Upper Mustang Trek - 15 days

Upper Mustang Trek - 15 days

Upper Mustang Trek is a relatively new trek in Nepal as the region was opened to foreigners since 1992. The area developed a unique culture and tradition as it remained in seclusion for all these years. You will find a well-preserved Tibetan culture and get to witness the Bon religion, which predates Tibetan Buddhism. You will be visiting different Gompas and Chortens and walking on a bridge festooned with prayer flags.

Upper Mustang is culturally and geographically is more similar to Tibet. Savor the arid and dry valley’s stunning views with colorful rock formations and observe many caves and settlements high in the cliffs. Trek past Chortens, stupas, prayer wheels, and mani walls are important aspects of Tibetan Buddhism.

You will be trekking in one of the remote areas of Nepal, Upper Mustang Lo Manthang. Your trip of 15 days begins and ends in Kathmandu. You will be mostly trekking in a secluded area and will get to experience the joy of trekking in solitary. Moreover, navigate through Trans Himalayas; and the region's landscape will make you feel more like trekking in Tibetan plateaus than in Nepal. 

After you arrive in Kathmandu, you will be driving to the popular touristy city of Pokhara, which lies in the lap of the Himalayas. The following day, you will be taking an early flight from Pokhara to Jomsom, the Mustang district headquarter. 

Your trek starts from Jomsom, and you will be trekking to the beautiful village of Kagbeni. The village on the bank of Kali Gandaki River, Kagbeni, was a popular place for trade between Nepal and Tibet. You will be trekking past the quaint villages of Chele, Syanbochen, Ghami, Charang on your way to Lo Manthang. 

Explore the ancient walled city of Lo Manthang for a day dotted with tall whitewashed structures with mudbrick walls. You will notice the influence of Tibetan Buddhism. Further, you will be visiting different ancient monasteries or Gompas, which houses centuries-old statues of Buddha, elaborate wall mandalas, and others. Also, visit the residence of Lamas and get an insight into their daily lives. After exploring Lo Manthang for a day, continue your trek past Yara, Tangbe, Tetang to Muktinath. 

Muktinath is a holy place for both Hindus and Buddhists alike. Muktinath Temple is referred to as Mukti Kshetra, which means the sacred place of salvation. Also, it is believed that bathing in the waters of Muktinath bestows salvation after death. 

Buddhist refer to Muktinath as Chumming Gyatsa. Muktinath is a sacred place of Dakinis goddesses called Sky Dancers as per Tibetan Buddhism. Also, it is the place where Guru Rimpoche or Padmasambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, meditated on his way to Tibet. 

This Upper Mustang Trek Package will take you to the less-trodden region. Also, you will get to see rich Tibetan culture at its best since the region remained in seclusion for centuries. Also, you will get a firsthand experience of local culture and traditions.

How Much Does This Trip Cost?

The trip's price depends on the type of services chosen by our clients and the group size. The cost of each trip we organize is different because we see travelers as individuals having their own particular needs and preferences.

Get ready for an incredible journey tailored to your interests and preferences, whether you're looking for a budget-friendly adventure or a luxurious getaway. Leave the planning to us as we take care of all the details, ensuring your dream trip becomes a reality. You can relax and focus on creating unforgettable memories that will stay with you forever.

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Trip Highlights

  • Explore the ancient kingdom of Lo Manthang 
  • Witness the arid desert-like landscapes with spires and cliffs
  • Explore the unique caves, ancient monasteries, Gumbas and Chortens 
  • Get an insight into the local culture and tradition, predominantly Tibetan Buddhism
  • A visit to Lubra Village gives you an insight into Bon religion which is older than Tibetan Buddhism 
  • Trek past the world’s deepest gorge Kali Gandaki Gorge
  • Enjoy the astounding views of tall mountains, including Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, and others

