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How Much Does It Cost To Trek To Annapurna Circuit?


The most beautiful and popular trek in the world, the Annapurna Circuit costs between 900 to 4000 USD. The Annapurna Circuit Trek cost depends on many factors like the number of trekking days, which tour operator you want to choose- international or local operators, types of service and facilities, traveling season - peak or off seasons, and also the miscellaneous optional costs. The Annapurna Circuit trek can be completed between 10 days to 18 days.

Annapurna Circuit Trek, a spin around the majestic Annapurna range is the most sought after trekking trail. Cost-wise, there are two options of doing the trek; with a tour operator or independently, which have separate cost structures. Hence, before you make your decision on taking the trek, we have researched and provided the Annapurna Circuit trek cost and breakdown.

Annapurna Circuit Trek with Tour Operator

Annapurna Circuit trek is done most popularly with tour operators for their ease in preparation and safety.

If you decide to hire tour operators then you can choose either local or international operators. Be mindful not to take cheap operators as they might place you in uncomfortable and unfacilitated accommodations, transportation offering mediocre services. Consider and enquire about all aspects before taking on a tour operator.

Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost With Local Operator

The local tour operators have higher leverage over the international ones as they are located in Nepal, government registered and locally owned. They have greater connections and knowledge of the local markets and people. Hence the cost is also relatively lesser, in between 900 to 3000 USD depending upon the duration and the facilities offered. Along with tour management fees, it includes the cost of necessary domestic flight and drive for the tour, guide and porter, accommodation and food, and permits.

For a more budget trek at around 900 USD, there are basic accommodations and facilities in Kathmandu and Pokhara and normal tea houses in the trail.You can also opt for a standard trek costing somewhere around 1500 USD with 3 star hotels in Kathmandu and Pokhara, standard accommodation and meals in the trek and more.Cost of around 3000 USD is a luxury option where the accommodation and meals are fancier. You will be staying at luxury hotels and resorts in Kathmandu and Pokhara, and the service will be very accommodative and flexible as per your need. Hence, the ultimate cost that you choose can depend upon your preferred budget option and service needs.

It is highly suggested to take a local tour operator as they often seem to provide the best service without any gaps and is relatively less costlier than international. In addition, you will also be contributing to the local community by offering employment opportunities.

Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost with International Operator

Doing the Annapurna Circuit Trek with International Operators costs significantly more than local operators, at around 1500 to 4000 USD. The higher cost is because they ultimately have to hire middleman services from local operators and have to pay them as well. It is why it makes more sense to take a local operator. The service offered by the international ones is pretty much the same as the local operators. It includes their own management fee, fee to the local agency/guide and porter, accommodation, meals, domestic transportation, and permits.

The budget option of 1500 USD tends to be the cheapest and offers moderate budget friendly services, no star hotels for accommodation.

As the cost increases to around 2500 USD the facility offered is standard with accommodation in 3 star hotels in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

The cost around 4000 USD is the most luxury choice with accommodation at luxury hotels and resorts in the main cities and an extensive arrangement of the best guides, porters and transportation as well.

Independent Trek to Annapurna Circuit

Annapurna Circuit, unlike many other restricted trails in Nepal, can be done independently without the help of an operator or guide. For this you will have to organize the tour on your own. We consider that deciding to go independently on a trek requires some crucial information, like the overall cost of doing the tour.

Hence we have gathered all the essential data on the cost involved for the Annapurna Circuit trek, including the cost breakdown which will help you decide and plan for the tour of a lifetime. 

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Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost Breakdown

Annapurna Circuit Trek costs can be broken down into many components, including accommodation, transportation, documentation, and more. Below, we have provided a list of all the segregated costs of doing the Annapurna Circuit trek for your ease.

International flight Cost

You will need to take a direct flight from your home country to the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, at the Tribhuvan International Airport. The cost depends upon where you are located and how distant it is from Nepal. The international flight costs are not borne by your tour operator but by you.Getting the best and cheaper deals is best by booking the tickets a month before your Nepal visit. Check out travel sites like Expedia for reasonable ticket prices, which are subject to change from hour to hour.

