-altitude walking experience can also do it.

Accommodation on the trail will be at local teahouses. Facilities on this route are basic compared to the popular EBC trail. You spend only one night in a tented camp at Mera High Camp. Makalu Barun National Park Entry Permit, Khumbu Rural Municipality Entrance Permit, and Mera Peak Climbing Permit are needed. This package includes all permits, domestic flights, accommodation, and food on the trail, plus accommodation in Kathmandu.

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Climbing permit fee for trekking peaks in Nepal [UPDATED 2022]

Route Map

Mera Peak Climbing itinerary Route Map Mera Peak Climbing itinerary Route Map

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu (1,400m/4,593ft) - Transfer to Hotel and Trek Preparation

Upon your arrival, make your way to the airport terminal after completing the immigration formalities. Our representative will be holding a placard with your name or our company's name written on it. He will greet you and drive you to your hotel. Check-in and get some rest. Later in the evening, you will meet your guide, and a short briefing will follow.

Overnight at a hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 2: Fly to Lukla and trek to Chutanga (3,100m/10,168ft) - 35 minutes flight and 4 to 5 hours trek

Chutanga Chatunga, A place with a couple of stone houses, lies surrounded by cliffs and mountains.

We take a morning flight to Lukla. If we are lucky enough to get a ticket for the first flight, we get to fly directly from Kathmandu to Lukla. If not, we drive to Rammechhap and proceed to Lukla by flight.

After reaching Lukla, we meet the rest of the crew, sort our luggage, and trek to Chatunga. The trail goes through up through forests and fields. Chatunga, with a couple of stone houses, lies surrounded by cliffs and mountains. We spend the night at a local teahouse.

Overnight at a teahouse in Chatunga.

Day 3: Trek from Chutanga to Thuli Kharka (4,300m/14,104ft) via Zatrwa La (4,600m/15,092ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek

From Chatunga, we head to our next destination Thuli Kharka via the Zatra La Pass. We walk past rhododendron forests and grazing pastures of yaks. It is a tough crossing, and we can feel the altitude. We climb the Kalo Himal ridge covered with stones and prayer flags. A couple of minutes later, we come to Zatrwa La Pass. The pass separates the Khumbu Valley and Hinku Valley. We stop for a while to take pictures and soak in the views.

Later we walk on a stony path to Thuli Kharka. Thuli Kharka, which means 'big meadow,' is surrounded by big boulders and stubby grass and shrubs. Used as a camp by yak herders, Thuli Kharka only has a couple of teahouses. On reaching Thuli Kharka, we head to a teahouse and take a well-deserved rest.

Overnight at a teahouse in Thuli Kharka.

Day 4: Trek from Thuli Kharka to Kothe (3,691m/12,107ft) - 6 to 7 hours trek

Kote to Thuli Kharka Kothe Village

We take the downhill trail to Kothe. En route, we enjoy outstanding views of the Hinku Valley, Kusum Kanguru, Peak 43, and the south face of Mera Peak. The trail goes through a beautiful forest of pine and rhododendron. If you are making this trip in spring, the rhododendrons will be in full bloom and the trail will look heavenly. At Kothe, you are in Hinku Valley. Make your way to a local teahouse and have a goodnight's sleep.

Overnight at a teahouse in Kothe.

Day 5: Trek from Kothe to Thaknak (4,358m/14,295ft) - 3 to 4 hours trek

Head on to the Upper Hinku valley. As we get higher, the treeline disappears. There are no major villages at this altitude, only kharkas or grazing meadows for yaks. On the way, we stop at Gondishung for tea and refreshments. Stunning views of Mera Peak, Charpati Himal, Kusum Kanguru, and Thamserku delight us.

We also visit Lungsumgba Gompa, a 200-year old Buddhist shrine. The local crew will pray for the well-being of the team and a successful ascent at the shrine. After an hour of walking, we reach Thaknak. From our teahouse, we savor a close-up view of Charpati Himal.

Overnight at a teahouse in Thaknak.

Day 6: Trek from Thaknak to Khare (5,045m/16,548ft) - 2 to 3 hours trek

Mountain view Mountain view from Khare Village

Today's trek takes us to Khare. It is a short but difficult hike as we are steadily gaining altitude. We ascend the Dig Glacier and weave past the glacial lake of Charpati Tal. We slowly descend to Dig Kharka. From here, we get magnificent views of Kyeshar Glacier, Mera Peak, and Charpati Himal. Climb up the Hinku Nup and Shar glaciers before finally making your way to Khare.