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights
Day 1 Take a drive from Kathmandu (1,400m/4,592ft) to Pokhara (800m/2,624ft) - 6 to 7 hours (200 km/125 miles) drive
Day 2 A flight to Jomsom (2,700m/8,856ft) and hike to Kagbeni (2,810m/9,217ft) - 25 minutes flight and 3 to 4 hours trek
Day 3 Trek to Chele (3,050m/10,004ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek
Day 4 Trek to Syanbochen (3,475m/11,398ft) - 6 to 7 hours trek
Day 5 Trek Syanbochen to Ghami (3,520m/11,546ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek
Day 6 Trek to Charang (Tsarang) (3,620m/11,874ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek
Day 7 Trek to Lo Manthang (3,840m/12,596ft) - 3 to 4 hours trek
Day 8 Excursion of Lo Manthang
Day 9 Trek to Yara (3,838m/12,589ft) - 6 to 7 hours trek
Day 10 Trek to Tangye (3,340m/10,958ft) - 7 to 8 hours trek
Day 11 Trek Tangye to Chhusang (2,980m/9,775ft) - 8 to 9 hours trek
Day 12 Trek to Muktinath (3,800m/12,464ft) - 7 to 8 hours trek
Day 13 Trek to Jomsom (2,700m/8,856ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek
Day 14 Return back to Pokhara by flight (800m/2,625ft) - 25 minutes flight
Day 15 drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu (1,400m/4,592ft) - 6 to 7 hours (200km) Drive

Route Map

Upper Mustang Trek Route Map Upper Mustang Trek Map

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1
Take a drive from Kathmandu (1,400m/4,592ft) to Pokhara (800m/2,624ft) - 6 to 7 hours (200 km/125 miles) drive

Fewa Lake Pokhara Phewa Lake in Pokhara

You will be leaving for Pokhara from Kathmandu early in the morning. Enjoy a scenic drive on the hilly roads and cross two beautiful rivers Trishuli and Marshyangdi, on the way to Pokhara. It takes around 6 to 7 hours to reach Pokhara from Kathmandu, approximately 200 km or 125 miles apart.

Overnight at a hotel in Pokhara. 

Day 2
A flight to Jomsom (2,700m/8,856ft) and hike to Kagbeni (2,810m/9,217ft) - 25 minutes flight and 3 to 4 hours trek

Kegbeni Nepal Kagbeni- gateway to the Mustang region in Nepal

Wake up early to catch a flight to Jomsom from Pokhara, which takes around 25 minutes. Enjoy a scenic flight with incredible views of snowy mountains and verdant hills from your window. Jomsom is one of the most important villages of Kali Gandaki valley due to the presence of an airport.

Your trek begins from Jomsom, and you will be heading towards the village of Kagbeni. A walk on a dirt road leads you to the entrance of the lower mustang, Kagbeni. The Tibetan village of Kagbeni is located on the top of a cliff.

Overnight at Kagbeni. 

Day 3
Trek to Chele (3,050m/10,004ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek

Chaile Cliffs near the village of Chaile

With a trek to Chele, you will step into the restricted area of the Upper Mustang. Get your permits ready to be checked at the check post. Further, walk to the eastern side of the Kali Gandaki riverbank and ascend many ridges on your way to Tangbe village.

Hike past Chhusang village and cross the River Kali Gandaki on your way to Chele village. The village is perched on a hill, and you need to climb up a steep ascent to reach the village.

Overnight at Chele. 

Day 4
Trek to Syanbochen (3,475m/11,398ft) - 6 to 7 hours trek

Today you will be walking on a trail with a steep barren land and a copper-red canyon. Moreover, you will be gradually descending and will also see some chortens on a ridge.

You will reach the village of Samar, and a trek past fields and ridges will take you to the village of Syangbochen.

Overnight at Syangbochen.

Day 5
Trek Syanbochen to Ghami (3,520m/11,546ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek

On the way to Ghami Beautiful View on way from Syanbochen to Ghami

You will be ascending in and out of the big side valleys of the Kali Gandaki. A hike up the hill will lead you to a pass, and after crossing the pass, a descend will take you to the village of Gheling. A way ahead is a bit tough, and you will be traversing Nyi La Pass (3,840m/12,598ft).

Upon crossing the village of Charang, you will reach Ghami village. The village is dotted with whitewashed mud and stone houses canopied by an overhanging cliff.

Overnight at Ghami.

Day 6
Trek to Charang (Tsarang) (3,620m/11,874ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek

Mani wall near Ghami The longest Mani (prayer) Wall in Mustang

Today you will be mostly trekking in the arid part of Mustang. The rough terrain might be challenging but you will be rewarded with breathtaking views. The gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains are known to mesmerize its onlookers.

Moreover, you will be trekking to Charang village which is located on Charang Chu Canyon. The red Gompa of the Charang village has a wonderful collection of statues and thangkas. Moreover, you will observe a big medieval time fort towards the east of the village.

Overnight at Charang. 