Cost of Travel Insurance

Traveling abroad, particularly trekking to the Himalayas, is always risky. Hence it is essential to get travel insurance. The cost of taking travel insurance could be anywhere around 150 USD for 30 days of coverage. It also includes helicopter evacuations which might be needed if the health condition is severe and health posts are not readily available on the trail. While selecting a travel insurance policy, make sure it covers trekking in Nepal in particular.

Companies like World Nomads offer flexible insurance policies for travelers, so you can reach out to them.

Cost for Nepal Visa

Nepal offers a Visa on Arrival for tourists, which costs 30 USD for 15 days, 50 USD for 30 days, and 125 USD for 90 days. The cost will vary depending on the duration of your stay. For the Annapurna Circuit lasting 16 days, it is advised to take the 30 days visa.It is easy to obtain these visas at the entry point of the Tribhuvan International Airport. You simply need to fill in the arrival card and tourist visa and then make payment to the designated bank. Most tour operators do not include the cost of a Nepal visa in the tour package as it is borne directly by the tourist.

Costs for accommodations and Meals in Kathmandu and Pokhara

Any type of accommodation is available in Kathmandu and Pokhara, as these are major tourism centers and cities in Nepal. The cost of food and hotel in these cities is similar in comparison.If you take a decent 3-star hotel in Kathmandu or Pokhara, then it will cost you around 25 USD per night. Hence you can spend anywhere from 10 USD to 50 USD for accommodation, depending upon your budget and preference. A full day's meal, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, can cost anywhere between 10 USD to 50 USD. 20 USD would be enough to get decent meals.

Costs for accommodations and meals during the trek

Accommodation in the Annapurna Circuit trail costs 6 to 12 USD per person per day, which is relatively cheaper than in main city areas. There aren't any fancy hotels, only tea houses. Most of the rooms in the tea house are pretty much the same, with the basic furniture, a blanket, and a warm mattress. There aren't attached toilets, but publicly shared ones usually outside the main sleeping area building. In peak tourist seasons, you might even have to share the rooms (not the bed) with multiple people at a lower cost.

Meals are significantly costlier at higher altitudes. A single meal can cost anywhere from 5 to 10 USD. You can eat western dishes like pizza, burgers, sandwiches, or the simpler, healthy, and fresher option of a typical Nepali meal, Dal Bhat, consisting of steamed rice, lentil, and vegetable curry. Moreover, a single-liter mineral water bottle can cost up to 1 to 2 USD. Make sure to avoid canned or stale food as far as possible during the trek.Meals in the Annapurna circuit trail are much more expensive than in Kathmandu and Pokhara. The reason for this is because the trail is not accessible by vehicles, so transportation can be only on foot or via donkeys which costs a lot as there is a rise in altitude.

Cost for guides and porters

The cost of hiring a guide for the trek is around 25 to 30 USD per day, including their food, accommodation, and insurance. Similarly, hiring a porter costs 18 to 20 USD per day.

Although there is an option of doing the Annapurna circuit without the help of a guide, it is highly suggested that you take one. The benefits? Guides help you as efficient translators, help navigate paths when the trail is confusing, assist in unforeseen emergencies, and are a knowledge bank of local history.

Porters, on the other hand, are equally helpful as they majorly cut down the load by carrying your luggage of 20 to 25 kgs at one go, even in the toughest terrains. Hence, it is advised to hire guides and porters for the Annapurna circuit, particularly if this is your first trekking experience in Nepal.

Trekking Permit cost (ACAP and TIMS)

Another cost to consider during this trek is the trekking permit cost which is mentioned below: Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP): NPR 3000/ 25 USD (approx) for foreigners, NPR 200/ 2 USD (approx) for SAARC nationals
Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS): NPR 1000/ 8 USD (approx) if you are part of a trekking group, NPR 2000/ 17 USD (approx) if you are a solo trekker
More elaborate details about getting TIMS and ACAP Permit can be found in the Complete Annapurna Circuit guide.