Khare, also called the Mera Peak Base Camp, lies at the foot of Mera Peak. There are a couple of teahouses and climbing gear and equipment outlets. After checking in at a lodge, enjoy the incredible view of Mera Peak's north face.

Overnight at a teahouse in Khare.

Day 7: At Khare – Acclimatization Day and pre-climb training

An acclimatization day before your climb lets you take part in pre-climb training conducted by our guides. You will get to try out your climbing skills before making it to the mountain. Ascend and descend on the rocky slope using harness and climbing equipment. Learn to make knots and the correct way to belay and rappel. If this is your first Himalayan peak, this training will be helpful for you as our experienced climbing guides will share some practical knowledge and really helpful tips that will help you do a safe climb.

There will be a final gear and equipment check, and you will pack for your summit push. There are gear and equipment rental outlets, and you rent out personal gear and equipment if you wish.

Please note that size 12 and above climbing boots are not available in Nepal. If you wear boots of that size, you need to bring them from home.

Overnight at a teahouse in Khare.

Day 8: Trek from Khare to Mera High Camp (5,780m/18,958ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek

Mera High Camp Mera High Camp - Tented camp in Mera High Camp

A steep and rocky path leads us to Mera La. We can enjoy splendid views of Mera Peak's three summits – Mera South (6,065m), Mera North (6,476m), and Mera Central (6,461m) and. The summit we are trying to reach is Mera Central. A straightforward ascent up the Mera Glacier brings us to Mera Peak high camp, and It is an easy hike with a gradual incline. Up to this point, there is no technical climbing. The only issue is high altitude and cold, which makes taking each step a struggle.

At Mera High Camp, comforting hot drinks and soup will be waiting for us prepared by our local crew. Mount Everest (8,848m), Kanchenjunga (8,586m), Lhotse (8,516m), Cho Oyu (8,188m), and Makalu (8,485m) - five of the 14 eight-thousanders are visible from the high camp. You can also enjoy amazing views of Chamlang (7,319m), Baruntse (7,129m), and Gaurishanker (7,134m).

Tonight we will be camping in tents - 1 tent per climber. Have an early night as we have a long day tomorrow.

Overnight at tented camp in Mera High Camp.

Day 9: Summit Mera Peak (6,461m/21,193ft) and trek to Khare (5,045m/16,548ft) - 11 to 12 hours trek/climbing

Mera Peak Summit Day Mera Peak Summit Day

We get ready and hit the slopes at 2 AM. Our headlights are lighting the way we rope up and walk secured by man-rope. We cross the Mera glacier and climb gradually. The terrain is not that difficult to maneuver, but the cold air and low oxygen level slow us down. The last 40-50 meters to the summit is the hardest and the most challenging climb. On a steep incline, we use fixed rope and jumars to climb to the snowy dome of the Mera Peak summit.

By 9-10 AM, we reach the summit. We celebrate our conquest while enjoying the close-up views of Mount Everest (8,848m), Makalu (8,481m, Kanchenjunga (8,586m), Lhotse (8,516m), and Cho Oyu (8,201m). After capturing this historic moment in our cameras and leaving mementos (if you brought any) at the summit, we head down to High Camp. We only spend 5 to 10 minutes at the summit.

At the camp, the local crew will greet us with a hot brew (tea/coffee) or soup. We rest for a while and make a quick descent after lunch. We trek down to Khare and head to a teahouse. I the evening, we celebrate our achievement and later have a good night's rest.

Overnight at a teahouse in Khare.

Day 10: Trek from Khare to Kothe (3,691m/12,107ft) - 4 to 5 hours trek

View from Khare Khare Village

We return via the same route to Kothe. The mountains are no longer visible as the rocky cliffs conceal the incredible views.

Overnight at a teahouse in Kothe.

Day 11: Trek from Kothe to Thuli Kharka (4,300m/14,104ft) - 6 to 7 hours trek

We make an ascent to the west of Hinku Valley, walking down a trail covered with rhododendron trees. It is an up and down trail. We arrive at Thuli Kharka, a summer camp of local yak herders, a final hike up a path.

Overnight at a teahouse in Thuli Kharka.