Day 7
Trek to Lo Manthang (3,840m/12,596ft) - 3 to 4 hours trek

On this day, you will be trekking to Lo Manthang, which was once the capital of the Kingdom of Lo. You will be trekking past Lo Gekar on your way to Lo Manthang.

Enjoy the stunning views of towering mountains like Tilicho, Nilgiri, Annapurna I, and others. Visit ancient temples and monasteries of Lo Manthang and get an insight into their rich culture and tradition.

Overnight at Lo Manthang.

Day 8
Excursion of Lo Manthang

lo mangthang village Lo Manthang which was founded in the 1380s by Ame Pal

Today you will be exploring the ancient walled city of Lo Manthang, which was founded in the 1380s by Ame Pal. Lo Manthang has around 150 houses. Tall whitewashed brick and mud walls, gompas or monasteries, and King’s Palace are the main attraction of Lo Manthang. The five-story King’s Palace is the oldest structure of the walled city and was built around 1400. The King’s palace is situated in the middle of the city. The King and queen reside in the palace; despite mostly being ceremonial King, villages respect and consult the king on various matters. Further, you will be visiting ancient Gompas.

Visit the famous Champa Lhakang, which features a large statue of Buddha and walls are painted with Mandalas. Also, visit a beautiful hilltop Gompa called Namgyal Gompa. The monastery holds social, religious as well as legal significance. Namgyal Gompa also functions as a local courthouse. Visit the 15th-century Thubchen Gompa with a big red assembly hall. 

Also, pay a visit to Choprang gompa, locally known as New Gompa, and get an insight into local culture and tradition. Moreover, Tsechen Shedrubling Monastic School, a part of the Monastic Museum, trains young monks of the area.

Overnight at Lo Manthang.

Day 9
Trek to Yara (3,838m/12,589ft) - 6 to 7 hours trek

Today you will be climbing up a glacial valley that offers an amazing view of reddish-brown colored Lo Manthang. Enjoy the stunning view of hills with farmland on the riverside and stop for lunch at the Dhi village.

Further, you will be crossing a river and walking alongside the river on your way to Yara. If you trek in the dry season, you will get to enjoy the stunning natural sandy castle from the top of the Yara hills.

Overnight at Yara.

Day 10
Trek to Tangye (3,340m/10,958ft) - 7 to 8 hours trek

Yara to tangbe Cliff Trail Mustang near Yara

You will be walking away from the high winding path of Yara to Tangye. The route leads you to Dhechaeng Khola, which originates from the Damodar Kunda. You will be walking on a path that will take you to a little stream of melting ice.

After crossing the stream, you will reach the DHI town and hiking further, and you will see centuries-old sandy precipices before reaching the Tangbe, a small town.

Overnight at Tangye. 

Day 11
Trek Tangye to Chhusang (2,980m/9,775ft) - 8 to 9 hours trek

Today you will be trekking for a longer time than before. Rise early in the morning and prepare for a long trek. You will be climbing steps, crossing a suspension bridge, and following the right side of the trail on your way to Yak Khola. 

Moreover, you will be crossing the PA pass situated at 4,210 meters or 13,812ft which is the highest point of the Upper Mustang Lo Manthang Trek. Savor the stunning views of the Himalayas from the top before heading down.

The trail descends, and you will be walking on rugged terrain, so walk cautiously to avoid injuries. Savor the stunning views of the valley with mud roof houses in the village of chhusang before reaching the village.

Overnight in chhusang. 

Day 12
Trek to Muktinath (3,800m/12,464ft) - 7 to 8 hours trek

Muktinath Temple Muktinath Temple - The famous pilgrimage site for Buddhists as well as Hindus located at Mustang region

Your trek for the day begins with an uphill climb, and also you will get to enjoy the view of Muktinath and red Buddhist monasteries from the hilltop. Further, you will be crossing Gyu La Pass (4,077m or 15,650 ft), which overlooks the stunning views of mountains, including Annapurna and Dhaulagiri.

Navigate your way through the pass, descend the stream and cross the suspension bridge before reaching Muktinath. En route, you will find Fossil stone locally known as ‘Saligram.’ 

Muktinath is an important religious place for the Hindus as well as Buddhists. It is a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, and you will see 108 water spouts with intricate carvings. Also, visit a nearby ancient temple of Jwalamai famous for its eternal flame of natural gas. 

Overnight in Muktinath.

