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How to Obtain Manaslu Circuit Trek permits?


Manaslu Circuit Trek requires you to obtain three essential trekking permits, which can be acquired with the help of a valid Nepali trekking agency. Manaslu trek, the off-beaten trekking trail was opened for trekkers as a restricted area in 1992 and has since maintained its status. Hence, independent and solo trekking is not allowed in Manaslu. For this reason, a Restricted Area permit is to be issued to all the interested trekkers.

Among the three permits, the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) and Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) permits can be applied by the trekkers on their own and collected from offices in Kathmandu, Pokhara or Besisahar. On the other hand, the Restricted Area Permit (RAP) can only be issued via a licensed trekking agency in Nepal due to its restricted status.

Hence, obtaining these three permits gets easier via a trekking agency that manages the documentation and application of the permits.

Furthermore, we have mentioned all the essential details on the permits, costs, documents, and relevant questions on obtaining the Manaslu Circuit Trek permit.

Required Permit For Manaslu Trek and its cost

1. Restricted Area Permit for Manaslu

Manaslu Trekking Permit

Manaslu Region, between Jagat to Dharapani, has been designated as a restricted area by the government of Nepal; hence a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) is required for trekkers. Its restricted status is because it sits near the Tibetan border and controls tourism and other activities in the area. You would be required to show this permit at the entry point of Jagat, and the last checkpoint is in Sama Gaun.

Only a government-registered, licensed local trekking agency can apply and collect this permit on your behalf. The cost of this permit depends on the number of days you stay on the restricted area trail.

Restricted Area Permit cost

  • September to November (Autumn Season) is USD 100 for the first week and then USD 15 for each additional day spent in the restricted area.
  • December to August (Winter, Spring, and Summer Seasons) is USD 75 for the first week, then USD 10 for each additional day spent in the restricted area.

2. Manaslu Conservation Area Project

Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) permit is intended to support the development and protection of the Manaslu conservation area, encompassing an area of 1,663 sq. km. The permit needs to be shown from Philim, where the conservation area starts.

Manaslu Conservation Area Project Cost

  • Fee for SAARC nationals is NPR 1000 per person (US$ 10 approx.)
  • Fee for other nationals is NPR 3000 per person (US$ 30 approx.)

3. Annapurna Conservation Area Project

Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) permit is required for this trek as you will be passing the Annapurna conservation area from Dharapani to Besi Sahar. The permit proceeds go to protecting flora and fauna and developing trails in the Annapurna region. You need to show the ACAP permit at the Dharapani entrance check post.

ACAP Permit Cost

  • Fee for SAARC nationals is NRs. 1000 per person (USD 10 approx.)
  • Fee for other nationals is NRs. 3000 per person (USD 30 approx.)

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Required Documents For Manaslu Trekking Permit

To obtain a Manaslu Circuit Trek permit, you will need certain documents during the application process. We have mentioned the documents below:

  • 2 Passport-sized photos (For MCAP and ACAP permits)
  • One scanned photograph (to be uploaded for Manaslu RAP’s online form)
  • Photocopy of your valid passport
  • Travel insurance papers (includes helicopter evacuation)
  • Nepal tourist visa

Worry not, as your trekking agency will ensure that all the required documents are carried out and provided by you when applying for your permits.

Manaslu Trekking Permits Terms and Conditions:

The different terms and conditions set out in the Manaslu Trekking permits that you need to consider are mentioned below:

  • The permit is free for a child under ten years of age, so no payment needs to be made. 
  • The permit is non-refundable, non-transferable, valid for single entry only, and valid for individual trekkers only.
  • Entry permits are not issued from any check posts along the trekking trail. It can only be issued from designated offices in Kathmandu and Pokhara.
  • Tourists entering the Conservation Areas must abide by the regulations of the National Park and Wildlife Conservation Act, 2029 B.S. (1973)
  • You need to carry the entry permits throughout the trek and show it to the concerned officials at the checkpoint as and were demanded
  • The above permit costs are inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) and other government taxes.
  • Permit holders can only enter only the designated places inside the conservation area.

