Kathmandu and Pokhara Sunrise Tour - 7 days

Kathmandu and Pokhara Sunrise Tour - 7 days

Kathmandu and Pokhara Sunrise Tour is an interesting short tour around two of the most beautiful cities of Nepal. The seven days tour begins from the heart of Nepal in Kathmandu then traverses to the hills of Pokhara for a mesmerizing Sarangkot sunrise view. It takes you to the heights of Sarangkot viewpoint and Nagarkot hill station, the best spot in Nepal for sunrise and mountain views.

Moreover, the Kathmandu and Pokhara Sunrise Tour is about culture, nature, traditions, and heritage. The visits to World Heritage sites offered a clear picture of the practices of the medieval time in Nepal when it was a Kingdom. The abundant temples and shrines are an homage to the different gods worshipped by different sects. Walking around the streets of Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, and Patan lets you interact with the warm and welcoming locals and marvel at the craftsmanship of the artisans. The best experience is watching the sunrise beautifully over the hills and coloring the mountains golden. These experiences make these seven days tour the best time of your life.

This tour is easy and luxurious due to the short number of days and the ease of travel. Moreover, you can amplify the experience by staying at luxury hotels in both cities. It is best suited for newlyweds looking for the best honeymoon destination and families looking for an easy tour to spend together.

How Much Does This Trip Cost?

The trip's price depends on the type of services chosen by our clients and the group size. The cost of each trip we organize is different because we see travelers as individuals having their own particular needs and preferences.

Get ready for an incredible journey tailored to your interests and preferences, whether you're looking for a budget-friendly adventure or a luxurious getaway. Leave the planning to us as we take care of all the details, ensuring your dream trip becomes a reality. You can relax and focus on creating unforgettable memories that will stay with you forever.

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Trip Highlights

  • Panoramic views of the sunrise from the hills of Nagarkot (2195m/7201ft) and Sarangkot (1,600m/5,249ft)
  • Majestic views of mountains like Annapurna Massif, Langtang, Ganesh, Jugal, Dhaulagiri, and Machhapuchhre along the tour
  • Visit the religious World Heritage sites like Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, and Boudhanath in the Kathmandu valley
  • Witness the lifestyle and traditions of the ancient Malla King regime in the Hanuman Dhoka Museum in Kathmandu Durbar Square
  • Explore the aesthetic and artistic temples and monuments in Patan Durbar Square
  • Immerse in the religion and culture in the Newari town of Bhaktapur
  • Romantic boating experience in Phewa Lake and Begnas Lake in Pokhara
  • Visit Davis falls, Gupteshwor Cave, Bat cave, and International Mountain Museum in Pokhara
  • Bird's eye views of the hills and mountains with a flight to and from Pokhara

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights
Day 1 Arrival in Kathmandu (1,400m/4,593ft) - Transfer to Hotel and tour Preparation
Day 2 Cultural tour in World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu
Day 3 Sightseeing around Patan Durbar Square, Drive to Nagarkot (2,195m/7,201ft)
Day 4 Sightseeing around Bhaktapur Durbar Square, then drive to Kathmandu and Flight to Pokhara - 35 minutes flight
Day 5 Sightseeing tour in Pokhara City
Day 6 Drive to Sarangkot Hill Station (1,600m/5,249ft) then drive to Pokhara and flight to Kathmandu - 1 hour drive and 25 minutes flight
Day 7 Final Departure from Kathmandu

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1
Arrival in Kathmandu (1,400m/4,593ft) - Transfer to Hotel and tour Preparation

After you arrive at the Tribhuvan International Airport in the heart of Kathmandu, you will be greeted by panoramic views of the distant green hills of Nagarjuna and Shivapuri. On a clear day, if you're lucky, you might be able to see the towering Himalayas behind the hills. The natural beauty is awe-inspiring and combined with the luxury, Nepal is one of the best honeymoon and family vacation spots.

At the airport, you will be greeted by our representatives and driven to Thamel, a tourist hotspot located 5 km from the airport. After entering the hotel, you can take a relaxing bath then head out to explore the Kathmandu Durbar Square nearby, if the time permits. The Durbar Square is a World Heritage site and a clear depiction of the culture, art, crafts, traditions of ancient times. You can visit the Hanuman Dhoka Museum and witness Kumari, the living Goddess, temples, and courtyards.

In the evening, stroll in the streets of Thamel. There are many attractions like casinos, rock climbing, spas, temples, and restaurants to enjoy with your family or partner.

Overnight stay in Kathmandu.