Day 13
Trek to Jomsom (2,700m/8,856ft) - 5 to 6 hours trek

You will begin the day visiting the revered temple of Muktinath, and from here, you can savor the astounding views of Dhaulagiri. Also, you can visit a Buddhist monastery close by. Continue your trek to Panga Khola valley and walk through dense pine forest on your way to Lubra village. 

Lubra village consists of around 20 houses, and you be walking past the 12th century Bon Punt Soling monastery. It is one of the few remaining Bon Monasteries of Nepal. Bon religion predates Tibetan Buddhism. You can see the pictures of four Lokapalas and Buddha Shakyamuni in the monastery.

The semi-arid Lubra village lies above Jomsom, and you can see a rural lifestyle untouched by modernization. You will notice colorful strings hung on the doorways called devil traps to catch the devil at night. Continue trekking back to Jomsom.

Overnight in Jomsom. 

Day 14
Return back to Pokhara by flight (800m/2,625ft) - 25 minutes flight

Wake up early in the morning to catch a flight back to Pokhara. Enjoy the stunning views of soaring mountains like Annapurna and Dhaulagiri from your window.

Check into your hotel, and you will get the rest of the day to relax in the beautiful city of Pokhara. Indulge in an activity of your choice. Stroll around the lakeside, do some souvenir shopping or go on a sightseeing tour with a guide for an additional charge.

Overnight in Pokhara.

Day 15
drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu (1,400m/4,592ft) - 6 to 7 hours (200km) Drive

Take a scenic drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu via Prithivi Highway. Enjoy the wonderful views of verdant hills, rivers, and farms on the way.

Check into your hotel in Kathmandu and relax or explore Kathmandu for the rest of the day.

Overnight in Kathmandu. 

Best Time to Travel Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang Trek is enjoyable all around the year. The best time to trek Upper Mustang is from March to November. Upper Mustang lies in the rain shadow region so, and you can trek here in the monsoon (June to August) of Nepal. It is best to avoid winter (December to February) trek to Upper Mustang as most regions migrate to lower regions to avoid the cold and snow. 

Talking about the Upper Mustang Weather in Spring (April &May), the average temperature during the day is around 16°C to 22°C. At the same time, the temperature at night falls from -6°C to -2°C. You don’t need to worry about slippery trails and leeches during the monsoon of Nepal in the Upper Mustang, as it’s a dry time of the year here. It’s around 13°C to 20°C during the day while the nighttime temperature ranges from -3°C to 0°C. The temperature reaches the maximum in June, which is around 11°C. 

During the autumn months (October and November), the temperature is around 12°C to 20°C, and temperatures fall around -8°C to -4°C at night. Avoid winter trekking in Upper Mustang as it’s the time of the year when residents of Upper Mustang migrate to lower altitudes due to extremely cold temperatures. The coldest month is January and temperatures is around 0°C to 5°C during the day while at night, temperature drops as low as -25°C to 20°C. 

Upper Mustang’s weather is pretty windy and dusty afternoon, and also, it’s cold after the sunset. You are highly advised to start your trek early to escape the trouble of trekking in windy and dusty weather. Also, wear warm clothes, preferably windproof, to keep your body warm. 

Upper Mustang Trek Permits 

Since you will be trekking in a restricted area, you will need a special permit. Along with a solo permit, you need to trek in a group of at least two with a government-licensed guide. If you are trekking solo, reach out to a trekking company or agent. They can arrange a trekking partner or put you in a group. You don’t need to stress as your trekking company will easily arrange the Upper Mustang Permit for a trek. 

Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty 

Upper Mustang Trek is graded as an easy to moderate trek in terms of difficulty level. You will reach the maximum elevation of 4,210 meters at PA Pass. You will be walking for a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 9 hours in a day. On average, you will be trekking for around 3 to 4 hours a day. You need to be physically fit to do this trek, and it is suitable for both novice and experienced trekkers. 

Other important note for this trip 

  • You need to get a Restricted Area Permission to trek in Upper Mustang
  • Solo trekking is prohibited, and at least a group of two trekkers with a licensed guide from a trekking agency is required
  • Flight to and from Jomsom could be delayed or canceled, so it is best to keep some buffer days in your hand
  • The road is accessible to Lo Manthang, so you can drive from Kathmandu or Pokhara if you would like to make a quick and comfortable trip

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Latest Trip Reviews

Travel experiences of our clients who recently returned from their trips.

