Tilicho Lake Trek - 12 Days

Tilicho Lake Trek offers you the astounding view of the Himalayas to the highest lake in the world. Tilicho Lake lies on the lap of Tilicho Peak and is encircled by snow and ice. The lake's elevation is 4,920m/16,141ft, and the average depth of the Tilicho Lake is around 85m/ 276ft. Walk on a forested trail, past cascading waterfalls, and enjoy the astounding view of the Himalayas to the highest lake in the world.

Tilicho Lake lies in Manang (Annapurna Region), and it is one of the popular side hikes of Annapurna Circuit Trek. Enjoy a scenic trek past mountain villages of Chame, Upper Pisang, Manang on your way to Tilicho Lake. En route, you will get to savor the majestic views of mountains like Annapurna Massif, Gangapurna, Tilicho Peak. Along with the natural beauty of the region, you will get an insight into the rich mountain culture and tradition influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. Also, pay a visit to ancient monasteries and witness mani stone, prayer flags, and prayer wheels.

Your 12 days Tilicho Lake Trek itinerary begins and ends in Kathmandu. After arriving in Kathmandu, you will be taking a scenic ride on the meandering hilly roads of Nepal on the following day. On your journey from Kathmandu to Chame, you will be driving past the picturesque landscape with snowy mountains, verdant hills, and terraced farmlands. Also, you will be crossing rivers like Trishuli and Marshyangdi on your way to Chame, the trailhead of your trek. Go on a wonderful trek to Upper Pisang, which takes you inside the Marshyangdi valley. Hike on a forested trail and enjoy the stunning view of the Annapurna range before reaching the old settlement of Upper Pisang.

Further, you will be walking on a trail with the breathtaking views of Annapurna Massif and neighboring peaks to Manang village. Spend a day acclimatizing in the beautiful Manang village, which features traditional flat-roofed houses with the backdrop of the Gangapurna and Annapurna range. Add some adventure to the trek with a hike to Ice Lake and soak in its unparalleled beauty. Continue your trek to Shiri Kharka, and a trek on an ascending trail will take you to Tilicho Base Camp.

You will be trekking to pristine and turquoise-colored Tilicho Lake, located at the foot of Tilicho Peak. Soak in the serenity of Tilicho Lake before trekking back to Siri Kharka. Retrace your steps back to Manang village and drive to Besisahar. Further, you will be driving back to Kathmandu, and on the next day, you will be taking your international flight with wonderful memories for a lifetime.

Trip Highlights

  • Enjoy a scenic ride on the meandering hilly roads of Nepal with a wonderful view of snowy mountains, verdant hills, fast-flowing rivers, terraced farmlands, hillside villages, and others.
  • Bask in the unparalleled beauty of turquoise Tilicho Lake situated on the lap of Tilicho Peak and is surrounded by snow and ice.
  • Trek into the Marshyangdi Valley and hike alongside the Marshyangdi River with a stunning view of the Annapurna range.
  • Savor the dramatic view of Annapurna Massif, its neighboring peaks, along with the breathtaking view of the Marshyangdi River Valley.
  • Hike past the ancient settlements with traditional flat-roofed houses, including that of Ghyaru and Nawal.
  • Tilicho Lake Trek lets you spend a day in Manang village residing on the lap of Annapurna III and also offers the majestic views of Annapurna and Gangapurna.
  • Go on an acclimatizing hike to Gangapurna Lake, which offers a panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges and the Marshyangdi River Valley.
  • Hike on rugged terrain to Tilicho Base Camp and bask in the soul-stirring view of Tilicho Peak and other neighboring mountains.
  • Get an insight into the rich mountain culture and traditions which is influenced by Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Observe the Mani stone with the inscription of mantras in Tibetan and pay a visit to old monasteries, including Tahrap Monastery, which is the oldest monastery in the region.
  • Immerse in the Tibetan vibe of Khangsar village and get a sneak peek into the local culture.