Day 2
Cultural tour in World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu

Boudhanath stupa Boudhanath Stupa- one of the largest Buddhist stupas in the world, built during the 5th century AD.

Today you will be visiting Kathmandu city's most famous cultural sights. Starting, you will be visiting Boudhanath Stupa, the biggest stupa in Nepal and a UNESCO world heritage site located in the northeastern ridges of the city. This place is a unique pilgrimage site for Buddhists, so you will see a lot of monks while exploring. After this, you will head to Pashupatinath, one of the holiest temples for Hindus, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Non- Hindus can not enter the temple but can view it from the outskirts, particularly the eastern bank of the Bagmati river. You will see a large gold-plated pagoda-roofed temple dating back to 400 AD and many smaller temples surrounding it.

Later in the afternoon, you will head to Swayambhunath, a hilltop shrine linked to the formation of Kathmandu Valley. According to the myth, Kathmandu was a lake, and a divine hermit drained the lake as he saw a lotus that later bloomed to form Swayambhunath. These places have a sizable population of monkeys living there, and Swayambhunath is itself known as the "Monkey Temple" for the same reason.

After a long and tiresome day, you can head back to your hotel for a well-deserved romantic candlelight dinner.

Overnight stay in Kathmandu.

Day 3
Sightseeing around Patan Durbar Square, Drive to Nagarkot (2,195m/7,201ft)

Sunrise From Nagarkot Sunrise From Nagarkot - Nagarkot is a scenic hilly town 30 kilometers northeast of Kathmandu City

Today you will be visiting Patan, also known as the "City of Artisans" or "Lalitpur." It was one of the three kingdoms of the Kathmandu valley and the home of the Malla kings in ancient times. Their palaces have now been restored as a museum called the Patan Museum. The Patan Durbar Square vicinity consists of large courtyards with pagoda-roofed palaces and temples and several ancient relics and historical items.

Located in the southern belt of the valley, Patan itself is a Newari town with its cultural beauty. You can converse with the locals through your tour guide to understand more about their ancient practices, traditions, and rich culture.

After visiting Patan, you will take a drive to the Nagarkot Hill Station in the southeastern part of the Kathmandu valley. The hill station is a perfect romantic destination for couples, individuals, and families to spend time together waiting for the sunrise and sunsets. On a bright day, you can witness the fantastic views of the Himalayan range of the Ganesh, Jugal, and Langtang mountains. You can stay at a luxurious hotel in Nagarkot to witness these amazing views. There is a picnic spot where you can set out to relax before heading to the hotel.

Overnight stay in Nagarkot.

Day 4
Sightseeing around Bhaktapur Durbar Square, then drive to Kathmandu and Flight to Pokhara - 35 minutes flight

Dattatraya Square Bhaktapur Dattatraya Square Bhaktapur

Early in the morning, before dawn, take a short hike to the tower, the highest point of Nagarkot, to witness the sunrise. If the sky is clear and blue, you can also witness the views of the mountains. Move back to your hotel, have breakfast, and then pack your belongings for a drive back to Kathmandu.

On the way back, you will make a stop at Bhaktapur City, also known as the "City of Devotees." The city is best known for Bhaktapur Durbar Square, one of the best-preserved heritage sites in the valley. The ancient palaces of the past kings have been restored into museums or as cafes. You will get to witness the artistry and craftsmanship of the Golden Gate, Palace of 55 Windows, Nyatapola Temple, and other small temples surrounding the courtyards. Make sure that you enjoy the famous 'Juju Dhau' or 'King Curd,' a sweet and thick curd made in Bhaktapur. You can also enter the Pottery Square to watch the potters at work or, better yet, join them in pottery after paying a small fee.

After arriving at Kathmandu, you will then be transferred to the domestic terminal of Kathmandu airport for a flight to Pokhara city. The flight will take you to the west of Kathmandu and will take 35 minutes to reach Pokhara. Upon reaching the airport, we will drive you to a nice hotel near the Phewa lakeside in Baidam. If you are not already exhausted, then you can head out to the streets and enjoy a walk along the Phewa Lakeside. Phewa is a huge freshwater lake in the south of Pokhara, which has gained massive popularity for being a tourist area. At night you can head out to enjoy one of the many pubs and clubs with live music and dance.

Overnight stay in Pokhara.

Day 5
Sightseeing tour in Pokhara City

Phewa Lake Phewa Lake Pokhara

On this day, you will be visiting Pokhara's various attractions. Firstly, you can visit the shrine of goddess Barahi by taking a boat ride across Phewa Lake. This is particularly famous for people in love and new families to pray to the shrine of goddess Durga, protector of the gods, for wellbeing.

