Local Food Taste in Kritipur with Pantan and Bungmati Sightseeing - 1 day

Local Food Taste in Kritipur with Pantan and Bungmati Sightseeing - 1 day

Enjoy a gastronomical adventure in the vibrant Newari streets of Kirtipur paired with cultural heritage sightseeing tours to Patan City, Bungmati, and Khokana villages. Immerse yourself completely in the Newari culture with a full-day tour by exploring the temples, museums, and narrow alleyways and taking a delectable food tour. 
The tour is best for families and individuals who enjoy trying unique food and exploring different cultures and heritage of Nepal. 

Trip Highlights

  • Explore the beautiful Patan Durbar Square, Krishna Temple, Golden Temple, and Patan Museum.
  • A glimpse of the traditional lifestyle in the villages of Bungmati and Khokana
  • Savor the unique flavors of Newari cuisine in Kirtipur.

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Pickup from the hotel and explore Patan's ancient architectural wonder

Start your morning with a traditional Nepali breakfast. Then the guide will come to pick you up at the hotel. From there, you will drive off to the beautiful Newari city of Patan, known popularly as Lalitpur. Renowned for its impressive architecture and rich history, Patan has much to offer, from museums to temples and courtyards. 
The tour begins with a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site, Patan Durbar Square, where you will explore two famous courtyards, Mul Chowk and Sundari Chowk.
The next stop is the spiritual Krishna Temple built in the 17th century with 21 pinnacles and carvings of Mahabharata. 
Make sure to also visit the Bhimsen temple, a pagoda-style temple dedicated to a popular deity with the same name. If time permits, you can visit the Patan Museum, with art and historical collections.

Explore the villages of Bungmati and Khokana

Departing the Patan complex, you will head to the traditional Newari village of Bungamati. You will instantly witness the traditional Newari houses made of brick and wood and walk through narrow lanes. 
You can visit the renowned Rato Machindranath temple, which holds the annual chariot procession called the Bungamati Jatra. 
Karya Binayak Temple is another renowned temple devoted to the deity Binayak, known to protect the village. From there, walk along the streets to witness intricate wood carvings in the houses' doors, windows, and pillars. You can also observe the practice of agriculture in the terraced fields. 

The Bungamati River flows through the village and passes Khokana as well. Khokhana is another traditional Newari village known for its Mustard Oil Production, so in the right season, you might witness beautiful yellow mustard fields. 
Walk down in the open fields up to the Sikali temple, dedicated to a mother goddess, which holds the annual Sikali Jatra with dance performances and cultural rituals. Another interesting place to visit is the Rudrayani temple dedicated to Goddess Durga, which has amazing wood carvings and traditional motifs.

Drive to Kirtipur for local Newari food tasting

From Khokhana, just a few kilometers away in the southwest of Kathmandu, is the Newari town of Kirtipur. The historical significance can be spotted in the age-old buildings, the traditional crafts display, and the temples. 
Many local restaurants in Kirtipur were established years ago to offer authentic Newari cuisine, so our guide will escort you to one of them. Some of the delicacies you can try are:

  • Bara:  A pancake-like snack made of ground lentils with vegetables or minced meat on top.
  • Choila: Spicy and tangy marinated grilled meat.
  • Kwati: Traditional Nepali soup is made of 5 to 7 types of sprouted beans and lentils.
  • Yomari: A sweet palette cleanser made with rice flour dough and filled with molasses and sesame, steamed, and served.
  • Chatamari: Thin rice flour crepe topped with vegetables, meat, or eggs.
  • Local tea: An unforgettable cup of local hot tea called 'china' made of dried and rolled Nepali tea leaves.

After enjoying the delicacies, walk along the alleyways and visit the Bagh Bhairav temple, Uma Maheshwar temple, and Chilancho Stupa, if time permits. You can also interact with the locals and understand their way of living. 

Drop off at the hotel

Wrap up the cultural and unique food experience by returning to your hotel. Remember the exquisite architecture in Patan, the amazing traditional villages of Bungmati and Khokana, and the tasty delicacies at Kirtipur as you drive back

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