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights
Day 1 Arrival in Kathmandu
Day 2 Drive to Chame (2,670m/8,759ft) - 9 to 10 hours drive
Day 3 Trek to Upper Pisang (3,300m/10,826ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek
Day 4 Trek to Manang Village (3,540m/11,613ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek
Day 5 Explore Manang Village and Gangapurna Lake (3,540m/11,641ft)
Day 6 Trek to Siri Kharka (4,000m/13,122ft) - 4 to 5 hours trek
Day 7 Trek to Tilicho Base Camp (4,150m/13,614ft) - 3 to 4 hours trek
Day 8 Hike to Tilicho Lake (4,920m/16,141ft) and trek back to Siri Kharka (4,000m/13,122ft) - 4 to 5 hours
Day 9 Trek to Manang Village (3,540m/11,613ft) - 4 to 5 hours
Day 10 Drive to Besisahar
Day 11 Drive to Kathmandu - 5 to 6 hours drive
Day 12 Final Departure

Route Map

Tilicho Lake Trek Route Map Tilicho Lake Trek Map

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu

Enjoy the scenic view of the snowcapped mountain range as you approach Kathmandu. A representative from Third Rock Adventures will welcome you at the Tribhuvan International Airport. Further, check into your hotel and relax for a while. Spend the evening immersed in the spiritual vibe of the Boudhanath, which is one of the holiest Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal. You will see Buddhist devotees circumambulating the stupa and will also see monks chanting prayers. The stupa is also listed among the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Nepal. Later you will return to your hotel for the night.

Overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 2: Drive to Chame (2,670m/8,759ft) - 9 to 10 hours drive

Chame Manang Chame Manang

The day starts early, and you will be taking an early morning drive to the Gurung village of Chame via Besisahar. You will be driving along the meandering hilly road of Nepal with a stunning view of snowcapped mountains, verdant hills, terraced farmlands. Enjoy a drive alongside fast-flowing rivers like Trishuli and Marshyangdi. You will be driving past the charming town of Besisahar, followed by a scenic drive to Chame. The small town of Chame is of great importance for trekkers as it is filled with a variety of shops like gear shops, medicine shops, and cold stores.

Overnight in Chame.

Day 3: Trek to Upper Pisang (3,300m/10,826ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek

Upper Pisang Upper Pisang features ancient traditional houses and an old monastery

Enjoy a wonderful trek to Upper Pisang, which takes you inside the Marshyangdi Valley. Hike through the forested trail filled with pine trees and trek alongside Marshyangdi River. You get to savor the soaring mountains, including Annapurna II and Annapurna III. Explore the village of Upper Pisang, which has mani stone with mantras inscribed in Tibetan. The old settlement of Upper Pisang features ancient traditional houses and an old monastery. People of Tibetan roots dominate the region, and you will find Tibetan customs and lifestyles here.

Overnight in Upper Pisang.

Day 4: Trek to Manang Village (3,540m/11,613ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek

Barga Barga Village

Take a scenic hike to Manang village, which passes through one of the most scenic landscapes of the trek. The ascending trail will reward you with splendid views of the Annapurna Massif and neighboring peaks, along with the stunning view of the Marshyangdi River Valley. Moreover, you will get to see an interesting landscape where some section is partly arid like Tibetan plateau while some section has pinewood forest. En route, you will see the quaint settlements of Ghyaru and Nawal. Upon climbing an ascend, you will see the astounding view of peaks, including Annapurna III and Tilicho Peak. You will be trekking past the old settlement of Barga with one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries of Nepal before reaching Manang. The quaint village of Manang is filled with hundreds of traditional flat-roofed houses, and soaring peaks including Annapurna III and Ganagapurna dominate the skyline. 

Overnight in Manang.

Day 5: Explore Manang Village and Gangapurna Lake (3,540m/11,641ft)

Gangapurna lake Gangapurna Lake

Spend a day acclimatizing in the beautiful village of Manang, which lies in the lap of Annapurna III and offers you a gorgeous view of Annapurna and Gangapaurna. Enjoy an acclimatization hike to the beautiful Gangapurna Lake, which overlooks the panoramic view of the Himalayas and the Marshyangdi River Valley. Savor the view of the mountains, including Annapurna range, Gangapurna, and Tilicho Peak, from the vantage point.  Also, explore the old village of Tenki, which has a rustic feel, and walk in the narrow alleys of the village. Pay a visit to the ancient monasteries before returning to Manang village.

If you want to add some adventure to your trek, then go on an acclimatization hike to Ice Lake, which is called Kicho Tal locally. It is a day hike and will take you around 6 to 7 hours. On your way to Ice Lake, you will be trekking towards the northern slopes of Chulu East. Soak into the serenity before retracing your steps back to Manang.