Later on, visit Davis Falls, a famous waterfall that flows into an underground tunnel. You can then visit the nearby Gupteshwor Cave, an underground cave with Lord Shiva's shrine. At the bottom of the cave's wall, you can see the waters from the Davis Fall falling, which is a majestic sight. From there, you can visit the International Mountain Museum that records the development in Mountains, Mountaineering, and the culture and traditions of the Sherpas. There are even records of flora and fauna found in mountain ranges and displays of the equipment and gear from the Himalayan expeditions.

You can take a 20 minutes drive from Baidam to Begnas Lake, where you can take a boat ride. It is similar to Phewa Lake, with greenery surrounding the lake. Pokhara is indeed a place of natural beauty where one can forget their anguish and cherish their stay. After the long day, you can head to a spa and relieve your sore muscles. Make sure to try the local Thakali meal set to excite your taste buds.

Overnight at Pokhara.

Day 6
Drive to Sarangkot Hill Station (1,600m/5,249ft) then drive to Pokhara and flight to Kathmandu - 1 hour drive and 25 minutes flight

Sarangkot Sunrise Sunrise View from Sarangkot, Pokhara - Sarangkot is famous for its breathtaking sunrises and sunsets

You will wake up before dawn and head on a 30 minutes drive to the Sarangkot hills located to the western side of Pokhara. You will be dropped off at a distance from where you have to take a hike up to the hill. After finally reaching the top, you will be mesmerized by the panoramic views of the valley below, surrounded by green hills topped off with milky mountains. Annapurna Massif, Macchapuchre, Dhaulagiri are all visible from this height. It is one of the best sunrise viewpoints across Nepal. The first rays of the sun touching the golden mountains and the verdant hills are a feast for the eyes.

You can have your breakfast at a nearby restaurant, after which you can opt for a paraglide or tandem flight if you are a thrill-seeker. You will see many adventurists paragliding over the sky. It is a perfect dating spot for many lovers and an excellent sightseeing and picnic spot for families. After the magical experience, you will head back to Pokhara. If time permits, you can collect souvenirs from nearby stores and then head to the airport for a flight back to Kathmandu.

You will be transferred to your hotel after reaching Kathmandu. You can head out to the streets of Thamel to enjoy the night market, try different Nepali cuisine, enjoy at a bar or do some souvenir shopping.

Overnight stay in Kathmandu.

Day 7
Final Departure from Kathmandu

Your fascinating tour finally comes to an end on this day. After breakfast, pack up your belongings, then drive to the Tribhuvan International Airport for a final departure from Nepal. If you wish, you can prolong the tour to a couple of more days and head to Chitwan and Lumbini after the tour in Pokhara.

After the amazing sunrise viewpoint tour in the hills of Kathmandu and Pokhara, you will want to experience more natural beauty. You can reach out to us to know more and organize the tours accordingly for more tours like this.

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Travel experiences of our clients who recently returned from their trips.

Corey Newman
Apr 22, 2022

Beautiful Sunries.

Hank wanted to enjoy the sunrise view from Pokhara. He talked to Naba and fixed this tour. and we absolutely enjoyed this short tour. The sunrise was beautiful just as Hank explained to me. We get to see mountains like Annapurna from Pokhara city. We found Kathmandu chaotic at times, but it also offered serenity outside of busy city. Thanks to our guide who managed everything on timely manner and offered great service.
Adam Rogers
flagsUnited States of America
Apr 21, 2022

Lovely tour

We enjoyed this tour organized by Third Rock Adventures. The tour guide was professional and friendly. Pokhara was absolutely beautiful, full of lakes, greenery and mountains.
Jordan Jackson
flagsUnited States of America
Oct 13, 2021

Kathmandu Pokhara Tour

Explored the two most beautiful towns in Nepal, Pokhara and Kathmandu. Had quality time exploring UNESCO world heritage sites and Phewa Lake. I also drove to Sarangkot Hill Station for a stunning sunrise view. I somehow loved Kathmandu more. It was truly magical experience in Nepal.
Dariel Rivas
flagsUnited States of America
Mar 09, 2020

Must-do tour

Kathmandu is really a wonderful city to explore in Nepal. I was fascinated by the idea of staying for a couple of days when I first visited this city back in 2014 for my short trek to Poon Hill. And I finally did it. Thanks to Third Rock for the customized itinerary that I crafted. I stayed in THamel, explored all the UNESCO sites inside the valley and headed to Pokahra

Based on 4 reviews
Very good

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