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When is the best time to trek Manaslu?


Manaslu circuit trek is a remarkable off-the-beaten trek in Nepal. It is also the best way to cover the entire Manaslu region. If you are planning for Manaslu Circuit, learning about climate and weather is essential. And the best time to trek Manaslu is in the spring (March, April, or May) before the monsoon arrives. It offers dry trails, stable weather, good visibility, and long trekking days.

Likewise, autumn (September, October, and November) is another best time for the Manaslu trek after the monsoon. Post-monsoon time brings clear skies, pleasant weather conditions, amazing mountain views, and no snowfall, making this time favorable for trekking.

Here is a breakdown of the several seasons and months in the Manaslu region.

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1. Manaslu Trek in Spring Season

March, April, and May make up Nepal's spring. It is one of the best times for the Manaslu trek. Spring comes right after the winter, so the temperatures start to get warmer. The high-altitude lake like Birendra and Ponkar lakes begin to melt. Also, the villagers who had gone to low villages or towns to escape the winter have started to return home. During the spring, there is still quite a lot of snow on the surrounding peaks, making the views even more dramatic than usual. 

Manaslu Trek in March 

March is the beginning of the spring season. The temperatures start to increase, and the days are warm. This month has perfect hiking weather, which is warm and breezy. Early March is still cold, with day temperatures ranging from 2 to 8℃, and at night it can drop to -6℃. The hiking trail, especially in the lower part of the forest, is surrounded by greenery. 

Note: However, the weather can change quickly, especially in the Himalayas. Also, global warming causes slight changes in temperatures. So there is a rare chance of snowfall in early March. So bring suitable footwear, warm clothes, and climbing equipment like crampons. Preparation is always better for a safe and comfortable trekking experience. 

Manaslu Trek in April

No wonder spring is the best time to trek in Nepal. But in spring, if you are looking for the best month, then April is the ideal time to trek Manaslu. The days get warmer and grow lighter day by day. The day temperature in April ranges from 6 to 12℃, which is perfect for a hike. The mornings and nights are not so cold. The days are longer, with plenty of sunlight offering excellent visibility. Nature is bursting forth all around the trail- flowers and trees are waking to life. 

Manaslu Trek in May

May is the end of the spring month- generally warm, stabled weather and lots of sunshine. It is the driest and warmest month of the year, with temperatures hovering between 12 to 31℃. Despite the warm temperatures, it's still comfortable hiking weather as the climate in the Manaslu region is quite dry, often a fresh breeze blowing which helps you stay comfortable. Likewise, in mid-May, around Manaslu Base Camp, you'll see a lot of climbing expedition groups.

2. Manaslu Trek in Autumn Season

manaslu trek

Autumn in Manaslu runs from September to November. It is arguably the best time to trek Manaslu. Given the milder temperatures and picturesque mountain views, it is no surprise that most trekkers flock to the Manaslu region during the autumn months. With warm temperatures, the days are brighter, and more daylight gives way to more adventuring. It is also the ideal time to cross the challenging larke la pass (5,165m). 

Manaslu Trek in September

September is the start of the autumn season. Further, the temperature starts to fall in the morning and night. In higher altitudes, the average temperature ranges from 5 to 7℃. For a couple of years, the monsoon continues until the last of September because of global warming. So, the monsoon might end from the fourth week of the month, and autumn starts. So, if you plan to Manaslu trek this month, you may experience both seasons. It would be best if you packed raincoats and waterproof trousers as it might rain at the beginning of the month. Nevertheless, the crowd will be less, and accommodations are not fully booked. 

Manaslu Trek in October

October is the best time to trek in Nepal, including the Manaslu trek. The warm days and good visibility make this time ideal for trekking. The weather condition is favorable, neither too hot nor too cold. Temperature ranges between 12 to 15℃. At the higher elevation, you'll experience a cold night with a temperature drop of 0 to -2℃. Nonetheless, the trail might be busy with trekkers as hikers consider October the best month in the Autumn season. Accommodation can also be scarce, so it's worth booking your trip. 

Manaslu Trek in November

November is another best month in autumn to trek Manaslu. The temperature is the moderate and driest month of the year. The visibility of the several snow-capped mountain ranges is good. The average daytime temperature hovers around 12-13℃ in the lower part of the trail. In high altitude villages of Samdo, Samagaun, the average temperature is -3 to -6℃. Also, a bonus point of Manaslu trekking this month is you can be a part of the annual Manaslu trail race from the first to the third week of November. 