Overnight in Manang.

Day 6: Trek to Siri Kharka (4,000m/13,122ft) - 4 to 5 hours trek

You will be walking on an ascending trail and crossing a suspension bridge over the Manang River. Take a scenic walk on the trail filled with pine trees. Also, the magnificent view of the Tilicho Peak will entertain you on your way to the Khangsar village, which has a very traditional Tibetan vibe. Continue your trek on an ascending trail to Shree Kharka. Savor the breathtaking views of mountains like Gungang Himal, Chulu, Gungang Himal along the way.

Overnight in Siri Kharka.

Day 7: Trek to Tilicho Base Camp (4,150m/13,614ft) - 3 to 4 hours trek

Tilicho Base Camp Tilicho Base Camp

Today you will be trekking to Tilicho Base Camp, and the trail features only a few gentle ascents. The trail to the base camp passes through the landslide area, so you need to be cautious as you walk on the loose rocks and pebbles. En route, you will see the impressive rock formations. Tilicho Base Camp overlooks the breathtaking view of Tilicho Peak and other neighboring mountains.

Overnight in Tilicho Base Camp.

Day 8: Hike to Tilicho Lake (4,920m/16,141ft) and trek back to Siri Kharka (4,000m/13,122ft) - 4 to 5 hours

Tilicho Lake Tilicho Lake -It is a highest lake in the world situated at an altitude of 4920m

Start your hike early to avoid the afternoon wind. Walk slowly but steadily on an ascending trail all the way up to Tilicho Lake. The pristine water of the Tilicho Lake circle by white snow and ice will entice you. The turquoise-colored Tilicho Lake is situated at the foot of the Tilicho Peak at an altitude of 4,920 meters or 16,141ft. You will reach the highest point of the trek at Tilicho Lake. Soak into the natural beauty of Tilicho Lake and click a lot of pictures before returning to Sir Kharka. Be equally cautiously when returning as you will be walking on a descending trail while maintaining your pace.

Overnight in Siri Kharka.

Day 9: Trek to Manang Village (3,540m/11,613ft) - 4 to 5 hours

Trek alongside a river and hike pass monastery on your trek from Siri Kharka to Manang village. On the way, you will be briefly stopping at Khangsar for lunch. Khangsar is one of the oldest villages in the region and has a rustic charm. Tahrap Monastery of Khangsar is one of the oldest monasteries of the region and is credited for starting a monastic settlement. You will be crossing a suspension bridge and walking on a descending trail on your way to Manang village.

Overnight in Manang village.

Day 10: Drive to Besisahar

Today you will be leaving Manang village for Besisahar and driving past the wonderful landscape featuring a tumbling waterfall, snowy mountains, brown hills, and pine trees. Moreover, enjoy a drive past traditional settlements which was along the ancient Tibet trade route. The small town of Besisahar caters to the needs of trekkers, and there are many hotels as well.

Overnight in Besisahar.

Day 11: Drive to Kathmandu - 5 to 6 hours drive

Enjoy a scenic drive through the winding road along the Prithivi Highway. You will be driving beside the fast-flowing rivers of Nepal Trishuli and Marshyangdi and will also drive past the confluence of the two rivers. Moreover, you will see the amazing views of verdant hills and local farmlands on your way to Kathmandu. Check into your hotel and spend some time relaxing, or you can explore the beautiful city. Also, you can do some souvenir shopping to take back home.

Overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 12: Final Departure

Today will be the last day of your Tilicho Lake Trek, and you will be bidding farewell to Nepal. A representative from Third Rock Adventures will come to drop you at the airport a few hours before your scheduled flight. Moreover, you will be taking an international flight back home and will be flying back with beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Best Time to Travel           

The best time to go to the Tilicho Lake Trek is spring (March to May) and autumn (mid-September to November).

Spring is the season that attracts travelers, including nature lovers. It is the time of the year when rhododendron blooms in different colors like white, pink, red, yellow, and others, and you will see wildflowers too. The temperature is cool, neither too hot nor too cold, and the sky is clear, so you can enjoy the astounding mountain views. There lie the chances of light showers, so it is better to carry a raincoat.