Day 12: Trek to Lukla (2,840m/9,316ft) via Zatrwa La Pass (4,600m/15,088ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek

Lukla Airport Tenzing–Hillary Airport, also known as Lukla Airport

Leaving Thuli Kharka, we once again cross the Zatrwa La pass (4,600m) pass. In about 2 hours we reach the pass. The view is incredible, and we can view part of the trail that we crossed. Hinku Valley, Numbur Himal, Kongde, Dudh Kunda, and Khumbila look amazing. We walk to Lukla taking a downward trail.

At Lukla, we enjoy a hot shower and a good meal. In the evening we have a small party to celebrate the success of our trip. Our local crew join us and make our last evening in the mountains memorable.

Overnight at a teahouse in Lukla.

Day 13: Fly from Lukla to Kathmandu(1,400m/4,593ft) - 35 minutes flight

We return to Kathmandu by flight. After reaching the city, we head to our hotel and take a rest. You can spend the rest of the day relaxing at the hotel or exploring the city. You can walk down Thamel and shop for souvenirs. Local markets also lie within walking distance from Thamel.

Overnight at a hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 14: Depart Kathmandu

Our representative will drive you to the international airport 3 hours before your flight departs. If you want to explore more of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, or India, do let us know.

Departure dates are available every week on Saturday and Sunday for peak season, from March to May and September to November. Please contact us for date, price, service, and more information.

Note: Daily departure dates are available for private groups.

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Trip Reviews

Travel experiences of our clients who recently returned from their trips.