Frequently Asked Questions for Manaslu Trekking Permit

1. Where to get the Manaslu trekking permits?

The above-mentioned trekking permits are issued only in Kathmandu and Pokhara and not from check posts along the trekking trail. You can select from any of these places to apply for and collect the trekking permits:

  • In Kathmandu: Nepal Tourism Board, Pradarsani Marg (for ACAP and MCAP), open from Saturday to Sunday except on public holidays from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • In Pokhara, Lamjung: Nepal Tourism Board, Lakeside (for ACAP only), is open from Saturday to Sunday except on public holidays from 10 am to 5 pm.
  • In Besisahar, Lamjung: ACAP Entry Permit counter (for ACAP only), Besisahar, open from Saturday to Sunday except on public holidays from 10 am to 5 pm.

On the other hand, only your trekking agency can apply and collect the Manaslu restricted area permit (RAP).

Hence, you will not have a hassle with the documentation and permit collection, as the trekking agency will assist you in this.

2. How can you apply for a Manaslu Circuit Trek permit?

Applying for Manaslu Circuit Trek is very easy as you would require the help of a trekking agency to do so. For the MCAP and ACAP, you can collect the permits on your own if you desire by visiting the respective office and handing out the application along with documents.

However, as mandated by the Government of Nepal, you can not apply and collect the RAP permit on your own, as it needs to be done on your behalf by a licensed trekking agency in Nepal.

Hence, regardless, you would need the help of a trekking agency to apply and acquire the permits, so you might as well ask them to assist you in applying for all three permits.

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3. How long will it take to get the permits for Manaslu Circuit trek?

After applying for the permits, it should not take more than an hour or two for the permit to be issued. Moreover, if your trekking agency does all of this on your behalf, it will take them less time as they are well aware of the procedure.

4. Can you have the permits issued in advance?

Generally, the permits are not issued for the Manaslu Circuit trek in advance as there needs to be verification of the original passport and visa details by the Department of Immigration. However, it is not impossible to get it done before you land in Nepal.

For that, you need to provide a scanned copy of your passport, tickets for your flight to Nepal, and the visa number that you have already obtained. Moreover, you need a consent letter to the Immigration Chief notifying your reason for applying for the permit in advance and a consent letter from the trekking agency guaranteeing the required documents upon arrival.

Due to this hassle, it is best to leave it up to a professional trekking agency to organize the trek and collect the permits.

5. Do you need a TIMS card for this trek?

For the Manaslu Circuit trek, you do not need a TIMS card. Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS) card is only required if you merge Annapurna Circuit Trek with Manaslu Circuit trek from Dharapani.

6. Do you need a guide for the Manaslu circuit trek?

Manaslu circuit falls in a restricted area; hence, one licensed professional guide is mandatory. There is a very valid reason why it has been made mandatory; to make it easier and safer for the trekkers to follow the trail without getting lost, communicate with the locals, get valuable insights about the geography and community of the region, and also to ensure that both the trekkers and the conservation area are protected.

7. Can you do a solo Manaslu circuit trek?

Again, the Manaslu circuit trek will take you to the restricted area. Hence, you cannot do the trek alone. There must be a minimum of two trekkers (including one guide) for this trek.

It is also advised to do the trek with a group for safety reasons.

8. How difficult is Manaslu Circuit Trek?

On the difficulty level of Manaslu Circuit Trek is graded as moderate to difficult, meaning that the trek definitely tests your strengths in uneven and high-altitude trails. A standard itinerary will require you to walk at least 13 days for 5 to 6 hours daily in demanding terrains. Moreover, the challenge lies in crossing the highest point of Larkya La pass at an altitude of 5160m in an icy path.

Hence, the trek requires prior trekking experience in this kind of terrain and altitude, good physical fitness, and proper guidance to complete. 


Manaslu Circuit Trek permit is easy to obtain with the help of a trusted professional trekking agency in Nepal. For this service, you can get in touch with Third Rock Adventure to plan and organize this trip of a lifetime. With much ease, we will assist you in acquiring all three permits quickly and worry-free. Embark on this journey with relief as you leave it up to our team to take care of the permits.

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