Authentic Nepali Organic Food tour - 1 day

Authentic Nepali Organic Food tour - 1 day

Enjoy a local culinary experience by taking the Authentic Nepali Organic food tour with a home dinner in Bhaktapur. This is a unique and memorable experience of visiting a homestay in the Newari city of Nepal to learn about traditional farming and food preparation, and cook a meal using fresh, homegrown organic ingredients. Immerse yourself in the Nepali culture by sharing a traditional feast with a local family and learning about their livelihood. The authentic Nepali organic food home dinner tour is indeed the best way to taste the rich culinary traditions and connect with the local community.

Trip Highlights

  • Visit a local homestay to firsthand experience cooking and sharing an authentic Nepali dinner
  • Learn about traditional Nepali food farming, preparation, and cooking techniques using fresh, organic ingredients
  • Dine with a local family to learn their traditions and lifestyle

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Pickup from the hotel 

After having breakfast, we will drive to the oldest city of Kathmandu Valley, located in the eastern corner, Bhaktapur. As there is no better way to experience the authenticity of Nepali cuisine, we will be joining a local family for a delicious organic home dinner. 
On the way, as you reach Bhaktapur, you will see large farmlands with green crops, grazing animals, and farmers doing their daily chores. 

Visiting the farm and local homestay in Bhaktapur

As the organic ingredients are sourced directly from the local family's farm or local farmer's market, we will begin the tour with a visit to the farm. You have a chance to see how produce is grown and harvested and also learn about traditional farming methods passed down through generations. The green leafy vegetables and acres of crop fields growing lentils and rice are a sight to the sore eyes. With this, you can rest assured that the food is rich in nutrition. 

Preparing the organic Nepali meal 

After touring the farmlands, you will head back to the homestay to begin the cooking process. The family will teach you how to prepare an authentic meal comprising the staple Daal Bhat (lentil and rice), curries, vegetable stir fry, and pickles using fresh, organic ingredients. In addition, you will also have the chance to learn about the variety of spices and herbs commonly used in Nepali cooking. 

As the meal is being prepared, you can also ask any questions you may have about the Nepali lifestyle and traditions. You can also connect with the local community and immerse yourself in the culture. 

Enjoying the homemade dinner 

When the meal is ready, you will sit down to enjoy the feast served in the traditional Nepali style. After the meal, relax and enjoy the company of the family and listen to the historical stories being shared. Overnight in the homestay.

Dropoff at the hotel 

Early next morning, you will be dropped off at the hotel. However, as per your preference and if time permits, consult with your guide to visit the Bhaktapur Durbar Square on your way back. Visit the temples, courtyards, and museums in Durbar Square. 


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