Peter Lemmens
Nov 22, 2023

Upper Mustang

We did the Annapurna Circuit and the Upper Mustang by gravel bike, which were both amazing and very different experiences. Annapurna is biking or hiking through stunning views of everything the Himalayas have to offer. Upper Mustang is like traveling back through time with the most pristine and charming villages and breathtaking landscapes before ending up in the walled city of Lo Manthang. Naba and the people at Third Rock were so helpful and went beyond their job to first help us where they could with our lost luggage and then understanding what we were looking for on our trip. They catered to our specific needs and made it a very smooth experience. Communication was consistently very good throughout the whole stay in Nepal before, during and after our bike trek. It made us feel supported whenever we needed it, so we could simply enjoy all the beauty that was continuously on display. Our guide, Karma Sherpa, was everything and more than what we were looking for. A friendly, knowledgeable and helpful guide. Always there with insightful advice when you needed him and discreet when you wanted some alone-time. He exceeded expectations in taking care of us and made sure our trip was everything it could be. To sum up: very much recommended for all those who are looking to find their own unforgettable adventure in Nepal.
I like itinerary
We had seen some images on the internet. It seemed like a pristine, authentic place
The stunning views of the mountains, the authentic charm of the little villages and finally, after a long trip, arriving in Lo Manthang with all its beautiful buildings and nooks and the monasteries in its surroundings.
This is something so unique that you'll treasure it far more than the cost of the permits.
Edward Lee
flagsUnited States of America
Oct 24, 2022


I recently returned from the 15-day trek in the Upper Mustang Valley and it was a great experience! I was totally impressed with the friendly professionalism and service by Third Rock.The value is very good and the service was outstanding. Naba, the founder of the company was very friendly and helpful for every little things. He was ever smiling and with good tone of speaking. I am definitely going with them for any trip to Nepal.
Alfonso Pacheco
Oct 19, 2022

Trek to the Upper Mustang

They deserve 5-star review for the trek I did. This was an amazing trek run by a great company. The guides and porters were the best. The tea houses were all cozy and the food were very good. It was an exciting and fun trek.
Aron Holt
flagsUnited States of America
Oct 19, 2022

Highly recommended

Can not recommend Discovery enough! If you are thinking of exploring Upper Mustang, look no further than booking a tour with these guys! With #1 priorities on safety and health, you are guaranteed a wonderful, life-changing adventure. I checked their website and reviews before booking and now you can book with them from my experience. I love how they organize the trek.
Good Value
Emigdia Inga
Oct 17, 2022

Upper Mustang.

It was wonderful time up there in Upper Mustang. The food was great, teahouses were great and my guide was great as well. I loved my adventure with TRA. I owe huge thanks to Naba and his team for making it happen. I love this company and the way they operate trek in Nepal.
Ariana Larson
flagsUnited States of America
Oct 08, 2022

Upper Mustang Trek- Finally Did It!

After planning for two years, I finally did it. I realized that I wasted my energy into planning; had I talked with Naba, it would have been a lot easier for me to plan and prepare. Naba was so friendly and helpful from the first day. He called me back for further questioning and planning for the trek. He ensured about my health, experience and fitness. Glad that I did this trek with his company. My guide was way too experienced. He seemed unfit with his big belly but I was surprised that he could walk so consistently and his energy level. Rishi is now friend with me and he often recommends me for the next trek. I am planning to do Annapurna circuit in a year or two.. I will again go with Rishi.
Good Value
Callie Ortiz
flagsUnited States of America
Oct 08, 2022

Lovely adventure

Upper mustang is simply magical. I loved this area of Nepal for so many things. I am thankful to my guide for his exceptional service. He went above and beyond for my satisfaction and happiness.. Thanks to Naba as well for managing everything perfectly. The team is great and the adventure was more than I expected.
Branden Maldonado
flagsUnited States of America
Oct 07, 2022

Great Upper Mustang

The trek is fantastic. My guide was amazing person with knowledge bank for this trek., The company was quick to response to my questions and offer suggestions for any sort of thing. They arranged everything with great care and concerns. I highly recommend them to you for any trek in Nepal.
Nick Calver
flagsUnited Kingdom
Jul 08, 2020