Autumn is also the popular month to trek to Tilicho Lake. The weather is pleasant, and you will see the azure sky with an unobstructed view of mountains. The daytime is warm with a cool night. Since it is the popular month to trek among trekkers, the crowd will be difficult to avoid. The season attracts travelers from all around the world, so it is a good opportunity to meet and interact with people from different walks of life.

You need to be prepared with proper winter gear for a winter trek. Sunshine makes the daytime warm while the nights are cold. Moreover, you will see a clear mountain view in winter as well. Monsoon is the least favorite month for trekking. The trail might be slippery, which increases the risk of injury, and is also filled with leeches. Rainfall is frequent, and the clouds cover the astounding mountain views.

Tilicho Lake Trek Difficulty

In terms of difficulty level, Tilicho Lake Trek is a moderate to difficult trek. You will reach as high as 4,920 meters/16,141ft at Tilicho Base Camp during the trek. Since this is physically demanding, you need to physically fit to do this high-altitude trek. Both novice and experienced trekkers can do the trek. However, the previous experience of high-altitude trekking will be an advantage. You will be trekking for a maximum of 6 hours and a minimum of 3 hours in a day. On average, you will be hiking for around 4 to 5 hours daily.

Images: yogimik,singola | flickr

Trip Reviews

Travel experiences of our clients who recently returned from their trips.

Based on 4 reviews
Very good

Allen Mccormick
flagsUnited States of America
Oct 27, 2021
Explored Tilicho Lake with friends
We went to Nepal for Tilicho Lake trekking. Our trip was in charge by the manager, Naba. He is a friendly person and had arranged our trip efficiently. The guide, Dipak knowledgeable and experienced. During the trip, he had taken good care of us which allowed us to have peace of mind to enjoy the trek. Still remember during the trek when we were passing the landslide area to and returning from Tilicho basecamp, it was really tough, every step was a careful step for me. But it was an adventure in itself. Dipak ensured we were safe every time. He would encourage us with friendly humor. We spent 10 days in the mountain and it was fantastic, more than we expected. Needless to say, Tilicho Lake was the highlight of this trek. We loved being there; all thanks to our guide and the team. Thanks again.
Natasha Cooke
flagsUnited States of America
Oct 17, 2021
Excellent trek to Tilicho Lake
I recently returned from a 10-day trek to high Tilicho Lake. The natural wonders, cultural richness, and amazing people I experienced were all that I had hoped for. From arriving at Kathmandu international airport right through my whole trip I can honestly say that Third Rock adventures have done their very best to accommodate, guide, port, and share any information to make my experience the best possible. We absolutely felt safe throughout our trip. There are unfortunately roads that can't be avoided on the trail to Tilicho Lake but whenever possible, our guide had us on the trails which we really appreciated. I look forward to my next trip in 2023.Thanks to the whole team for their experience and great service.
Melissa Marshall
flagsUnited States of America
Oct 06, 2021
Tilicho Lake Trekking
We did a 10 day trek to Tilicho Lake in the Annapurna region. The trip was well organized and flexible. We all enjoyed the trekking and enjoyed our days in the mountains. The people were really friendly. The guide Dipak and others were very supportive and helpful in altering the last few days on our request. Our guide never said no to even our little request. Tilicho Lake was beautiful than we saw on YouTube. Glad that the weather there was good. Some part of the trail was daring, but we did it. Dipak also let us hike to Ice Lake and Gangapurna as a side hike and it was amazing. Had an excellent trek experience with Third Rock Adventures. Thanks for this golden opportunity for us, we really enjoyed it.
Kasen Abbott
flagsUnited States of America
Apr 14, 2021
Wonderful Tilicho Lake Trek
With the help of Naba and his team, I recently spent a month in Nepal. I arrived in Kathmandu with excitement. I customized the itinerary to add a day in Kathamndu; explored some famous places in Kathmandu like Pashupatinath temple, monkey temple, and Baudha Stupa. It was a wonderful day tour in Kathmandu. Then I was off to the mountains. I trekked on the Annapurna Circuit Trek and it was amazing. My guide and porter were fun and flexible. They had knowledge of everything and were more than happy to accommodate me to make things go perfectly. The lodges were comfortable and clean and the food was excellent. Every detail of my trip was well planned and executed without any problems. The trek was moderate, at least for me. Tilicho Lake was on my list for 2 years and finally, I ticked it off from the bucket list. Thanks to Third Rock for your excellent service. I am back in my country and have been reminiscing my days in Nepal.

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