Transportation cost from/to Kathmandu

Transportation cost largely depends upon your preferred means of travel. Taking the 16-day standard itinerary, you will drive from Kathmandu to Jagat on a tourist bus which will take around 5 to 10 USD. From there, you will drive to Lower Pisang, taking a jeep which will cost 10 to 15 USD. From there, it is trekking for a majority part until Jomsom.

From Jomsom, you have two options that you can take to reach Pokhara, either via domestic flight, which costs 125 USD, or you can drive via a jeep costing 40 USD or a bus costing 12 to 18 USD. After reaching Pokhara, you have another choice: fly back to Kathmandu, which costs up to 50 USD, or via a bus that costs 10 USD.

Cost for Trekking gears and equipment

You need to carry an array of equipment and gears for the Annapurna Circuit, which might cost you anywhere between 500 to 1000 USD if you buy it. This includes hiking boots, sleeping bags, thermals, trousers, 40 to 50L backpacks, hiking poles, and more. Buying gears might not be the only option as a much budget-friendly approach is available- Renting!Renting a single piece of gear or equipment from a rental shop in Thamel, Kathmandu, can cost you as little as 1 USD. However, you must be mindful of checking the quality and condition of the item.For more elaborate details on gears and equipment, you can check the buying and renting trekking gear in the Nepal blog.Optional personal expenses:

Many optional costs are incurred during the Annapurna Circuit trek that is majorly based on one's preference. As the altitude goes higher, the cost of these also inflates due to the difficulty in transportation: Charging your phones and electronic gadgets might be free in some tea houses, but others cost about 1 to 3 USD for an hour's worth of charging.
Internet facilities (Wifi) are also available in the tea houses, usually costing 1 to 2 USD, but the connectivity is not as good. There isn't internet connectivity available in and above the Thorong High Camp.

Buying a sim card in Nepal can also be a good medium of communication and internet connectivity. You can replace the use of wifi with your data where there is proper tower connectivity. However, even the mobile data won't work in remote trails over higher altitudes. Buying a sim card costs about 2 USD; however, getting a good mobile data and voice package costs anywhere from 5 USD to 10 USD, which will suffice throughout the trek.

Drinks on the Annapurna Circuit trekking trail are limited to hot drinks like tea which costs about 1 to 2 USD per cup, fizzy drinks costing 2 to 3 USD per bottle, and mineral water costing 2 to 3 USD per liter.
Different charities are helping conserve the Annapurna region, which you can reach out to and chip in some dollars, which is optional.
As the weather is cold, there isn't enough solar power; the hot shower is run by gas, so it isn't free. Hot showers are another optional cost which costs about 2 USD per shower.

Gratitude for guides and porters

It is always a nice gesture to tip the guides and porters, although it is not mandatory. The extra tips earned from you will help uplift their motivation and living standards. If you are content with the service, you can reward your guide with around 150 to 200 USD and your porter around 60 to 80 USD for the entire tour. It is a general rule to tip at least 10 percent of the tour cost.

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Tips for the Annapurna Circuit Trek

  • To avoid paying extra for charging, carry a portable solar panel to charge your electronic gadgets at the end of the trek.
  • To avoid buying expensive mineral water, carry a reusable bottle with a water filter or water purifying tablets and fill the water from the open taps available throughout the trail. 
  • Carry additional Nepali currency as you will not easily find ATMs on the trekking trail at higher altitudes 
  • If you are traveling independently, it is best to travel with a group of people as you will be splitting the cost of accommodation, saving some bucks every day. 
  • Rent the essential trekking gears and equipment rather than buying them to save money, as items bought need to be taken back home, which adds to the hassle during an international flight.


  • In conclusion, the entire cost of taking the Annapurna Circuit trek is anywhere from 900 to 4000 USD, depending upon your preferred budget within this range. You can get in touch with a professional and trusted local agency like Third Rock Adventures to plan and organize your successful trek to make it an unforgettable one.

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