Unforgettable Upper Mustang Trek

We decided on Third Rock Adventures for our Upper Mustang Trek as one of us has previously trekked with the company. Naba and his team lived up to all the expectations. From being met at the airport, keeping us informed throughout, the trek itself. Everything was seamless. The trek itself was guided by Rishi, who is an absolutely amazing guide, knowledgeable, thoughtful, considerate and fun to be around. We loved every minute of our trek - even the muddy bits in pouring rain. Having trekked with other companies in Nepal before, I cannot imagine booking with anyone else from now. Thanks to all who made our trip so special.
Mason Jones
flagsUnited States of America
Apr 16, 2020

Fantastic trek to Upper Mustang

This was my first experience with Third Rock Adventures and they exceeded y expectations in all the ways. I have planned long before to trek in Upper Mustang together with my wife and we got right connection with this company. Nabin and Naba communicated quickly before making commitment for the trek and obtained our trekking permits easily. Our guide, Bimal, and our porter, Narendra, were the best part of our journey! Bimal has decades of trekking experience, which led to great stories and insights into Nepali life. Narendra was always smiling, and also very knowledgeable (he's normally a guide, but was a porter for our trek because it was the slow tourist season and no guide jobs were available). They took amazing care of us, they got us the best rooms in the best teahouses during the trek. They were flexible as well to accommodate our frequent requests and queries. No words are enough to explain the joy we had doing this trip. Thanks to team.
Mariano Capuzzi
Oct 06, 2019

Best trek experience in Upper Mustang

It wasn an amazing experience being in such a naturally beautiful place in earth. I did a trek with Third Rock Adventures in Mustang. We had a team of crew including our guide Bimal from the company. We organized everything from Italy then we met Bimal in Katmandu and he continued organizing everything from meeting in the office, bus to pokhara, flights, permits. Trek was fantastic. Bimal found out alternative treks in order to avoid the new road. I really loved the company of Bimal and the trip operation by Third Rock Adventures. I will again come back for another trip and use this company for sure. Thank you again.
Nolan Lakin
flagsUnited States of America
Oct 03, 2019

Iconic beauty of Upper Mustang and Lo Manthang

We just completed the trip to Upper Mustang with Third Rock Adventures and their crew's professional team. Mustang reminds me of how Tibet must have been in the past! Unspoiltness and purity were the most eye-catching for me. In Lo-Mantang , the murals in the temple were a gem of Buddhist art. The highlight was for me the cave of Padmasambhava . Our guide Babu managed to lead us safely over all obstacles and to solve all unexpected problems effortlessly. It was an adventure never to be forgotten and that I would like to do over again with pleasure! Thank you for the best travel experiences, highly recommended.
Connor Jones
Oct 01, 2019

Upper Mustang Trek and The Tiji festival

The walk between Jomsom to Lo-manthang was awe inspiring. Naturally it was so beautiful that it inspired us to visit Nepal again. Harsh conditions, no shade or anywhere to sit down combined with the afternoon wind, made this difficult for us but we enjoyed the challenges very well because we have a professional and experienced guide Mr. Shiva from Third Rock Adventures. The scenery was stunning, villages were jaw droppingly interesting. Upon our return to Pokhara after the trip, we felt like we accomplished something worthwhile. The Tiji Festival was an amazing experience as well. We had 2 rest days in this awesome place. Our guide and assistant guide were very supportive. Naba the founder spent 18 months emailing us all. He deserves an award. Tiji Festival runs for 3 days each year, and we were lucky enough to visit it. Thank you everyone for your valuable efforts on making our trip a success story.
Gianluca Balzano
Sep 12, 2019

Wonderful Mustang Experience

I did a trek with Third Rock Adventures in Kathmandu. Bimal was our guide and Rupesh another fellow our porters. We organized everything from Italy then we met Bimal in Katmandu and he continued organizing everything from autobus to pokhara, flights, permits. Trek was fantastic. Bimal found out alternative treks in order to avoid the new road. It was 3rd time form me in Nepal. For sure not last one. So it's time to go nepal. Go and come again. Such a beautiful place with beautiful people.
Theodore Morrison
Jun 17, 2019

Jaw dropping natural experience in Upper Mustang

I always had wished to visit this place and this time i am here for real. The trip to upper mustang was amazing, beautiful landscapes and nature and wonderful people. Third Rock Adventures and their team were excellent in guiding us trough this trek and organizing everything as planned without any glitches. This hidden corner of Nepal definitely deserves to be visited by all travelers around the globe. I would definitely recommend Third Rock Adventures and Bimal as a trekking guide for anyone.

Based on 15 reviews
Very good

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