Based on 14 reviews
Very good

Emerson Piers
Apr 21, 2021
Mera Peak
This climb expedition was one of many mountains I have climbed around the globe. I found Naba's company to be a good operator and responsive to needs. The climbing leader was simply an amazing person. He would address to my every question and demand. Every accommodations along the route was satisfactory, some lodges had limited menu but it was unquestionable. The pre-climb training was a good start for the climb. We had beautiful stories swapped among ourselves and great time climbing the summit. Huge thanks to Chhewang for his great work out there in the mountain.
Best and Selected Tours,
Gerard Hidalgo
Apr 13, 2021
Mera Peak Climbing
I was lucky enough to be on the top of Mera on my 40th birthday this year. Thanks to Naba, and Chhewang for all their work getting me there. Accommodations in Kathmandu were very comfortable and the camp service was exceptional. The climbing leader let me have a good grip on the equipment on the training day. The final push was the unforgettable experience.
Best Destination,Good Value,Best and Selected Tours,
Jonathan Foster
flagsUnited States of America
Apr 10, 2021
Amazing Experience
It was the best of the best experience for me. Had learned a lot and enjoyed a lot. Will definitely be back to summit another peak next year.
Recommended by Friend,
Stephen Black
flagsUnited Kingdom
Mar 21, 2021
Mera climb
My partner and I booked Mera Peak CLimbing this year. We hired a climbing leader from Third Rock Adventures who would look for our accommodations and food. The team in Kathmandu would look for the logistic and operations. We had to trek up to Mera High Camp and finally summit to the top. The acclimatization day and pre-climb training was really helpful for us. The view from the top was out of this world, and the world seems so small. We have best memories.
Best Destination,
Spencer Foster
flagsUnited States of America
Nov 21, 2019
We successfully did it!
First of all, I want to thank Naba for guiding me for the preparation of the trek. I am highly grateful to him for assembling all information and a great team to climb the peak- the mountaineering leader assigned for me was not just an experienced leader but also an amazing person. He made us laugh at the high camp and he had us for the training before actual climb. He knew what next to do! Needless to say, that everyone at Third Rock was like a family. We were offered the best service, and when it comes to safety, Third Rock know their role. I am recommending you all this company for any climb in Nepal, or any trip in Nepal.
Finlay Gallagher
flagsUnited States of America
Nov 21, 2019
Mera Peak Climbing Itinerary
They know what exactly to do and how to operate. They always had our safety and satisfaction on top of their priority. When we wanted this and that, they would do it. Even when I asked if I could add a few more days, they said yes. I was so happy to see the positivity. I thanked Naba for hosting this climbing expedition. We had amazing time and great talk. He recommended us another climb, and we couldn't say not to him. I think we will be doing it in a few years.
Arlo Orr
flagsUnited States of America
Oct 27, 2019
Highly Recommended
I recommend Third Rock Adventures for climbing expedition and I am not just talking about it simply. I am taking it from my recent Mera Peak Climbing experience. They have the best team for the expedition. Chewang rocked! He had more than 15 years of experience, and we knew it when we reached the high camp, and when he operated pre-climb training. We learned a lot, not just about the climb but also the Nepali people, their culture and the mountain stories. We loved our each second in Nepal. We could embrace the awe-inspiring view from top of the peak.
Dale Walters
flagsUnited States of America
Oct 19, 2019
Mera Peak Climbing Itinerary
Guys, we did the climbing and now it's your turn. If you are looking at this review now, my friend, you are doing the best choosing this company. Go for it. You may ask me why, well I got many, but for now, let me highlight three prime reasons: 1) Experienced Climbing Leader, 2) Expert Group 3) Top-Notch Service. The leader they assigned us for this climbing had more than 20 years of experience. He was friendly and decisive. He knew what next step would be best for us. Expert Group in term of managing the expedition perfectly- there was no any complication and compromisation. They did it on time and greatly. Next, they had everyone doing their task perfectly, from Travel Consultant to Porter and Guide. God, I loved them. ANd the last point-top-notch-service. Yes, they offered us the best service. Our food and room was best. Even the itinerary was well-designed. You should definitely try them.
Ethan Jones
Sep 26, 2019
Best Climbing Experience
If you want to climb a peak in just about 2 weeks, we highly recommend this climbing for you. We did it and now relishing our memories. They have the best team, specially the climbing leader. We loved him. He made sure our safety counts the most. Even Naba at Thamel told us the same that our safety and satisfaction is their top priority and we could feel them. Highly recommended travel agency.
Paola Longo
Sep 26, 2019
di ritorno dalla mia spedizione al Mera Peak, non 18 giorni, ma 14 giorni. Third Rock organizza due arrampicate sul Mera Peak (14 giorni e 18 giorni) e siccome avevo pochissimi giorni, ho scelto 14 giorni e non me ne sono pentito. Sono contento che il nostro capo alpinista fosse di grande esperienza, la sua esperienza è arrivata a giocare. Era deciso e molto attento quando si trattava di arrampicare. Avevamo un allenamento pre-salita che ci ha aiutato molto ad affrontare gradini ad altitudini più elevate. Abbiamo trascorso una notte impegnativa al Mera High Camp, ma ce l'abbiamo fatta! Abbiamo scalato con successo la vetta e ci siamo goduti i giorni più belli della nostra vita. Rimasi in soggezione nel vedere le vette torreggianti dall'alto. Grazie, Third Rock per questa opportunità.
Koldan Morozov
flagsRussian Federation
Sep 25, 2019
Fabulous Experience
Я влюблен в Непал, его культуру и красоту природы. Я был в Непале впервые, но мне очень понравилось. Я совершал восхождение на пик Мера с Third Rock в сентябре. Мы завершили восхождение всего за 14 дней, и мне нравится, как они предлагают нам подготовку перед восхождением. Рад, что мы провели тренировку, которая очень помогла нам покорить вершину пика Мера. Это была сбывшаяся мечта, такой славный момент. Я поднимусь на Айленд Пик через два года и сделаю это с ТРЕТЬЕЙ Скалой, и я рекомендую вам это сделать.
Carl Chambers
flagsUnited States of America
Sep 20, 2019
We did it!
Third Rock Adventures made our dream come true. We climbed Mera Peak in just 14 days. They made it possible. I want to give credit to the climbing leader, who was a rockstar. He exactly knew what would be the best. We enjoyed the pre-climb training. They had the best-option for Mera High Camp. In short, everything was managed perfectly.
Gustavo Blair
flagsUnited States of America
Sep 16, 2019
Good Deal
Dealing with Third Rock was easy. They offered me lots of email sharing about the trip from the very first day. The travel consultant responded professionally and dealing with Naba made it easier. He could answer all my questions. Chewang, my climbing leader was professional and friendly. I never felt hard or any complications.My porter was amazing, he carried all the stuff on his back. I enjoyed my pre-climb training where the leader demonstrated the basic skill of climbing and introduced me with all the climbing gears and equipment. Overall, I was more than satisfied.
Israel Owen
flagsUnited States of America
Sep 16, 2019
Adventurous climb
The climb was admiteddly challenging, but with a great team it would be doable. I did the climb with the amazing team of Third Rock. Despite being shorter than usual itinerary, this climb was well-designed. I acclimatized for a day, had pre-climb training session and climbed to the top of peak. All because of the highly-experienced leader and the team.
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