Pharping and Dakshinkali Tour - 1 day

Pharping and Dakshinkali Tour - 1 day

Embark on a private cultural tour to explore some of the best attractions on the outskirts of Kathmandu valley. Explore Pharping, a prominent site for Tibetan Buddhists. Pay homage to Dakshinkali, a Hindu temple dedicated to Kali, the goddess of death, time, and change. Visit a beautiful lake called Taudaha Lake en route to Kathmandu. And last but not least, head to Chobar to explore one of the largest caves in Asia, Chobar Caves.

Pharping Dakshinkali tour commences with a scenic 1-hour drive to Pharping, about 20km south of Kathmandu, where you will explore Asura cave. We will then visit and offer homage to the Dakshinkali temple. On our way to Kathmandu, stop briefly to embrace the beauty of Taudaha Lake, famous for birdwatching. The last part of the tour will take us to Chobar, where we will explore Chobar Gorge.

Trip Highlights

  • Explore the Pharping area, an ancient Tibetan Buddhist site.
  • Visit Vajra Yogini temple, Shesnarayan temple, and Gorakhnath temple
  • Visit Dakshinkali Temple, a Hindu pilgrimage destination dedicated to the goddess Kali.
  • Visit Taudaha Lake, a small lake allegedly home to nagas.
  • Explore Chobar Gorge and caves.
  • Explore Asura Cave, where Guru Padmasambhava attained enlightenment.

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights
Day 1 Visit Pharping, Dakshinkali Temple, Chobar and Taudaha

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1
Visit Pharping, Dakshinkali Temple, Chobar and Taudaha


Neydo Monastery Pharping

We will begin this tour with a 1-hour drive to Pharphing. Be sure to be ready by 10. am, and we will pick you up from your hotel. Pharping, a Newari town on the outskirts of Kathmandu, is one of the best places for weekend getaways and adventures. Embark on a short journey to Asura Cave, a cave sacred to Guru Rinpoche. We will also visit Vajra Yogini temple, Gorakhnath temple, and Shesnarayan temple.

Dakshinkali Temple

Dakshinkali Temple

We will be at Dakshinkali temple after the lunch break. Dakshinkati temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Kali. Hindu devotees drag animals like chickens, goats, and sheep and offer them to the goddess to satisfy her blood lust. This sacred temple is a popular hiking destination near Pharping village. 

Taudaha Lake

On our way to Kathmandu, we will visit this beautiful lake called Taudaha. It is also called "The lake of snakes." This lake is believed to be the abode of the Nagas and also one of the important sites for Bird watching. If you're lucky, you will spot migratory bird species.



At last, we will explore Chobhar. We will visit Chobhar Gorge and explore the Chobhar caves, one of the largest caves in Asia. And we will wrap our amazing day tour. Our guide will drop you off at your hotel. 

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Very good

Liam Olson
Mar 17, 2022
Dakshinkali Tour
A beautiful short journey near Kathmandu is Dakshinkali. It's a renowned Hindu temple famous among netizens. I had an opportunity to visit this temple. We also explored the Pharping area. And all in all in just a day.
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