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3. Manaslu Trek in Summer Season

Summer is also called the monsoon season, where rainfall is always expected. So, the forest trail is slippery, wet, and muddy. The mosquitoes, leeches, and bugs are all around. Also, you should be aware that there are many possibilities of landslides. During the monsoon, you can expect an average of 460 mm rainfall at around 1,400 m altitude and 30 mm above 4,000m altitudes. So, as you gradually trek to high elevations, the chance of rainfall decreases. Read  the blog about best summer treks in nepal

Although the summer in Manaslu tends to be wetter and hot, there are some distinct advantages to trekking this season. Since this is not peak trekking time, the crowds will be almost nonexistent. You can explore the mountains' beauty in solitude. Most of the teahouses provide you with a hefty amount of discount.

Manaslu Trek in June

June is the start of the summer season, so the days are bright, sunny, and hot around the Manaslu region. The temperatures linger around 25℃. However, at the end of the month, there will be slight rainfall in the lower trail of the Manaslu. And during this time, the day temperatures hover from 20 to 10℃. 

Manaslu Trek in July

July brings more rain and humidity and increases the temperatures across the Manaslu region. So, it is one of the wettest and hottest times of the year. The average temperature is around 20℃ and goes between 10 to 5℃ in the upper parts of Manaslu. Generally, it rains during the evening and nighttime. Mornings are clear, and rain-washed clears everything. And the scenery of forests and green pastures is lush green. 

Manaslu Trek in August

The climate of August is somehow similar to July on the Manaslu trail. The average temperature in the lower path is about 12 to 18℃, and the upper trail drops to 5 to 8℃. It is the wettest month among the monsoon months in Nepal. So, we recommend you bring a good quality rain jacket. As Manaslu tracks get a little slippery due to rain, it pays to invest in a pair of boots ideal for this rainy season.

4. Manaslu Trek in Winter Season

Trek in Winter Season

In the winter spanning from December to February, the low trekking season transforms Manaslu into a winter wonderland of snow. Unlike monsoons and autumn, the winter days are relatively short. Long nights and cooler temperature makes this time low trekking season in the Manaslu region. However, dazzling snow-capped peaks and quieter trails make this a good time for trekking. Read  the blog about winter treks in nepal.

Manaslu Trek in December

December is starting month of the winter season as it starts to get colder. In the lower regions of the trekking trail, the day temperature ranges from 8 to 12℃. As you go higher, the temperatures drop and reach -8℃, especially during morning and night. Yet the days are cool and bright you can enjoy clear weather with beautiful mountain views. 

Likewise, by the end of December, the villagers of the upper regions of the Manaslu trek, like Samdo and Dharamshala, moved to the lower area or city. Hence, most teahouses, lodges, restaurants, and shops are closed for the winter season. 

Manaslu Trek in January 

January is the coldest month in Nepal. Due to heavy snowfall and chill weather, this is another less preferred month for the Manaslu trek. Regarding temperature, conditions are still mild this month, with thermometers hovering between 6 to 8℃ during the day and -6 to -10℃ at night and morning. Particularly above Samdo, mornings can be pretty crisp and start warming over the day.

Due to heavy snow, it is tough and challenging to cross Larke La Pass this month. Also, the tea houses and lodges are closed above Dharmasala. So, you must cross Larke La Pass in one day, which is quite challenging. You have to walk for 12 to 13 hours in deep down snow. So you must know to use proper technical gear like crampons.

Manaslu Trek in February

February lies at the end of winter. The temperature is warm, lingering from 6 to 8℃ during sunny days, while it can go down to a freezing point in the morning and night. So, dress in layers and prepare for the sun and snow. However, the temperature drops to minus, still you'll get crystal-clear vistas of mountains.


Viewing the beauty of the Manaslu region in the changing seasons offers a unique and enriching experience. While autumn and spring are our busiest trekking seasons, the Manaslu region never gets as busy as other popular trekking regions. Little crowded walking trails, picturesque mountain views, and pleasant weather for hiking make autumn and spring the best time to trek the Manaslu Circuit in Nepal. 

And, of course, if you book a Manaslu trip with us, the Third Rock Adventures teams are always on hand to answer any weather, gear, temperature, or climate-specific questions you have. 

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